Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Price is Right

Other Half is a little annoyed because El Guille is going through a Teletubbies kick. He just really likes the Teletubbies. They make him laugh, giggle, and bounce around. Last night Other Half made an announcement that since Teletubbies is geared for younger kids, El Guille shouldn’t watch it anymore. “If the show isn’t at his level or geared to making him learn at a higher intellectual level than I don’t think he should watch it.” The entire Bravo network isn’t at my intellectual level and yet, that doesn’t stop me from watching Shear Genius. I’m all over the place with my TV habits. I completely DVR CBS Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes. Frontline makes me happy. On the flip side, another season of Top Chef is right around the corner! Maybe MTV's Parental Control doesn’t challenge my world view, but I just have to know, is she going to dump that nasty boyfriend her parents hate? “Mom, I can totally see why you chose Chad for me to date: he’s fun, has beautiful eyes, and a great sense of style. But, I think he’s too much of a playa’ for me.” Oh SNAP, Chad!

As a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV or The Price is Right. As a consequence of that parental control, I now love The Price is Right (turns out that they were right about MTV.) I remember watching as much Price is Right while on maternity leave with El Guille as possible. I totally looked forward to The Price is Right while at home with Proximo.
Then, while watching it in the hospital, it dawned on me:

The Price is Right is really stupid.

NO! Draw the curtain on the little man! One dollar, Bob!

I don’t need to accept that watching The Price is Right is equivalent to a 60 minute frontal lobotomy. What I need to do is call Liberty Medical or The Scooter Store. I could get a scooter at little to no cost to me! They will do the paperwork! Yes, I could use a compact nebulizer!

But enough about TV...anyone want to go to the movies?

p.s. Did anyone watch the National Spelling Bee tonight? Those kids are adorable. Now that's TV!


compulsive writer said...

Oh no. They'll get you there, too.

Damn marketing people.

Last Saturday I found myself watching the preview for Ghost Rider on DVD. And for about 5.8 seconds of the 30-second trailer I caught myself thinking, "I may have to rent that."

Just shoot me now before I start counting down the days till the next film à La Lohan.

sarah k. said...

The Price is Right, huh? My English Professor/Rhodes Scholar Grandpa upstairs records (with a VCR!) Wheel of Fortune EVERY FREAKING DAY!!! And Jeopardy.

Which movie?

~j. said...

Ruh-roh. You just called a show stupid. A show that was attended by suedonym.

'sokay, you're completely right. It is stupid. I remember watching it when I was in labor with li'l ~j. when it was interrupted by coverage of the shooting at the family history library in Salt Lake.

I'd rather have been watching TPIR.

Azúcar said...

Oh I still watch it, it's just that the blindfold is off.

I'm, uhm, a little jealous of Sue.


Clyde said...

The National Spelling Bee rocks! Those kids are genuises. But I really don't know how the judges can (even) read/pronounce some of the contestants' last names..... Madahancalezar?

Emily said...

My dream is to be on TPIR. (Sort of tongue in cheek, sort of not.)

fijiangirl said...

For my 18th birthday I asked my parents if they could take me to TPIR since you had to be 18 to play. I figuered since my mom had tried out for a few game shows it would be fun. My mom said all the shows were rigged and after waiting in line for hours only if you impressed the line interviewers you got picked. We never went.

As for my MTV weakness... RUN's HOUSE!

b. said...

Bob Barker is a old perv.

kiki said...

I get a little cranky every morning when I hear that TPIR theme music start blaring from the front of the house. My g-ma yells prices at the TV. I'm not kidding. "THREE! THREE! I TOLD YOU!"

I want to go see "Knocked-Up". I guess I'll get my dad to go with me. It's depressing when all of your school friends graduate and leave and all of your other friends are Mormons who don't watch R-rated movies. I better not tell them I'm going with their Bishop.

kiki said...

It wants cookies and cream ice cream.

Azúcar said...

It loves the cookies and cream.

Sarah k and I went to see Pirates last night--she's a hot date. I had heard it was three hours but I guess I didn't truly believe--it's true. Three whole hours. We're lucky we didn't turn into pumpkins when the clock struck one.
I'm making Other Half take me to Knocked Up.

Emily, if we ever get to LA together, we can totally try to make it on the show. I heard the same thing, Fiji, but I figure with THIS personality, I'm coming on down!

Emily said...

I think you're a shoe in for TPIR. Um, and I wanted to comment about your last post, The One Where You Told The Truth...but I just never know what to say in those moments without sounding totally I never say anything, but I understand. I think every mother does. Some of us just aren't brave or honest enough to talk about it. I'm glad you are. Hope your "corathon" is smiling.

sue-donym said...
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sue-donym said...

Funny, The Price is Right makes me "laugh, giggle and bounce around".

I grew up on TPIR. The princess is a fourth generation Price Is Right fan. And yes, it is really stupid. But then again, so is The Girls Next Door, and that doesn't stop me from watching that either.

What is REALLY stupid is sleeping all night on the sidewalk in "beautiful downtown Burbank" next to a bus stop and a garbage can so I can get into see Bob Barker and all his beauties. Stupid, but really, really fun.

P.S. He is even creepier in real life. I think it is just an animatronic wax figure up there.

April said...

I can see why Other Half wouldn't want Guille watching baby shows if it's at a younger level. He's young and absorbs it all. I won't let Jersey watch Wonder Pets anymore because one of the speakers talks incorrectly, and she started talking the same way. "He's a picky eat-o" instead of "eater."

But as adults, we can choose to watch stupid stuff. Your news programs counteract the idiocy of reality shows, right? Right. :)

sue-donym said...

Or do the reality shows counteract the idiocy of the news programs?

compulsive writer said...

Speaking of the idiocy of the news programs...

jeff with a j said...

Can you believe they put the spelling bee on ESPN? It must be some nerds way of getting back at jocks.

Azúcar said...

I'm guessing it's to finally put something on ESPN I'd watch.

Go team!

Azúcar said...

CW- I just watched that link...there are NO words.


c jane said...

We could never watch Three's Company. I still feel guilty when I hear "Come and Knock on My Door."

Pirates was 3 hours of my total confusion. What was going on?

And last of all...I really want to see knocked up but I don't want to be uncomfortable. Zuc, call me and let me know if I can go, after it's been approved by you.

Could it be worse then Three's Company?

Emily said...

That lady on the link infuriates me. I think she is a spawn of Satan.

Cjane, ditto on the guilt for T's Co. Have we talked about this before?