Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

I was tickled to receive a discrete invite from my friend C-L that promised another New Year’s Eve with Anne and company. J said that with the root canal and the flu, he was happy to stay at home with El Guille. I got to watch the last 20 minutes of Empire Strikes Back suspended in the glorious anti-pregnancy device known as a ‘Love-Sac.’ I snuggled deep under the blankets in the screening room, half watching the movie and half admiring her vintage robin's egg blue ceiling with gold leaf stars. C-L delivered me a Diet Coke and jalapeno poppers with raspberry sauce. I didn’t even have to shush her as she crept in from the back (so as not to tangle with her brand new HD projector. )That’s a taste of La Vie Cjane, for sure.

We lit firecrackers at midnight. Well, other people lit the fireworks, I just watched. I have a slight fireworks phobia (weird #4) from some book my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Fisher read out loud to us (a kid was playing with firecrackers and suffered a Horrible Accident that left him Blind for Life but he was saved from his sad existence by his Noble Seeing Eye Dog, a German Shephard—so the book, ostensibly about the tender relationship between master and seeing-eye dog, embedded in my consciousness as Fireworks Will Blind You.)

After we disturbed the peace, we re-entered the house and settled around the table. That was when Anne declared, “Oh good, it’s after midnight. Azucar is at her most amusing after midnight.” I blinked for a second. Everyone around and near the table turned to stare at ME, just waiting for me to start entertaining them. There was no way that I could top the story of the lady in my neighborhood that uses a homemade puppet to speak (confessed at 2:30am, two months ago, in the middle of arranging flowers for a wedding.)

We started with true confessions: what CD do you own that you are now embarrassed that you own? Your first concert? Strangest concert? After a lively discussion we all (with one lone exception)(April, not me) decided that the first five minutes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the best part and every else about the movie is complete rubbish. I maintained that the Givenchy clothes are the true stars of the movie and that the whole thing makes much more sense when you know that wooden George Peppard’s character is gay in the book. “The whole thing is about prostitutes!” Anne clarified.

A few days earlier I went to the home of a friend, who has recently moved back here, for a reunion of sorts. High school, junior high, and even elementary school friends. I love seeing how people have mellowed: catching up after all the years, the spouses, the children, the scandals, and the fabulous singletons with their trips to the continent. A tremendous discussion of which school was best (Edgemont Elementary or Rock Canyon) included people singing the appropriate school songs—who remembers their elementary school song? I am asking! Just so you know, Rock Canyon lost when one former alum admitted that their colors were brown and yellow, “And everyone knows those are the potty colors.”

There’s just something cozy and warm about spending time with people you’ve known for decades. Your own memories are selective, but the collective memory is some beast. It’s strange how we are remembered by others. Do you like hearing stories about yourself that you’ve forgotten? “I never said that!” you declare, when really and truly, you know that you probably did.

Old you and new you; it’s nice to be both.


Emmie said...

This post is delightful!

Whenever Paul and I get together, we inevitably end up singing the Rock Canyon song:

"The wisdom of its motto is learned by the students in youth; they know their country's vital need for righteousness and truth!"

Rather heady stuff to be singing in the 2nd grade, n'est-ce pas?

(I always thought it was gross that our colors were brown and gold.)

Please say hello to Anne for me!

Kiki said...

I'm not sure my elementary schools had songs. I certainly don't remember them if they did. I only remember my high school Alma Mater and the Cougar fight song, which I just downloaded as a ringtone to my phone. "RAH! RAH! RAH RAH RAH! GOOOOOOOOOO COUGARS!"

The CD I'm embarrassed about owning: most of the Celine Dion catalog.

My first concert: Bon Jovi "New Jersey Tour"

Strangest concert: strangest, or concert I am most embarrassed about attending? I'll do both. Strangest probably belongs to Fiona Apple. That chick is strange. Concert I'm most embarrassed about attending: the second concert I ever attended, Taylor Dayne, supported by Michael Damien and the Mickey Mouse Club's craptastic The Party.

Anonymous said...

I too, have several albums within the Celine Dion catalog.

My first concert was Garth Brooks. And I wore cowboy boots.

BowlerGirl said...

