Monday, April 23, 2007

Love The Interview

April over at Love The Details sent me some interview questions to answer. I thought it was a fun idea for a post. Let's see if you'll learn something. This will be on the test.

1. How did you get your start in blogging?

I love to write but I have always disliked being told what to write. Well, to tell the very honest truth I haven't always liked to write, but I have grown to love it. While at university as a History major I wrote a great deal, most of it compulsory. I also used to be a movie critic. Writing reviews was a fun outlet but I began to find the format limiting, not to mention having less and less time to actually see movies. Around the same time I had my own website for my family and friends to check up on our travels and my pregnancy with El Guille. I started blogging as an addendum to the photos and travelogue. Eventually, I let the website lapse and focused more on the writing portion. I love blogging because it’s my rules on my time. I don’t have to succumb to any format or subject matter. I can keep connected to my friends in far-flung places while talking about my inner goblins.

2. How did you meet your husband? And, was it love at first sight

What do I tell people, or the real story? I tell people we met at BYU.

The real story? Only because you asked; let’s take a journey in the Way Back Machine, way, way, way back to my nerdy, nerdy roots.

My friend A.E. introduced me to MUDding in 1994. Basically, Mudding was a text-based computer game. This was back before websites in the wild wild west days of the Internet. The only people who used the 'net in those days were the military, the government, university professors, and students. I was rocking a 14.4 baud modem at the time (that’s a shout-out to all the geeks, start laughing; go ahead, it’s funny) and you’d telnet to get to the game. Green screen, baby.
The Mudd I frequented was on a server hosted at a university in Sweden. There were people from all over the world gaming: Hong Kong, Michigan, Germany, Finland, and more.
I was in my dad’s office on campus one night when I started talking to another game player. That player was really funny. Eventually he asked where I was. I said, “The U.S.” He said, “What state?” I said, “Utah.” He said, “Are you at BYU?” I said, “Yes…” He said, “I’m in the Talmage Building right now.” I said, “Shut up, I’m the in JSB.” Those two buildings are just a few hundred yards from each other on campus. He said that there were a bunch of people currently mudding from the computer labs in the Talmage and if I wanted to come down sometime it would be…


Sorry, I had to get that out.

So I drove over to the Talmage building and parked. There he was, this guy, holding the door open for me, it was like lightening struck me, like he was illuminated. Later on I realized that that’s just because there was an actual pot-light illuminating that doorway. Still, I knew that he was something. I followed him to the lab where there were other proto-nerds. He asked me out and a short two years later we got married!

Here’s something you don’t know: I met one of my oldest friends in that computer lab but we swore to ourselves that we’d never tell how we really met because it was so NERDY. I wonder if they will cop to it in the comments on this blog.

3. Is there anything you regret having not doing? (Example: taking a trip somewhere, or not taking a double major in History and Aerodynamics, etc.)

I really wish I had been able to serve a mission for my church.

I wish I would have scrounged up the measly $300 ticket to see my friend Anne married in Scotland ten years ago. I thought I was so poor back then and now I know I should have just gone into debt because it would have been worth it to see her married in Rosslyn Chapel (yes, that Rosslyn Chapel.)

I wish I hadn’t worn those gold parachute pants that I made myself to school in ninth grade. I especially regret the (now back in style again) pointy purple flats I wore with them.

I think everyone regrets something in their life and if they tell you they don’t, they are lying.

4. If you could sit down with your future self (let's say you 10 years from now), what would you ask?

Did you remember to have fun along the way? Is your home a safe landing place where your children want to return? Do you even have a house because I can’t see how we can afford one at this point?

5. If you could have any job in the world, and it wouldn't interfere with being a wife and mother, what would it be?

First on the list, Supreme Court justice or U.S. Ambassador (not to be confused with The Young Ambassadors.) I could also handle being Secretary General of the UN, Executive VP for Google, Under Secretary of State, and Ina Garten.

Quiz to follow at a later date.

If you would like to be interviewed, leave me a comment about how badly you want to talk about yourself on your blog.


pflower10 said...

WOW, that is quite a story about how you met your DH. I had no idea you were so nerdalicious. Well, maybe a little idea.

I don't want to talk about myself so no, I won't be asking to be interviewed.

