Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Business

I casually mentioned to my cousin that we are thinking of buying a house. If you know me, however, you know that I’m always thinking of buying a house. It has been a singular obsession for seven years. If we actually bought a house I don’t know what I’d do with my time. Cure cancer? Partition Iraq? Watch another episode of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares?

My cousin took it upon herself to refer a real estate agent to me (I guess cousin gets a piece of the commission if I buy something.)

I got a call from the agent today (and I just love to get calls from agents.) Here’s a hint: if you want to do business with me, don’t call me sweetie on your introductory phone call. That makes me hate you because I am sentient.

How do you feel about mixing family and business?


Congrats to my sister Jeffiner (not her real name) and Other Half!

They graduated!

In honor of their graduation, may I quote Fred Stoller?

My mom wants me to finish college. I asked her why. She said, "So that you can say you're a college graduate." What, like I can't say that now? I’m a college gagadua; I’m a conalge ganagnera.”

Thanks to Eric D. for the Dr. Katz memory jog


And finally, you can also catch me today over at Good Mommy/Bad Mommy.


sarah k. said...

Dude. This reminds me of when Derek's best friend from home called up and "invited" him to become a self-employed Amway-type salesman. Derek countered by telling him to go to college. This guy lives across the street from Derek's mom, and when we go visit and run into him, it's awkward. No, business and family/friends don't mix.

(Like two weeks later, a guy from our bishopric came over with the same offer. Is Derek like a door-to-door salesman magnet? I mean, what the freaking heck did he get a PhD for?)

sarah k. said...

And don't ever "sweetie" me unless you're my husband or my very best friend Sheila. Otherwise I will hang up on your sorry, real-estate peddling asp.

b. said...

ix-nay on the amily-fay AND the eetie-sway.

c jane said...

Okay Sweetie?

sue-donym said...

Having grown up in the family business, I say it can work but you have to set serious ground rules.

As far as cousin Betty Jo calling Uncle Fred to hook him up with the latest pyramid thank you. We call those relatives "kin".

Michelle said...

that's a big NO CAN DO- over and out!

Justine said...

umm, no.

pain. sadness. tears. changed wills.