I remember ever word to my elementary school song. Tiff will tell you it's unfair since the school is named after my grandpa...all I will say to that is whatever!

Most embarrassing too many to count I believe. Even more embarrassing? I have only been to one concert in my life that did not involve a full orchestra and that was Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Rock Canyon's colors are Blue and Gold now! Maybe they have changed? I taught 5th and 6th grade there for 4 years and sang the school song tri-weekly of course. On the other days we'd sing My country tis of thee.

"LOOK DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS THAT YOU LOVE!!!!! and there in the valley you will see a school that they call Rock Canyon. A school that's the school for me!!!" (just thought I"d through in another portion of it).

Carina...oh carina.... I chuckled reading about our dear puppet friend. Every time I'd see her at church I"d ask her how she was doing and "Trippy" would say, "Just fine!". And I would turn to her and say , "Enough about the fish freak, how are YOU".

Okay, I didn't say the fish freak part, but I did call her on it and ask her how SHE was.

nuts I tell ya. funny stuff. I'd love to here your version.

David does a mean Doris Smith impression as well as Glen Jakins and Irena Abramian.

Anonymous said...

I hate when I have typos: I wrote through instead of throw....blah. Funny, especially because I had just mentioned I was a teacher.

Embarrasing CD: NSync, No strings attached

More embarrassing: I know the Bye Bye Bye Dance.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put it past myself to say something in the past that I will ultimately regret in the future. I do it all the time. Actually, I am surprised by some of the things people remind me I've said... because it's usually really GOOD (not in the good vs. bad sense but in the THAT WAS GOOOOOOD way).

c jane said...

Wasatch was the best.
(And I can still sing the school song.)

And that is La Vie Cjane.

(Love this post, darling.)

I also am a bit ashamed by my Celine Dion catalog (whatever catalog means...)

fijiangirl said...

Most embarrassing CD:
An Air Supply Christmas. I actually have to admit I inherited it when I got married it was my husbands but it is still here after 8 years of marriage.

My first concert was Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour... my last concert was Janet Jackson Velvet Rope tour.

fijiangirl said...

oops... I meant Janet Jackson All For Tour..

Azúcar said...
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Azúcar said...

Ems- I'll pass along the greetings to Anne. In the meantime, you should know that your name came up at the Sandberg party. I was so please to report that you were fine and in the OC. The last they'd heard was that you were in Nueva York.

Kiki- your elementary school did have a song and I think it's perfectly acceptable to not remember it.
Taylor Dayne!

Meta- I love it!

BG- Seriously? You need to move back here so that we can go to some proper shows.

Tiffany- The colors have indeed changed. My version of our puppet friend went like this:
We were all sitting around the table a little punk-drunk (2:30am) making arrangements and corsages for a wedding. At a lull in the conversation I started giggling uncontrollably.
I said, "You guys, there is a lady in my ward who talks through a puppet."
All my friends said, "What? How come you never told us about this?"
I said, "Because it's rude and unkind to talk about certain people, but I just can't hold it in anymore. She has a puppet. She talks through it."
"Uhm, seven years."
"WHY have you never said anything?"
"It's not nice, but I just can't hold it in, I need to talk about it."
We then talked a little bit about the situation. I ended up drawing a picture of the puppet. It's hard to describe, no? There's a fine line between making fun of someone (NOT my intention) and discussing quirks of behavior.

SH- I agree, it's kind of cool when people bring up the good things verses the hundreds of other things we've said over the years.

CJCK- Don't be ashamed of your Celine Dion collection, especially if she is your singing inspiration.

Fiji- Love would never do, do without you.

Kiki said...

Oh, if Celine Dion is c jane's singing inspiration, I say listen and sing front of another video camera...and then upload the video to YouTube.

compulsive writer said...

At my age, I have trouble remembering the words to the Cougar fight song.

Speaking of my age, I don't know if I have any CDs I am ashamed of, but what I wouldn't give to still have in my possession some classic 8-tracks and vinyl records I used to know. I'm sure I still remember all the words to every track.

Being happy about the old and the new you. That's something I'm going to chew on for awhile. 2007 has not been kind to either thus far. But maybe I can work on it.