Friday, June 29, 2007

Everyone Loves a Parade

I’m still treating the P-Town 4th of July Parade like it’s no big deal—and it is, it is! First of all, there are cannons and Cannons. The cannons are loud and hurt my ears when they go off. The Cannons are loud and hurt my ears when they go off too—but people keep electing them. Second, it’s a guaranteed down-home patriotic foot stomping. That’s fun stuff. Not all the time, naturally, I couldn’t take it 24/7 that’s for sure. Once a year? I can deal with that.
There are horses, highway patrolmen, bagpipe bands, brass bands (yay!), cheerleaders (boo!), beauty queens (the jury is still out), local and state elected officials, clowns, personalities, fly-over planes, and floats that have been under construction for months. Sure, I like some of it ironically, but I also just like it.
The only thing that I’m not crazy about is how it gets a little militaristic at times. I support the troops just as much as the next girl, but I’m also a touch wary of martial law. Maybe it’s because a military coup happened to systematically kill my family and then suppress them for the next forty years…maybe. It does kind of strike a primal note of fear when the caissons go rolling along. One could say I have a healthy respect for our armed forces, after all, they've got all the tanks. Go Hero Squad!
The one thing I haven’t quite grasped is that the P-Town parade has turned into a massive event and I never think about where I’m going to sit before 8:45am on the 4th of July. The parade starts at 9:00am. This is a problem. The crowds are 10 deep! I'm short! El Guille is shorter!

I don’t see that I have much of a choice, though really. I can’t camp out the night before. I can’t head down at 6:00am, I’ll be toting along two kids! So every year I say screw it and try to wiggle my way through the crowds, hoping to find a little empty spot. Last year my brother, who used to work dispatch, got us to the front to sit with the cops in the intersections. For a couple years before that, my sister knew a guy whose house was on the parade route, so we’d go there. I don't know anyone this year.
At least at this year's parade I’m not going to be pregnant with a two year old. Oh, that’s right, I have a baby and a three year old. I think it's another year of wiggling to the front, trying to find a small patch of ground on which to sit.
Do you think that’s going to stop me? Heck no! There are cannons!

In other news, El Guille has a new job with Guns 'n Roses. We are so proud. El Guille says you can expect Chinese Democracy by Christmas!


sarah k. said...

Balloon fest! That's where we'll be at 7:00 am. It'll probably last 5 minutes for the boys, and then we'll go take naps, cause I just cannot dill with the parade. Or the cannons.

Azúcar said...

I tried to take El Guille last year and failed miserably. I suck at waking up in the morning. I went through all this trouble to get to the field and by the time we arrived, the last of the balloons were taking off. We drove home only to find that the balloons? Yeah, totally flying over our parking lot. We could have gone in our jammies.

Tiffany said...

You could always leave a blanket on the curb on Univ. like they do on the hills for the fireworks later. It works on the hills - why not the sidewalk?

Or maybe put a couple sets of scriptures and a lesson manual on the concrete. It works in the pews!

sue-donym said...

Buy the $5 tickets at the County and breeze in 10 minutes before it starts. Works every time.

compulsive writer said...

Do watch for a tall artificially blonde and very cute Z~ in the back left (if you were facing the band) of PHS's drum line. It's my favorite part.

Except for the bagpipes.

Unless there are lamas and gospel singers, that is.

The last year there were gospel singers I almost fell in line behind them and followed them all the way home.

~cari~ said...

My boys and husband are among the crazies that camp out on University Ave. and we girls join them first thing in the morning for breakfast. It's tradition. If they didn't camp out, I don't know if I'd try to fight the crowds to get close enough. I'd probably buy a ticket and call it good.

I took my two youngest kids to the Children's Parade today. It only lasted about a half hour and they got candy so it was a success. El Guille might enjoy that next year. It started with the DARE car and a fire truck sounding their sirens then it was just Provo High's band (saw Compulsive's cute son!), then a big group of kid's riding their decorated bikes throwing candy (it was cute), then Timpview's band and it was over. No cannons but it was still fun.

I don't like Chris Cannon either. He reminds me of Fred Flintstone (long story!).

A. said...

You should do what jeff's mom does and lay out some blankets on Univ. Ave by some kids who are camping out and have them "watch" the blankets. She pays them with Wendy's burgers and fries and then donuts in the morning. Works everytime.