Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Snyder

If you don’t know who this guy was you are probably under the age of 30. If you’re over 30 and you don’t know who he was, I’m sorry for you.

Tom Snyder passed away Sunday from Leukemia. He came to the national spot light hosting The Tomorrow Show on NBC following Carson for almost ten years. The too young don’t realize that after Carson time slot, stations either ran a movie or a couple reruns, but most often went off the air until morning.

Tom’s show revolutionized late night viewing with his casual interview style. Dave Letterman filled the spot after The Tomorrow Show was canceled. Dave continually credited Snyder with influencing his style. When Leno took the Tonight Show and Letterman was courted by CBS, Dave refused to sign with CBS unless Snyder was guaranteed the slot right after Dave’s. The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder aired for three years, until he left in 1998. Craig Kilborn took over the spot and drove that show right into the ground.

There aren’t too many people on TV that I miss once they’re gone. For me, at least, Tom joins the ranks of Peter Jennings and Phil Hartman--people that I miss once in a while.

I couldn't find a clip I really liked, but this one with Tom poking fun AT Barbara Walters is amusing:

So here’s to Tom, I hope there are no bagpipes to hurt your fillings in heaven.