Friday, August 10, 2007

Rynell tagged me a little while ago and I decided, just for fun, to play along.

Eight Facts About Me

And they are irrefutable facts! Well, I guess they could be refuted if someone really wanted to take the time. They might just be eight things I want to talk about but the editorial staff is going to call them Facts, and you can’t argue with the JetSet Editorial Staff—it’s just not done!

  1. I had this whole bit about how if I could go back and tell my pre-child self anything it would be X words of wisdom. Now I can’t remember what I wanted to tell me and considering inter-time communication still isn’t possible, the point is moot. Or is the point moo? I prefer points being moo.
  2. I think couples that tell you that they never, ever fight are lying. You either haven’t had a fight YET, or you call them discussions and even when they get heated you still call them “a discussion.”
  3. Other Half and I had a fight at lunch today.
  4. I forgot that I had a company meeting so I sure did walk into a big room with 50 people in it with my puffy, red eyes and nose from the fight. I had to introduce myself (again) and pretend that I normally have red-rimmed eyes and a swollen pink nose. I used to act so this wasn’t a big stretch for me.
  5. I started acting in elementary school. My first play was Macbeth. I’m not an actor anymore so I don’t care if I call it Macbeth instead of The Scottish Play; I live life dangerously on the edge.
  6. My next role was Bianca in The Taming of The Shrew. That was a real challenge, because I am nothing like sweet-tempered Bianca. That’s what we board-treading thespians like to call “playing against type.”
  7. My last performance was in Sunday in the Park With George at university. I realized while sitting as motionless as possible on the set (you’re supposed to be in a painting) that I’m a terrible actor and it was best to never inflict my dramatic pretensions on anyone else ever again.
  8. Café Johnsonia and I are going to lunch next Thursday the 23rd in my neck of the woods and we’re wondering if you want to come. And that’s a party fact.


fijiangirl said...

how about I have lunch with you on the 16th, 17th or 18th? I will be in your neck of the woods then.

Azúcar said...

Fiji, you don't even need to make an appointment, you're always welcome. Just let me check with the JetSet Editorial Staff...

We're free for you!

Tori :) said...

Ok. I'm one of those people that say my hubby and I never fight... anymore. We sometimes get bugged with each other, but we haven't "fought" since the 1st 2 yrs of our marriage- and that was his ex and his mom's fault. ;)
Loved your list. :)

Lindsey said...

I loves me a good fight with the hubby. It's fun making up.

I hope people can come to lunch. It will be so much fun. Come people!

kiki said...

I want to go to lunch with you!

b. said...

We fight.
I hate when it manifests in your face though....sorry.

wendysue said...

With those red eyes and nose, you could've played it off like you just had a major allergy attack.

The people that don't fight are also the people that don't fart.

Azúcar said...

Wendysue, you're giving away my secret! Although I have allergies, I also have 'allergies.'

Kiki, youse invited fo sho.

Tori--see, at one time you fought, and that's all I'm saying. You guys are so cute though, I can believe you rarely disagree.

Linds, making up is better than fighting.

b- I love you and your fighting.

I like people that are honest and don't pretend that their marriages are perfect all the time.

~j. said...

tell me 'bout lunchin'.

La Yen said...

I would go but since I don't live there my willingness is a cow's opinion.

And W and I fight in three month spurts.

And I used to act until I came to the same conclusion that you did...

compulsive writer said...

I wish they did Shakespeare's tragedies in elementary school still. You weren't by chance Lady Macbeth?

About lunch--you mean I could meet kiki and cafe johnsonia at the same lunch? I'm interested.

Rynell said...

Thanks for playing along.
I agree with wendysue about the married fighting. It is just a given, hopefully a not-too-frequent given.

Lunch sounds nice.

RC Cola! said...

Jealous about you lunching ladies. Beh. Why can I no more be a lady of leisure what with school and all.

Sometimes I wonder if things are more likely to fall apart when there isn't any fighting...both trying too hard to not say how they're really feeling. Maybe, maybe not.

liz said...

I'm so jealous you get to go to lunch with my fav buddy.

are you prepared to adore her madly? Cos she is most awesome and you will want to be neighbors and swap baked goods daily.

pflower10 said...

IIIIIII like to hold a grudge for a while so the whole "making up" crap doesn't work on me. I admire you people that can actually fight and then a little while later kiss and hug and other things while telling each other you're sorry. I DO tell hubby I'm sorry when I'm wrong but considering the fact of exactly how often I am the one that is actually wrong makes that a moo point. I have to admit it takes me a while to take hubby off the "SON OF A B****" list.

I'm always up for a lunch!!!

and PS I don't fart either.....well.....maybe just a little.

Tiffany said...

I fart.

I try to fight but I am married to the most even tempered person alive. I can get all huffy and feisty but Fancypants will just take it all and dish NOTHING out.

And sometimes I want the dish.

His older brother tells me that he tried to rile him up consistently when they were growing up but to no avail. He would punch him and hurt him for not fighting with him.

Fancypants was the third child. I have a theory about the third child.

It gets tiresome trying to work someone up that cannot be, in fact, worked up.