Monday, April 02, 2007

Hooray for Hospitals

I got a few emails commenting on well, my emails, and my blog post.
It turns out that these days hospitals have wireless Internet. How fabulous is that? I'd brought my laptop because the last hospital I was in didn't have a DVD player. This hospital had DVD players AND wireless. What is the world coming to? It's like they're embracing the superhighway everyone is talking about.

Here's something else to know: I didn't have time to watch a DVD.

I'd really brought the DVD player with Arrested Development for Other Half to entertain himself (maybe you should entertain yourself too.)
Then we had a baby at the speed of light, so that didn't so much work.

Here are some other things to know:
* I have acquired a sudden craving for cookies as my primary nutrition. This does not portend well for weight loss, but it does make my tummy feel great (inside.)

* On my dining tray the hospital placed a special order form indicating other options. The list had such options as veg, diabetic, and my favorite 'bland.' This stuff can get blander? I almost wanted to order it just to see what would appear. Why isn't there a 'spicy' option? Or heaven forfend, a 'food with salt' option. That would have been nice. Did I mention they have wireless?

* El Guille doesn't hate the baby. This is a plus since I think I have to keep them both (it's contractual--out of my hands!)

* You don't have to turn in the form promising not to shake your baby anymore. They'd like you to sign it and then you can just keep it. I'm not sure about this.

* I have a growth attached to my chest; it might be a tumor, it might be a hippo.

aaaaand ME time is over.


sue-donym said...

Which hospital?

So glad El Guille doesn't hate the baby. Otherwise you would have had to have him sign the do not shake the baby form.

Enjoy this time. As you know, it is fleeting.

Can I bring you some cookies?

Kiki said...

I feel like I've been replaced. You better watch out that I don't become addicted to crack as a result!


Lyle said...

Contractual? Surely there's a loop hole there somewhere ;-).

For our first baby delivery experience we brought movies to watch. Ha Ha! Neither one of us watched anything...even after the baby was born.

Wireless at the hospital...It's about time. Blog on!

pflower10 said...

Does El Guille know that the baby is going to come home with you?

Do you have to show them that you signed the paper saying that you wouldn't shake your baby? Does it mention anything about shaking your other half?

I highly recommend LANSINOL!!!!! It works on diaper rash too. GOOD STUFF!

Bek said...

I remember that we always talked about the "baby coming", but when Jacob had been home for a few months she wanted to know when he was going to LEAVE... we should have said, the "baby is coming to stay...".

What is this shaken baby thing? We didn't ever see anything like that, maybe we just don't SHAKE our babies in California, like you child hating Utahn's do.... :-)

Wireless internet. Amen. Our whole town is wireless (yay, for living in the hotbed of silicon valley) and I hear other cities are thinking of doing it as a marketing thing... for conventions and such. Not bad, huh?

Feel better, love to you and all your men...

Sarah said...


Sorry, couldn't resist sharing my all time favorite Arrested Development line ever. It's what I've been saying to my husband for the last month of this pregnancy.

In other news...WIRELESS INTERNET AT YOUR HOSPITAL??!! I'm lucky if I get a pillow at mine. I think it's part of the whole midwife scam - if you aren't born with it, it's not natural and they don't give you one. Evil witches.

compulsive writer said...

bek cracks me up!

So do you!

I remember that baby attached to your chest thing.

Then they grow up and become attached to your wallet.

I will bring you cookies!

metamorphose said...

Yay for wireless internet in the hospital!

You like cookie? What kind of cookie?

Bek said...


CW and I will make bunnies for you out of all our old cashmere sweaters.... :-)

Geo said...

I see a landslide of cookies coming your way (hopefully not "coming to stay").

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Congratulations on a smooth birth?! Anyways, I was reading Amy's blog and you mentioned a vibrating chair. Would you have any recomendations?

April said...

When my sister was in labor, I brought coloring books and crayons to pass the time. I think I did more coloring than she did. There's a pic of me concentrating on my coloring, and she has a pained look on her fast. Makes me laugh.

Again, congrats on the lil one!! I look forward to hearing/reading his "net handle."

Justine said...

I brought all fabulous six hours of Pride and Prejudice to my last babe's arrival, and I had most of the nursing staff in the room with me at 2am watching and crying and cooing.

I still don't know if anyone was watching my baby.


AzĂșcar said...

Cookies? Yes, you can always bring me cookies.

Mojo- Something like this. We don't have this exact one, but a similar Fisher-Price from a couple years ago. Love the vibrate feature.

April, the idea of that picture makes me laugh too.

Nemesis said...

So I know I'm late to the party, but congratulations! So glad everything went well in the end. :-)

~j. said...

i loooove that baby and i loooove his mami.

Emily said...

Congratulations! Having a brand new baby is so demanding on your body and your emotions and your time. Of course it's wonderful, too, but I completely understand the "me time is over" response. Me time will come back.