Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Steve & Catheryn

These are my friends Steve and Catheryn Roundy. This picture was taken on Halloween three years ago. They wouldn't even admit they were dating at the time of this picture. I'm not sure if I could call them friends, they're more like family. I worked with them for five years. Catheryn was my employee for three. I talked to Steve every single day. This year he dressed up as Bronco Mendenhall for the second Halloween in a row--they look like twins. Steve has a six year old boy who looks like his clone. We played softball every spring together. I was so happy to make their wedding cake for them in May of 2005. Their reception was in our friend Gary's backyard and it was beautiful, low key, and relaxed, just like Steve & Cat.

There's Cat waving during a baseball game we all went to a couple years ago. She just graduated from BYU in August (finally!) A few weeks ago we talked for hours about midwives and kids. They are thinking of starting their family soon.

This is Steve dressed as Eminem and me (seven months pregnant) as an M&M.

You can read Catheryn's blog on my sidebar; she's the one who went to France.

Steve has been really into fishing lately. He and Cat recently returned from a trip to Washington where they were going sport fishing.

Today, the two of them, Steve's brother Kimball, who was also my employee for three years, and our friend and co-worker Mike went fishing at Strawberry. Their boat capsized at noon. Steve stopped swimming to help Mike take his boots off--they were too heavy and Mike was sinking. Mike and Kimball swam two hours in 40 degree water to the shore. Steve and Cat went in the other direction.

They're missing tonight on Strawberry Resevoir.

They have not been found.