Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's?

I saw this on a shirt today at the grocery store.

It's about time somebody started pushing back on that Irish mob! I don't have a drop of Derry, Blarney, or Brian Boru in me. The half of me that isn't Spanish is mostly Welsh.
Doesn't anybody else feel silly pretending they're Irish, even if it's just for a day?
I put on a kelly green shirt to go run errands and just had to take it off. Too obvious. So I made a scary decision and wore
I'll have you know I walked around Target, The Good Earth, and BYU Creamery (try the German Chocolate!) and not one person pinched me. I was beginning to think that this whole thing is just a left over trauma from school and not a genuine threat whatsoever.
I got home and the neighbor kids were out. To tell you the truth, I'd totally forgotten that I was green-less. One of the boys came up to me and engaged me in conversation, mostly about his Obi-Wan Kenobi Light Saber. Then he dropped the bomb,
"Hey, you aren't wearing any green."
So the light saber was just a cover--never trust a five year old!
I decided in the face of that kind of logic, I'd better just give up.
"It's true," I said holding out my arm, "Go ahead, pinch me."
(He's only five, come on, he probably doesn't even know about the pinch and twist yet!)
He looked at me and said, "That's not how it works."
"Oh, how does it work?"
"Well, I can't pinch you,"
What? He concedes so easily? Then he gestured at El Guille,
"But he can."
"How is that?"
"I'm not your brother, or your kid, so I can't pinch you, but your son can."
Wow, so, if there's anything worse than St. Patrick's Day, it's politically correct St. Patrick's Day.
Whatever, I'm Welsh anyway.


Kiki said...

HA! That kid is NO FUN! What a rule-follower! DORK!

~j. said...

I got pinched by some kids I don't know on the Y trail.

At least the tradition isn't to stab. That would be sad.

Tori :) said...

I didn't wear green either. I rebelled.

April said...

I'm Irish and I still didn't wear green. I don't like to follow the crowd. Unless it's into a pot of gold.

Emily said...

I wholeheartedly belive in not dressing up for holidays. Once we were in Albuquerque on the 4th of July and went to the big celebration in the city center, and I dressed my son in whatever was on the top of his shirt drawer. It wasn't until later that I realized maybe his Germany t-shirt with the German flag on it may not have been the best choice, amongst the sea of red white and blue.

Emmie said...

I didn't wear green either, but I did purchase some four-leaf clover sugar cookies to give to my Young Women. Steve ate one and said they were really stale. So I stayed up late making brownies with green sprinkles, and now I'm tired.

St. Patrick's Day Lesson: Don't buy marked down St. Patrick's Day cookies.

kristenlibrarian said...

HA! When I first read your entry I thought you had written "I'll have you know I walked around...BYU CEMENTARY (try the German Chocolate!)..." I was like, "Um, cake in a cementary? Wha?" tee-hee!

I just read about the dream you had about April & me. So stinking funny!

metamorphose said...


I had a little green on -but it wasn't planned.

What a little turd. He should have gotten a pinch for that! hahahahaha Can we as adults go around pinching kids? How fantastic would that be? ;)

pflower10 said...

I'm croation, no green here

sue-donym said...

I finally painted one tip of one nail green after getting pinched 800 bazillion times from my 11 year old, very mature, "oh it is still so funny to play this game" daughter.


compulsive writer said...
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compulsive writer said...

I spent the entire day green-less. Never got pinched once. (I was at The Creamery too and I thought I was the only one who wasn't sporting a layer of green Ts from Shade.)

But the day before I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on four dozen shamrock cookies from Provo bakery.

They were not stale. They were still warm.

And worth every penny.

fijiangirl said...

We didn't celebrate St. Patrick's day! Instead we celebrated my son's first birthday! Poor guy will always have to deal with green on his birthday. Although I must admit he did get a t-shirt with a shamrock on it that said "born lucky" and had his name, Logan personalized. We took pictures in that one it was too cute!

luckyzmom said...

Bet you're glad that's over with!!!

Geo said...

I wore red.

Every year I try to fall back on "Wait! Wait! I've got green eyes!" but Rob never buys it. I actually like the hilarious pinchfest that ensues. (He gets it back no matter what color he's wearing, despite his wild protests.) We all have our own traditions.

Lyle said...

Kids in grade school would do anything to justify pinching me on st. patrick's day....that's the wrong shade of green....that's not enough green...that's too much green....It was a loose-loose situation.

The irony is, I got married on st. patrick's day and dark green was one of our wedding colors...and....

I agree though, I don't understand why Ireland has its own special day here in the U.S.

Haley said...

For me, St. Patty day is just an excuse to eat lots of Lucky Charms.

Julie said...

I love that shirt! A girl who works at the gym I go to has one. They make one every year for the Welsh choir director at BYU. She refuses to wear green on St. Patrick's day.

I went sans green as well, as did my children, thankyouverymuch. No one got pinched.

Bek said...

We are big dorks and do the whole thing. Lu chose all the clothes for the family and we were all in green. Not even matching green. Lucky the Lepruchan made mischief in the house and left some green treats. We had corned beef and cabbage and soda bread and green milk and the whole bit. We do holidays up in this house.... but we don't pinch.

I saw your Freecycle comment on J's blog... it doesn't work here.. we have tried it and tried it and people either don't want the stuff or dont come. It makes me we do Craigslist.

This is me said...

I taught my daughter (almost 4) that if you HIDE the green you are wearing and people pinch you, then you get to pinch them back. So, it was green panties for her! Then, my neighbor taught her to kiss instead of pinch since it's nicer. Now, she's just confused. I think next year we will stick with pinching. Not as nice, sure, but definitely more hygenic. Of course, my daughter spent the day showing everyone her underpants.

Maybe we really shouldn't have St Patrick's Day...