Thursday, November 30, 2006

Score One for Me

Last night I had a stroke of genius:

I took steamed broccoli, anathema of toddlers everywhere, and dipped the tops in parmesan cheese. I told El Guille they were broccoli with snow. "¿Con nieve?" he asked, eyed widening. He then ate four pieces.

He ate vegetables--willingly! HA!

Deception: A mom's weapon of choice.
Boy is he going to be disappointed when he taste tests real snow.

Believe me, this is the highlight of my week so far. I can't go into everything right now, but it's been a little ridiculous around here. So I'm going to focus on some other GOOD things that have happened. I know, that's a change, as we all know that doom and gloom are more fun.

I love my red, robin's egg blue, and silver Christmas Tree.

I know the color looks wrong, I'm still using the rawkin' .3 MP cell phone camera at the moment.

I had no idea that birds were the thing this year, but apparently, they are!

Good news on Guille's F.O.P.--he is ok with the tree being in the room, he just hates when the lights are on. I'm glad he's making progress, because I kind of threw him into the deep end; this isn't the only tree we have. It's not even the only tree in the room. We have four trees in our living room right now. Why? Because I FELT LIKE IT, that's why.

Emmie gave me a new word yesterday: Horriblizing. Def. To imagine the worst, most awful, in fact horrible, outcome to any situation or problem and then dwelling on it incessantly.

I have to confess to horriblizing. I can't help it! Maybe it's a way of overestimating the terrible so that if anything less happens, it seems to be wonderful. A little psychological game you play with yourself to deal with strife. Being married to me is such a joy! For now, I'm supposed to be accepting ambiguity with grace and serenity. Um-hmm.

Anyway, my tree makes me happy and my kid ate vegetables.


Anonymous said...

That Gilly is so silly. Parmesan!

I, too, see the glass as 1/2 empty. If we expect the worst and the worst happens then we're not surprised or thrown off guard. If better than the worst comes of it then we are pleasantly surprised! What joy sistah!

compulsive writer said...

1. I am a conflicted mix of the glass is half full (as opposed to others in my life who are thinking they didn't even get a glass) and "expect the worse and that way you won't be disappointed."

2. My kid thinks cauliflower is white broccoli.

3. I want to see pictures of ALL your trees.

p.s. I thought of you--and your penchant for eating healthy foods--yesterday. I saw some family plop down at the snack tables at Festival of Trees and give their little kids $2/bottle Dasani water along side the bargain kids meal of a hot dog and chips (which probably cost less than the Dasani). I wanted to sing the "One of these things is not like the other..." song and explain, "The Dasani goes best with the fresh salad or the homemade tuna sandwich. A hot dog and chips just scream for a soda."

~j. said...

Who's a smart mommy? YOU are.

I think we all horriblize at one time or another or lots of times. I especially do during pregnancy and during the having-a-newborn stage. And all other times. It's cool. Talk it out, Girl, talk it out.

c jane said...

Christmas is for the birds!

metamorphose said...

No more horriblizing -how can you when you have such a sexy birded-up tree around?

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks great!!!
Snow on brocoli.. You are a genius!!

Bek said...

I love the silver tree. Ours is metallic pink this year ( is that little one from the dollar section of Target....) but still.

For the record we do NOT have birds on our tree this year. I must be out of the cool loop. We did a cool bird tree one of the years that Derek was at Stanford (the mascot is The Cardinal -- the tree, not the bird -- but I decoraged it in red Cardinal birds anyway...). Now, Lauren begs to wear the little birds in her hair to school. So, instead of having birds on our tree this year, we have birds on the children.

We are going to be in Utah this year so no real tree. I let the kids decorate the trees outside....

Emmie said...

I love your birded trees!

Your definition of horriblizing is spot on.

Snow makes everything taste better!

lisa v. clark said...

Horriblizing may cause ulcers, wrinkles, and unnecessary stress, but it does seem to get a lot of stuff done, too. Stuff other people don't want to do. Do I sound like I'm justifying it? Just a mom trying to get through the day. . . I empathize with you mamacita.

April said...

FOUR trees??? I'm still procrastinating getting my table top tree out of the closet. Why don't you have your own book and/or tv show deal going on right now? Move over, Martha.

Anonymous said...

I am loving birds too right now. You know what I wonder? They are a bit trendy in the decorating world as of late. I wonder if I liked them before they were trendy or if the trend brought out my fondness for winged friends. Hmmm.

Love the tree. Love the broccoli parmesan idea. Hey, Maybe if you sprinkled parmesan on your holiday decorations Guille would take more of a liking to those as well. :)

Maybe, just maybe, Parmesan is the cure for FOP.

Lorien said...

I'm quite sure cauliflower IS white broccoli. nasty kraft velveeta melted over broccoli is a winner for the kids. but that's probably fake food to you, isn't it? campbell's cream of cheese soup over the green stuff was also tasty to my kids. yet again fake food. ah well.

I'm going to try to sell the snowy broccoli to my kids. good idea, smartmom!

Gina said...

I Horriblize most everything... It really works!