Monday, February 26, 2007

Mini Update

I did NOT have a baby this weekend.

I DID finish this project.

Tonight I am going to make a baby sling (or two.) I will also ignore the laundry to be folded (too BORING.)

The other half DID clean and cleaned well.

My favorite director won his Oscar last night.

The Oscars ended up no better than pablum. I was very happy that Jennifer Hudson thanked Jennifer Holliday in her speech. If you feel like you need a recap, you should read this.


I'm a little worried about my street cred. My little sister used my iTunes account to download a bunch of songs yesterday. It started out ok, a little Hellogoodbye, some Landon Pigg. Then I glanced at the screen to see her typing "Lindsay Lohan" into the search box.
It got worse. La Lohan was followed by Paris Hilton--not just one but TWO songs. Oh, the humiliation. To add insult to injury, Fergie was next (the Pea, not the Duchess.) When she next typed in "Kelly Osbourne" I was almost relieved. Lisha rounded off with some Gym Class Heroes and Lily Allen, bringing us back to the level of almost respectability.

Now I am worried about what iTunes will think of me. Am I going to get the starlet of the week recommended to me? Do I now fall into a particular marketing group that will generate nothing but Bubble-gum Whore pop as my ideal?


metamorphose said...

I don't know why but I keep losing my comments. This hurts me. But I'll repeat myself again:

If she so desires to have such Bubblegum Whore Pop, shouldn't waste precious iTunes giftcards on them! I'm not a fan of illegal downloading, but when it comes to that crap, limewire has a purpose!

Your projects turn out so lovely. You so crafty.

Julie said...

Your carseat cover is AWESOME! It would take me forever to make something like that--not to mention making it look that good. That baby boy is gonna rock and ride in style.

Azúcar said...

Meta--That's what I told her! Steal bad music, pay for good. Then again, it was her gift card so it's her business.

Julie- thanks! It was fun to make and a challenge since I didn't exactly have a pattern to follow.

b. said...

Congratulations on your leg crossing skills.
Once again you made my hero list:
You can also sew.
The only grade I got in school less than a A-, EVER, was a D in sewing. I.Didn't.Get.It.

Azúcar said...

I did NOT take sewing in school. I had to do one sewing rotation as part of my Junior High required Home Ec. course, and let me tell you, I think I will need to turn that story into its own entry.

My skillz come genetically. My Abuelita really was a seamstress by trade. Her daughter, my mom, of course knew how to sew from her. I did not have a store-bought dress until I was 18 and bought it myself (because I'm Laura Ingalls Wilder.)
I can't pretend like I am an excellent tailor, but I can use a sewing machine and my spatial awareness skillz to create some pieces.

compulsive writer said...

My daughter has some Fergie Princess Pea Slut. The edited versions. Thank heavens she (the daughter not the sleaze queen with the really hawt boyfriend) doesn't stoop to Paris or La Lohan. Yet.

I hope my two sons' eclectic mixes make up for it somehow.

As a whole we probably are most perplexing to iTunes. We draw the line at rap and opera, however.

sue-donym said...

tell her that next time she leaves a trail of shame you will shave her head.

Is this the cute seester we saw pics of at the shower?

fijiangirl said...

So will you take orders for car seats? My daughter has a perfectly great 3 year old car seat but the cover is ribbed on both sides. We tried to take it in to a repair shop. but he couldn't fix it.... i want to buy a new car seat but the hubby says no...not when the seat works! I would love to place an order!

Clyde said...

I was your blog follower for a while and I never asked any sort of permission to you -or Sarah F.(a cousin in my husband side who has your name as a link) to add a comment... But by doing that will make me a less of an cyber-stalker that I ever want to be so here I am pushing myself to your high profile internet-based life.
The reason: I LOVE your car seat cover. I enjoy seeing your sewing skills bursting all the time since I saw your master(fully) creations for Christmas. I really like custom-homemade things so there you are fullfilling my artsy brain cravings.
After I said all that cheesy speech hopefully you'll be less concern about my sudden web-visit. I better go and check some tablecloth patterns - yes, I'm not that crafty :)

pflower10 said...

I know that I may sound pretty stupid but .....Who is Jennifer Holliday?? and why did Jennifer Hudson need to thank her??

If it's not on Nick Jr. or Discovery kids, I don't get to know about it.

Unless it's on food network.

Are the baby slings going to match the baby seat cover?? I hope you give us a pic of those too.

Clyde said...

I'm totally in "the matching game" idea for the baby slings.

fijiangirl said...

ripped I meant ripped!

Azúcar said...

Jennifer Holliday originated the role of Effie on Broadway--esentially creating the character. She owned it and her career has never gotten back to that height.

I'm not ready for custom covers yet, but check back with me. I'd better fold all the laundry before I start taking on custom sewing projects.

The slings don't match the baby seat although I have enough fabric I could make a matching one.

Welcome, Clyde!

Sarah said...

And now I add my totally unoriginal, yet genuine comment as to the awesomness of your carseat cover.

Gingham and plaid...I feel sick just thinking about my old seat I have to pull out soon.

I'm glad you didn't have the baby. And yes - that lateral action in the ribcage is a big no no. Spank the kid for sure when he's born for that one.

Azúcar said...

Yes! Newborn corporal punishment. I like the way you think, Flake, yes I do.