Did you know that Ina Garten wrote energy papers for the president for a while??? I love her show, actually the food network. I have Iron Chef Tivo'd to watch later tonight.

Maybe I do like to talk about myself just a little bit.

fijiangirl said...

NO idea you were such a nerd! In fact I can't even call you a nerd you are so cultured and have such style! Love the story of the hubby.

P.S. You will be a great missionary one day... you can still go, you just have to wait a while.

b. said...

I like nerds.
I really like this interview thing.
I like getting to know you better.

Bek said...

I didn't know any of this stuff about you Carina.... fun!

And you are the best kind of nerd... the really hip and cool kind that is super smart and it just makes you look BETTER...lucky...

c jane said...

I knew all the answers before I even read them and now I am just bragging at how cool I am for knowing you so well.

Well, except I didn't know about the gold pants. That was a surprise.

Queen Scarlett said...

This is fascinating. You are a fun interviewee. I did the telnet thing in high school... it was my sophomore through senior year... talk about nerdy... but... in my defense - what else are you supposed to do when you live in Cupertino (hub bub of the Bay Area... hope of APPLE)? I frequented DUniversity... MOO... my memory is not very good... but I loved creating my own place...

I'm with you on the Google... LOVE that company. That would be the company to tempt me to go back to working inside an office again.

Azúcar said...

See, Queen, I knew what he was when I picked him up. I'm so glad you also confessed to telneting. As for Google--they let you expense $500 worth of take out meals after you have a baby (not to mention having a great paid maternity leave.) Expensing take out! Awesome!

Peef- I DID know that. Ina is very cool. I'm sending questions anyway.

Fiji- that's what J tells me, we can go together. Hey- have you been watching Survivor: Fiji? Just wondering.

b- like it enough to participate?

Bek- so you're saying I'm Rivers Cuomo Nerdy?

CJCK- I had to throw you some sort of bone. I have so many more fashion disasters to share.

Azúcar said...

Oh, and QS- Kingdoms and Zombie MUDds. I am NERD-TASTIC.

Emmie said...

Steve laughed heartily at your 14.4 baud modem, and then said to tell you he started out on a 300 baud modem. I don't know what that means, but I do like saying "baud modem."

You are the coolest. And I'm going to be in town in less than 2 weeks, so I will bring you your treats and baby gift in person! (If that's okay.)(The treats are from Trader Joes.)

Emily said...

I'm intrigued by your job preferences: why not Secretary of State?

Is your dad a religion professor?

Azúcar said...

There's nothing that dates you on the Internet better than saying you had an external modem.

Yeah baby!

As for bringing them to me in person, I'll have to check to see if you're on the list.

Azúcar said...

I'm glad you asked.

Because I like to work. I think the Sec of State has to do a lot of showboating and press deflection. I think I'd get more work done as an under secretary. In fact, as you can tell from most of my dream jobs, they'd all be a fair amount of hard work and I LOVE that.

And YES, he is the best religion prof they have.

Emily said...

I see! But I think U.S. ambassador would be even more of a showboat-y position. You'd have to schmooze like it's going out of style, you'd have to pander, and I'm wondering just how much autonomy ambassadors really have. Not much, I'd guess. Secretary General would be a great job. Has there ever been an American SG?

Can you tell me his name? Or can you tell Cjane to tell me his name? I'd love to know!

Emily said...

I just looked it up and the answer is: no! Quick! Can you name the current U.N. Sec General?
(I couldn't, I'm kind of embarrassed to say. He's new.)

Azúcar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azúcar said...

Yes, I CAN.

Ban Ki-Moon. South Korea.

Ok, ok, maybe the ambassadorial level is more schmoozing, but ask anyone--like cjane--that is a forte! Parties are HARD.

Drop me an email, address in profile, and I'll tell you about my daddy.

c jane said...

I'll tell you about her Daddy. He once dated my Mommy.

Kiki said...

I want to talk about myself!

compulsive writer said...

Love how you met. Especially love the illumination part.

I just wanted to say that I am still touched by and thinking about meta's post in which she wrote about how you helped change her life. I think your life is a mission. And you will undoubtedly continue to be a missionary for your church.

compulsive writer said...

OK, here is another thing that can date you: admitting you graduated as an English major from BYU before the days when everyone has access to a PC.

