Tuesday, July 24, 2007

By The Sweat of Thy Brow

Alright, I think yesterday’s exercise served its purpose.

So today, in honor of nothing in particular, we’re going to open up the blog to discussion. This is an interesting time for me, as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum. I am working for my current company, in part, because I do blog. Yes, I’m working with a bunch of guys that I know and love, but part of the reason I am working here is that they like how I write. Specifically, they like how I blog.
When they were courting me, they brought me into their then cramped offices, and explained how much they loved The Jet Set. They wanted me to write for them.
I’ve never felt comfortable blogging about work. I think it’s always best to remain mostly professional in your work life and sometimes a blog is, well, less than professional. I also have a slight fear of being Dooced. So it’s taken a little shift of my brain to accept that not only does work know that I blog, but they’re cool with it too.
That’s why I’m actually going to out my workplace, something I’ve never done while being employed. I work for; they do local internet marketing and specializing in small business internet marketing. We're also known as “Hey! The bike people!” because we currently give away sweet beach cruisers at trade shows.
It’s fun working for a great company again. It seems like everywhere I go, people know about OrangeSoda. I’ll be at a party, and say, Suedonym will say, “Yeah! Orange Soda! We love them!” Well, I love them too, Sue.
The kicker came when my sister-in-law, in town for a visit, asked me where I was working and I said She flipped out. “The bike people!?” she nearly screamed, “I wanted to win one, but I didn’t.” After working for places that are anonymous outside their own industry, it’s kind of cool to be at a place that has some name recognition. It’s also cool that I don’t have to hide my blogging.
If you work, does your work know that you blog?
What would you do if they found out?
Do you think they'd be down, or they'd be out?
If you don’t work, how does your business partner in life feel about your blogging?
How does blogging mix with your professional life?


Emily said...

My business partner in life thinks it is fantastic that I waste away the day in front of the computer. And I think it is fantastic that he thinks it is fantastic.

He thinks it is good for me to have a voice and get to meet new friends, like you.

Thanks for asking.

kristenlibrarian said...
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kristenlibrarian said...

Most people I work with know my blog, but they don’t know my site address. I usually try to avoid writing about co-workers (although I have no problem blogging about stupid patrons) because of some seriously nasty stuff that's been going on here. I'm very afraid of being sued. But once I'm outta here everyone here will know what has gone on.

kristenlibrarian said...

"Most people I work with know I blog" is what I meant to say. Can't type. Or think...while typing.

April said...

Both of my bosses know that I blog, and once in a while I let them read something that's particularly funny. I was just hired at a new job, though, and I'm pretty sure I WILL NOT be blogging about it. But most of my funny stories involve the crazies who surround me. How can I not blog about them?

Tiffany said...

I didn't know you worked for orange soda. I don't even know who or what orange soda is but it sounds delicious. Especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I am off to google it :)

PS - do they bring beach cruisers to the east?

compulsive writer said...

I love emily's comment.

My co-workers know I blog. I wonder if the company I work for even knows what a blog is. Needless to say I usually play it safe by not blogging about work.

But while I am in my almost mid-forties (there. I've said it), most of my coworkers are barely in their mid-twenties. Some of them blog and some are aware of my blog. (This is a good thing. I am trying to help dispel a myth I saw proposed here that women old enough to have teenagers were not adept enough to adapt to blogging. Gimme a freakin' break!)

A few of my co-workers read my blog. But it is a bit disconcerting on occasion to have a co-worker come in and ask me something about my personal life. I want to say it's none of their business. But to be fair I know because I have sent it out there to cyberspace I have made it everyone's business.

more caffeine, please said...

18 acts like it's no big deal that I blog and then secretly reads it and my links every day. :-)

~j. said...

My husband does the same as mcp's husband.

As far as work...only one girl there knows that I blog, but I don't really blog about work. I'm striving to keep my job separate from other parts of my life. If I do blog about work, it's very vague.

ash said...

I work for a small company that feels like family anyway. So, they know about it. I don't usually blog about them though, just my kids.

I usually get a phone call when my "partner-in-life" reads the morning post and he tells me I've taken a great picture or told a funny story. It's brought us together over silly things in our life.

c jane said...

i blog because of my boss.

Azúcar said...

Your boss is a hard-a

BowlerGirl said...

Blog life and real life must NEVER NEVER meet. For some strange reason everyone that I work with is into the whole My-Space thing. I don't think it has occurred to them to search out blogspot. I prefer to keep it that way.

c jane said...

my boss has a hard a.

Rynell said...

My work doesn't know I blog...well maybe they do. But I don't know that they know that I blog. I write for an informational (ie. boring) internet company. I have to be a wee bit careful not to mention what I'm writing about so as not to show up in the same google search results. although sometimes I do it anyway.
my other half/partner finds it funny that i blog, although he supports it and takes photos for it. he thinks it's funny 'cause he's already designed me a fancy website or 2 or 3. and then i go and use templates, heaven forbid....

Emily said...

Funny. My business partner in life loves the fact that blogging "gives me a voice" (those are his exact words,) and helps me make new friends...and my name is Emily, too.

As a Career Mother, though, unfortunately, I'd have to say that blogging interferes with work some days...the blogging discipline and balance are things I'm really trying to work on.

Lindsey said...

My business partner in life will not read my blog--or ANY other blog unless I'm begging him or refusing to perform certain wifely duties. No--not that--dinner and laundry. And dishes.

But, if I worked outside the home, you can bet I'd have a super secret blog to write all about it--totally anonymous and with nicknames, of course.

sue-donym said...

I don't have a job