Monday, October 16, 2006

Nobody Likes Mondays, Part Two

Dear Kiki,

The thing about kids is that your emotions run the gamut everyday. One day they do this:

You know, kill the beautiful paper lanterns with the mod design that your friend bought you for your birthday in Seattle and that you’ll never replace. Remember? The lanterns that you put into your kid’s room because they fit the color scheme and they looked so cute. Don’t ask me how they were wrenched from the ceiling. You kind of have to give the ceiling retrival the golf clap: well played, well played. Still, I don’t want to picture them as they were torn apart to the bamboo spacers.

Then the next day they do this:

Fall in love with cocktail sauce. Eat it with a spoon, forget the shrimp!

Oh yes, don’t forget the cocktail sauce kiss that is coming your way as a ‘Thank You Mama, for introducing me to new things that I love.’

Later, while at the children’s museum, you watch their eyes light up with pure joy while discovering that if you drop a ball into a hole it makes a bell ring.

Or that they have trucks and cars that you can ‘drive’ around.

Happiness that can only be expressed through shrieking—when was the last time you shrieked because you couldn’t contain your delight? Who knew that another human’s bliss could so completely affect your own?

Saturday while I watched Law & Order I heard the ubiquitous dun-dun sound signaling a scene change. 5 seconds later I heard a little voice say, “DUN-DUN.”

It made up for the lanterns (almost.)


Kiki said...

*golf clap* Well played. Well played.

La Yen said...

Or how the slapping on the face followed by maniacal laughter can almost be forgotten when they say "alskjdakjhfiashd. amen."

~j. said...

Or when you're babysitting some kid and you put them down for their nap in the pack-n-play in your office and when you go in to check on them you find that they've somehow moved said pack-n-play over two feet so that they can reach the table and go through a stack of papers only to find the perfect one to eat: your patriarchal blessing.

Rachel said...

aye aye aye!

noelle feather said...

Oh........I see some MAJOR drama days when The Nephew gets OLDER........he can't stay 18 mos. FOR-EVER?

And, today. He blew me a kiss, on his own, only being prompted by Grandma saying, "Blow Auntie a kiss". I COULD NOT CONTAIN myself. Ahhhhhh.

compulsive writer said...

Awww. Great pics.

Here's the thing about a boy. They are great forces of destruction (not that girls can't be, but it seems that boys are genetically wired to search and destroy).

When our "baby" was a little younger and a little more out of control we used to speak aloud every time we saw the Dubya on TV. "You're looking in the wrong places for the WMD. It's living right HERE!!!"

I'm just moving out of the stage where I won't purchase anything I actually care about (did you see my Finnish doll?) because I knew chances were it wouldn't survive.

kristib said...

And you say you can't relax? Take the pictures to your midwife and say "THIS! THIS is why I can't relax!"

metamorphose said...

Oh your poor lanterns!

But I suppose I could see how a Dun-Dun might almost make up for it. Oh kids.

Julie said...

Too, too cute!

Tori :) said...

Too funny!
My 3 year old also throws magnificent tantrums and then does the cutest thing not 2 minutes later. It's hard to stay mad.

fijiangirl said...

question... why can't the tantrums last just for a few seconds??
I can't stand the screaming from my 2 1/2 year old daughter so for her physical well being and to keep my self out of jail I simply send her to her room where she continues to scream... the longest she has gone has been 28 minutes. By that time the neighbors from across the street came by to make sure she was o.k. Thankfully C.P.S. hasn't shown up at my door yet. I just wish they would get their fit over with and move on!

AzĂșcar said...

J told me that yesterday they went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things. Because El Guille was helpful and not detrimental to the cause, J said he took him to the cookie aisle and said that Guille could pick some cookies. J says that Guille walked down the aisle really carefully, studying all the cookies (remember, he's 2.5) and finally decided on the frosted animal crackers. J got down two packages: white & pink and the red, white & blue. After more careful consideration, Guiller chose the red, white & blue. It might not sound like a big deal, but the very idea that they are thinking about choices and then making a decision is just delightful. What is going on in their heads? I wish we could hear their internal monologues.

It's those times that even out the other things--like this morning while balancing in yoga, I was subjected to the battering ram that was his head, or his bum in my face as he tried to sit on my neck because he was tired of watching "yogurt" and wanted to watch Elmo. Makes down-ward facing dog all the more enlivening.

LuckyRedHen said...

That Gilly is Silly.

April said...

My niece is in love with a $1 skeleton Halloween decoration. She named him Jack. She loves when I bounce him around on his string and sing about "shaking them bones."