Read: I used white out ALOT!

Lyle said...

Love the MUDding story. That's class.

La Yen said...

I was reading that, thinking, "I knew her then. She was married at the same time as me?" I then I remembered that he became Invisible, and that's why your marriage did not ring a bell...

sarah k. said...

Oooo,oooo, Pick me, Pick ME! I loved reading this. I'm not surprised about the movie critic job, love the meeting your husband story, crying that you missed Anne's wedding (I missed my own brother's wedding to go to Europe) and I would love to have an interview by you, because I love talking about myself, and I think you and I might be from the same planet. Except you're from the cool people side.

kristenlibrarian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristenlibrarian said...

Dude! I so remember those telnet games. Classic stuff.

I love how you and your hubby met. In fact, I loved it so much I dropped my tagalon (peanut butter pattie) on my keyboard while reading your story. Don't worry, it found its way back my mouth.

Azúcar said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who remembers telnet games. Such a specific place and time.

Yen, I was married a year after you. I think we didn't actually meet each other for another year.

Lyle, we're classy nerds.

Kiki, its coming!

Sarahk, talking about yourself is underrated.

CW- White-out doesn't date you as much as it makes you retro-cool.

Kristen- you dropped your cookie? My work here is DONE! I have reached my zenith!

Julie said...

I'm in a blog slump. Send me some interesting questions and I'll play too.

I can totally see you as a Supreme Court justice. You'll be awesome!

I can not see you wearing gold parachute pants.

Jennifer B. said...

Fascinating. You give a good interview. Thanks for this little peek.

metamorphose said...

I love how you met your husband. Just goes to show how ahead of the times your are.

April said...

I absolutely adore the story of how you met your husband. Gives hope to the rest of us single nerds!

I'm glad you answered my questions! They were very thoughtful answers.

compulsive writer said...

Retro cool. I'll take it.

Queen Scarlett said...

Az - That statement "you knew what I was when you picked me up" is one I LOVE and use often. ;-) I also love google's motto "don't be evil"... expensing take-out... that's celestial. ;-) Plus... the daycare on-site... the flexible...but work hard atmosphere...the creativity of smarty-pants... the gourmet (free for employees/family) food... the gym... clincs on-site. Why would you ever need to leave? I'm sorry... I'm in LOVE with that company and culture.

If you have time... send me some questions... if anyone were to come up with good ones... it would be you. I can't lose that one opportunity to have some good questions.

Emily said...

I love your blog. You write so well. I mostly lurk; always want to comment, but feel like the timid nerd walking up to the cool girls' table. "uh...can I sit here?"

Azúcar said...

Nonsense, Emily! All are welcome! Your house is cleaner than mine, you can always hold that over me.

That being said, OMG I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?


b. said...

azuc.......yeah, what the hell....I'll play.....I'm an fuh-lippin' open book.

b. said...

Ummm...mean girls?

Azúcar said...

Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's never going to happen!


Azúcar said...

Update: the friend I met in the comp lab has refused to out themselves, so you will all have to wonder who it was forever.

compulsive writer said...

That's funny.

And I'll bite. I would love to have you interview me because I like the way you think. I bet you would have some interesting questions.

But not till next week. I'm supposed to be on a break with blogging.

Yeah right.

Kiki said...

Azúcar, I've talked about myself!

~j. said...

Boo! You whore.

I need-a the blog questions.

Sarah said...

Very cool that you used to be a movie critic! How did you get that gig? My husband's dream job is as a food critic and I keep telling him to just start doing it for fun and show some of his stuff to local papers. It probably wouldn't pay as much, but we'd save tons on eating out.

I love the interview! What a stroke of fate that your internet date was right next door. And yes, I have regrets - but at the same time they've all lead me up to where I am now so I often have to wonder whether I'd take any of them back. who knows.

Chanel said...

I gotta great regret, might have to share on my blog, thanks for making me think. Also your writing is so great, it seriosuly inspires me to write better and think outside the box.

b. said...

~j. never ceases to surprise me.

fijiangirl said...

Fiji -Suvivor! We love it, The hubby was especially cracking up during their dance or Meke challenge. Go Yau Mam. I loved the fake immunity idol.

Rachel said...

love it!