Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby's First Protest

Everyone has heard "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." I guess the corollary is that those who have learned from history are doomed to spend their lives as Cassandras; telling the truth and never being believed.

I was watching a documentary on RFK and heard him say this on a Face the Nation interview back in 1967 about Vietnam:

“Do we have the right here in the United States to say that we are going to kill tens of thousands; make millions of people, as we have, millions of people refugees; kill women and children, as we have? I very seriously question whether we have that right.

Now we’re saying that we’re going to fight there so we don’t have to fight in Thailand, so we don’t have to fight on the west coast of the United States, so that they won’t move across the Rockies. Our whole moral position changes tremendously."

Sound familiar?

Let’s fight in X place so that we don’t fight here.
The places change, time advances, but our argument remains ludicrously the same.

As his biographer pointed out, RFK questioned whether our national security interest in Vietnam was outweighed by the incredible human suffering that we were inflicting by waging war in that country. Now, keep in mind, Bobby Kennedy was an architect of that war. However, after seeing the reality, he knew that he had to accept responsibility for his part in creating the war.

Dick Cheney has not and will never because of his awful pride accept his responsibility in waging war.

He has not and will never call himself by his true name: Warmonger.

He has not and will never admit that his pockets are lined with gold from profiteering while women and children line the bloody streets of Baghdad.

It is OUR arrogance that has led us down this quagmire.
Well, our arrogance and the failure of the Fourth Estate.

I love what Lee Iococca, a former prominent Bush supporter, said in his book.
“Stay the course? This is AMERICA not the damn Titanic.”

So, with that in mind, Proximo and I went down to campus to protest the visit by Vice President Dick Cheney, to Provo.
Baby's First Protest:

Proximo wasn't the only baby there. It was fun seeing other moms with their babies and children at the protest.

Some of the nice people I met at the rally. There was a good deal of media there as well. You might be able to spot us on the news tonight!

Look closely, I don't know if he's police or Secret Service, but it was funny seeing a security presence. We all know that BYU students are a riot-some lot given to much civil disobedience.

This was right before the conclusion of the protest. We sang the Star Spangled Banner...

I'll admit that I totally cried while singing the National Anthem. I vote. I vote my heart and my conscience. I celebrate the Fourth of July. We live in the most wonderful place on earth. Our opportunities are endless. We can do so much good.

I love this country and I hate seeing a bunch of jerks wreck it.

As George Bernard Shaw said,

“We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.”


April said...

Very powerful and well-written.

I'd hate to tick you off.

sarah k. said...

I realize that I'm retarded, but I would have gone to the protest if I'd known about it. Why didn't I know? I'm a turtle in a shell. But I still can't figure out why they invited that... person.

b. said...

I love most of all that you cried while singing the anthem. I love that you are willing to admit that. I love that you were there exercising your rights, the very rights our country is built upon.

Kiki said...

Excellent post. J-Dub is such a rebel already!

metamorphose said...

Peace, love, protest.

~j. said...

Your day was bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

I would have cried, too. One of my very favorite songs. Wish I would have gone with you.

Mrs. Dub said...

i've said it once, i've said it again: "dick cheney may be the devil." i can't say it with 100 percent certainty because i was confident that OJ Simpson was guilty and look how that turned out!

mander said...

I love that we live in a country where everyone has the right to speak their minds. Kudos to you (and the little one) for voicing your opinion!

Bek said...

Good one Jen....

I read all about the protest on the AP wires.... hurrah for BYU...

I love that Proximo is only a few weeks old and already a seasoned protester... :-)

c jane said...

A day in the life of a protester--this was great.

I had a nightmare about the Fourth of July last night. Which included no tickets to the Stadium of Fire. That is how plush it is to be American.

Kiki said...

HA, ~j. I loved The Office night.

Rachel said...

Jon and I watched a documentary on Cheney last night, coincidentally, and it left me with a horrible feeling . . . for so many reasons. I recommend you Netflix it if you haven't seen it. It's a PBS Frontline doc called "The Dark Side." It's actually not just about Cheney, but about the whole beginnings of the war.

And I'm really upset that BYU accepted Cheney's request to speak. Really. Since when is BYU all about intellectual freedom? It's funny to hear the admin using that argument in favor of Cheney's speech. What about Rodin's that wasn't able to be displayed at BYU?

Rodin/Cheney? Cheney/Rodin? It's a tough call. I think I might go with Rodin. Argh!

Rachel said...

That was supposed to say "Rodin's 'Kiss.'" Please forgive.

sue-donym said...

I just burned my bra in your honor

Emily said...

Is J-Dub your baby? I know of another J-dub.

Good for you!

La Yen said...

I would have been there next to you. And I would have probably gotten a "special" notation put in W's file, so it may be for the best that I am here.

AzĂșcar said...

Thanks all! It was fun to be a part of something.

Em- Kiki has been waiting and waiting to call him j-dub. She doesn't know OUR history with the other j-dub, so that makes me laugh.

La Yen- A notation? Right next to his gorilla for sand racing? We love Army!

Tiffany said...

I am proud of you. An in-law relative of mine was saying while we were out in UT that he was disappointed that a group of BYU kids would act like a bunch of Berkley students and protest in this manner.

I was the only one who stood up to him and said, "Are you kidding? since when do BYU students give up their freedom of speech?"

I didn't know you were out there but I should have known...

You are great.

No matter what someone believes, as long as they are peacefully assembled and tastefully doing so, protest. By all means.