Monday, June 25, 2007

This Woman's Work

Things have been a little quiet on the Jet Set front, non?

I’m happy/pleased/sad/exhausted to admit that life is getting the better of me at the moment. Pulling a double shift isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Of course I’m not doing a double shift on the factory line or anything, but I do have a shift at work and then one at home.

No matter how Other Half tries to keep the house and the kids in order, he’s just not me. For instance, I know when laundry needs to be done (when there is a pile of it.) I know when the kitchen floor needs to be mopped (when you walk on it and it’s alternately sticky and crunchy.) I know what’s for dinner (because I’m making it.) These are difficult concepts!

But enough about the Working Mom Blues.

I want to take this moment to rub something in your face. RUB IT!

Proximo is sleeping through the night.

He’s been sleeping through the night for three weeks. That’s right, at the ripe age of two months and three weeks it’s not uncommon for him to sleep from eleven pm until seven am. Some days he makes it midnight to eight, or one am until nine. Oh ho ho!

In your FACE!

Why am I twisting the screws? Because I know my next kid will be a horrible sleeper and I just need to revel in the one that’s a good sleeper for a little while.

Can you dig?

Meanwhile, I have a tip for you. Have you ever heard that you can sprinkle in baby powder into your hair if it’s too greasy and it will absorb the grease, allowing you another day without shampooing your hair? Well, I heard that. I've also heard that you can do the same thing with oatmeal, but that seems like a waste: I love to eat oatmeal but not baby powder.

Why do I still have to find tricks to cover up my third day without clean hair when the baby is sleeping through the night? The answer lies somewhere between: I am too tired to shower at night after I’ve cleaned up, and I don’t have the necessary time in the morning to straighten it (because when it is this long, my hair in its natural curly state looks ridiculously like it would be more at home on stage with Def Leppard circa 1987, pour some sugar.)

That’s a long way of saying that I tried the baby powder this morning—what did I have to lose? If I didn’t use the powder I’d have to wash my hair and be late. If I did use the powder and it didn’t work, I’d have to wash my hair and be late. I tentatively shook the bottle’s contents onto the roots of my raven-lite locks and watched them turn a muddy gray. I combed and shook the powder out. It worked! The Jet Set gives thumbs up to baby powder on the scalp.

Now I just need a way of shaking baby powder all over my kitchen to degrease that pit too.


Rachel C. said...

I've used stuff from Bumble & Bumble -it's called Hair Powder and it comes in different colors (good if you need to cover up root growth.)

But hey this baby powder thing takes the cake -the Hair Powder of which I speak is like $30 a bottle.

Yay for baby, sleeping through the night!

Azúcar said...

Yeah, I paid 4.99 for my Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder three and a half years ago. SUCKER!

Queen Scarlett said...

That picture... makes me want to just kiss those cheeks he's so flippin' cute.

Melia did that after... 4-5 months... but lately... OH MY HELL... maybe it's teething or ... pure will....she's been doing this 1.5 hour deal all night... I'm hoping yours stays this way... through kindergarten. ;-) I'm welcome to advice...

ps. I finally found the praline pecan... pecan praline... thingers. Square-ish plastic box...tall... I was thinking crackers... they're actually whole pecans!

Azúcar said...

I have no tips. Cry it out, that's what we did with El Guille, but we are heartless people.

Those are the ones! Pecan pralines, yum.

If you'll notice, Proximo's shirt reads "1 + 3 = Friends". Other Half noticed the specious equation yesterday and gave me so much grief. "We can't have the math teacher's kid walking around with math that doesn't make any sense printed on his shirt!" We can't?

The cobbler's kids have no shoes, that's my opinion. Besides, 1+3=friends? Who's to say you can't solve for "friends"? what if, go along here, "friends" is actually equal to 4?

Lindsey said...

OH....sleeping through the night. Jealous! My kids should have been doing that for a long time by now. I'm lucky if it is every other night. Oh, well. I think you deserve it, so keep rubbin' it in.

And thanks for answering the age old question I had about the baby powder--I often wondered if it was just a myth.

Bek said...

One of the more fun things about being closer to 35 than 25 has been to see how greasy I can get in the course of one day. Sheesh. I use the babypowder thing at least three times a week (and I even have time to shower, I am just a big grease ball) and I swear by it. I put it in my hands, rub it all over and presto, shiny hair. It smells good too.... glad I am not the only one.

As for the sleeping, my first did that, the second still take 4 hours naps in the afternoon (he is almost three) and the third didn't sleep for the first 3 months of life, but has been pretty good since then. A baby that sleeps through the night at a young age is one of life's wonderful blessings.... yay Proximo....

compulsive writer said...

So you do know that I know exactly what you mean?

OK, except for the sleeping through the night part. Never a one. Until they stopped nursing. And I'm one of those crazies that breastfeed till they're two. And then maybe a couple months more. (But not years.) Do the math.

Emily said...

HA! You are funny, girl.
I love the baby powder trick...use it more often than I'd like to admit. You've gotta be careful to rub it all in or you'll look like you've gone prematurely grey (I know from sad experience.)
Anyway, you're a hero, working the double shift. Really.
And revel away in the sleeping through the night goodness. three cheers for proximo!

more caffeine, please said...

Sooo happy for your roots and your sleeping baby. Sad for your working blues, I really am because I've been there with only one child and it literally was so hard so you just go on and sleep it up! Proximo is a BABE.

Geo said...

Yep, your baby does look well-rested all right. What a smoodgy nibble. Man, he's cute!

(I don't know where "smoodgy nibble" came from—when do I ever talk like that?)

I remember the joy of the powdered wig trick being revealed to me in high school. Haven't done it in foreer, but now that you mention it, I think I may invest in a dollar store shaker of talcum. Yay.

Good luck with your double-shift.

sarah k. said...

I had visions of a gloppy, gritty mess of hair that would require one of those special lice-combs to get the goo out. I'm so glad it worked. In the Philippines, they put baby OIL on their hair, so it will lie down flat and not have whispies. I guess they're not too concerned about greasy hair.

sue-donym said...

I cannot believe you all like the baby powder thing. My mom used to do that to me in elementary school and I HATED IT! It made my head feel all yucky all day, and I couldn't concentrate on school. That is probably why I didn't take the state championship in the Splelling Bee.
Damn you Johnson's Baby Powder.

(But it looks good on you though)

kristenlibrarian said...

Oh, Azucar. How you make me laugh (with the "Sucker" comment and all). Ah, that baby is stinking cute! Almost tempts me into having one...almost.

miggy said...

Why does it seem like every other baby I know is sleeping though the night but our little bean? I know it's normal not to sleep through the night at 4 months, but when I hear abot all these super babies sleeping through the night at 2 months I'm pissed! What gives?

April said...

Your baby is adorable! His pose suggests he's thinking, "Yes. Yes, I *am* this cute."

Just as I was going to comment yesterday, with ten minutes left to work and close up the library, it started downpouring outside. And, of course, my car windows were open. Argh.

Justine said...

Two months!?! Well, now I know I never got one of those kind of kids. And happily for myself, I don't have to try teaching any more bambinos to sleep through the night. I think my uterus is all ute-d out.

And just so pleased am I to hear that someone with a two month old is already talking about her NEXT one! You are indeed an angel straight from Heaven.

~cari~ said...

What a cutie! He looks like he's so proud of himself in that picture (as well he should be!). Here's to sleep!

Lucky Red Hen said...

Who the HAYALL puts oatmeal in their hair? I'd rather put a hat on to cover my grease than have breakfast falling on my shoulders. Seriously.