Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Nie-Day

Congrats to my friend Nie on the occasion of her blog's second birthday. May I present my day in a Nie-flavored post?

First things first...

I avert disaster single-handedly.

This was his second attempt of the day.

The first was Ketchup.

I'm onto you, Filthy Padawan!
I see a fridge lock in your future.
Proximo wakes up to brighten my day with his sweetness.
Munch, munch that baby is so cute.

They're playing together!
It's a good thing, because mama has to do some
working from home.

Sue gave the baby those pants, so cute and soft.

What's for breakfast?

Homemade blueberry scones. YUMMY!
Light, tender, and flaky, they are a definite hit.

Can't have scones without clotted cream.
I open the jar the lovely La Yen sent me for my birthday.
She's not my godmother, because we're the same age (and also friends,) but she does send the nicest packages.

The girl has a flair for gifting!

Time to get ready for work.

I get in trouble because my hair dryer is too loud.

El Guille asks for a cheese sandwich.
Then he asks for "Sa-ya-mee" for his cheese sandwich.
A cheese sandwich with sayamee.

Time to drive to work!

Listening to General Petraeus testifying on the radio (math is hard.)

It's very important to know what's going on
in your world,

don't you think, fellow citizens?

I pull out my lunch (apple) from my purse and find
a pair of Bob the Builder underpants (clean) and
my latest awesome mix from awesome Kristen.

She not only makes great mixes,
but her CD packages and sleeves always have a theme and are hand-created.

Having a friend like that is the best.

Time for working-working.
That software isn't going to design itself!

Have to stop by to see Shoes of the Day himself, DM!

Hey! You caught me workin'!

He's got a new little one at home.

DB stops by the desk, he's very tall.
He has the most adorable wife, Julie,
who keeps that mister on his toes!

J-Rock takes time out from being the sausage king to talk shop.
He and his beautiful wife had an argument when they first got married about a Kitchenaid stand mixer. He didn't see the point in paying that much moola for a kitchen appliance.

I think he sees the point now.

They own a condo in downtown Seattle and are raising a couple of city boys.
Wouldn't you like to be a city boy?

Happy Birthday from all of us, SC!

Enough about work.

Time to drive home.
I can't drive home fast enough to get to my babies.
I take the side streets to avoid the horrendous construction.

What's that?

A car with Wisconsin plates?

April? Kristen? Are you in town and didn't tell me?
Are you in town, uhm, driving a minivan?

Dinner is fast tonight:
Gyro Salad!
Lamb I ground myself (because the markets only had steaks) for Gyros last night
Crisp, fresh greens
The last of the juicy tomatoes
A little pita bread
Homemade Tzatziki sauce: cucumbers, yogurt, garlic, dill, lemon, salt

Other Half and I spend some time after El Guille has gone to bed talking about his day. He loves his new job. It's important to make time to talk when you're both so busy.


What's that?

Baby on the attack!

Watch OUT!
He's got me!



Bart S said...

Will you PLEASE invite your light, tender, and flaky blueberry scones to the office? I think they will be a hit there too!

Lindsey said...

I would not even THINK about having scones without clotted cream. We like ours brandied.

nie nie said...

love it.
i want those scones
i love LOVE our lips


nie nie said...

i mean YOUR lips...but I like mine too.

Engineer: martha griffiths; Conductor: j. bradley griffiths; Restless Riders: norah corinna, lucia louise, j. abram; On the Caboose: tequila the foxdog said...

love your day.
your baby is pretty cute, almost as cute as mine.
love your dinner, yum.
i want to know about your kitchen floor. i'm trying to talk my husband into a floor like that but he's not having it. have you enjoyed it? what is the material?

sue-donym said...

Great post. I am laughing so hard at the first photo. Does that tent thing have a lock?

And it looks like I need to buy El Guille some pants as well.

Azúcar said...

Bart S- I'll think about it. It may be that I only make scones for my family. Wait, that means you guys too. I'll keep thinking about it.

Linds- you understand and that's why I heart you.

Nie- Thanks for the inspiration!

Martha - The floor is peel and stick vinyl tile that I laid myself. They're 18X18 squares. I love the floor so much. It does show dirt, but it looks so amazing clean it's worth it.

Sue - Seriously. Guille is strictly underwear only inside the house. Easier to get business accomplished.

Tori :) said...

Please come cook for me.

Kalli Ko said...

apparently me and clotted cream need to become friends. I do love me a good scone and have a killer recipe for orange cranberry scones. You have inspired me, I will make them tonight.

and now I want to get me some red lipstick, though the last time I wore it my hub told me I looked "weird". What does he know??

Kalli Ko said...

and I'm dying to know how you made your gyro. Gyro is my FAVORITE thing in the whole world, the WHOLE WORLD. (Caps for emphasis)

Bek said...

You had a UK meal day, scones, clotted cream, lamb (kebabs are the national fast food). YOu made me hungry and homesick for England.

You get more done in one day than I got done all week. I need to get a move on....

As for the Guille stories of late. I feel your pain. I really do. He will grow out of it (J is almost there....) Yikes, just hold on....

Emily said...

What a charming day! Fabulous post!

A few things:

1. Your babies are squooshable!
2. Your kitchen floor is fantastic.
3. Can I come over for scones?

b. said...

THAT was delightful!
I love those baby attacks!
And the tent thing? I think I saw that on America's Next Dancing Inventor Idol. It got voted off...though I do know why, it's brilliant!

April said...

Believe me, if I had been in Utah, you wouldn't have any of those scones left.

You DO have pretty lips. And pretty kids. And a pretty blog.

more caffeine, please said...

You know what would be really fun? To introduce Padawan to Danali.

Azúcar said...

And the bowels of Hell would be opened.

Kalli, I'll email them to you.

Bek! I hadn't even thought of that. I did have a UK day! Other things I did on my own private UK day:

*Almost bought a package of Hob-Nobs for Cjane (but package was distressed so I voted no.)

*Longed for Malteasers

*Called people 'Guv-nuh' the whole day.

*Visited Wee Britain

Azúcar said...


1.) true
2.) true (but also dirty)
3.) yes

b. - It's a chair from IKEA. Chup studied it long and hard. He wants to make an adult-sized version.

April- no, YOU'RE pretty. And funny. Pretty funny.

Tori - You can always come over here, we're only a couple miles away. We don't have to meet at Target...

Laura said...

OH MY! I just found your blog and you are absolutely hilarious! Can I be your friend? I need some amusement in my life!

Azúcar said...

I could always use another friend--I go through mine like tissue paper.

Emily said...

Now I understand why you didn't have time to email me back: you were too busy taking pictures of yourself while driving and stuff. We're still friends.

Ditto all the compliments. Every last one. And good job posting after the manner of Nie.

b. said... sit in it, pull the tent over your head if you're feeling unfriendly or naughty or you have a zit or what?

Queen Scarlett said...

I couldn't help but giggle/laugh this entire post. You are hilarious.

Azúcar said...

Yes, that's exactly what you do, b. It also spins around. We love it.

Geo said...

Strikingly Nie-esque.

Forget math—life is hard. We all need locking Ikea chairs.

fijiangirl said...

I lvoed this post! Great to see some old friends are still doing well. nice hair J-Rock!

goobit said...


kristenlibrarian said...

I too prefer to eat sandwiches without pants on. Easier clean up.

Glad you liked the cd! :)

Oh, how I wish it were April and I in that minivan. Alas, I’m stuck in Stinksville, WI – capital of the mullet’d werewolf (i.e. very hairy men in muscle shirts sporting out dated mullets).

Sarah said...

Funny, funny. Very nienie-esque!

the mccoy's said...

i have NEVER made scones. those look so good. and to think i don't have to go to starbucks to get one. your baby got you good. so fun!

Tiffany said...

Dude, pass the scones already.

Tzatziki recipe please.

You and your fancy red lips. I have always admired your cosmetic boldness.

Michelle said...

clotted cream for scone- Yummm! I haven't heard of clotted cream since that one cooking show about or was it called two fat ladies...something or other. The two English ladies that cooked incredibly fatting, mouth drooling, delicious dishes. What a great post!

kiki said...

must to go get greek food now

Marie said...

Through this post, I realize how much I love Nie Nie's bloggin' style. It suits you well too. One thing though, with all the highlighted text, I am always tempted to run my mouse over the words to see if they are clickable. Ha.

Marie said...

You mean I don't have to blog in complete paragraphs with a nice thesis statement? But I need STRUCTURE! This is just too radical. I just don't know....

But it's funny when *you* do it. And I love that your son put his calling card in your purse so you wouldn't forget him when you're at work.

And if I just repeated anyone else's comment, I'm sorry. It's past my bedtime and I have not the brainpower to read 33 comments. Nor make 1 entertaining comment of my own. Oh well...

La Yen said...

Glad you finally ate it!
Did I ever tell you that W's mom said to me "I have been trying to figure out what your talent is, and I finally realized that you are good at buying presents." Thanks. My one talent is shopping.

I want scones.

La Yen said...

I just realized I have that same exact shirt. We must use the same exact designer.