Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is a momentous day at The Jet Set.
Sick and tired of those stupid summer clothes (with their unflattering short sleeves and thin fabrics,) I pulled out my boxes of fall and winter things. Oh, my lovely raiments! I didn't get to wear my cute, cute fall clothes last year because I was knocked, knocked up. Digging through my clothing hoard is nothing to write home, or to you, about. However, the fact that I put on the clothes and THEY FIT certainly is something to write to you about. Sure, a few things still need an adjustment, but I am not in my fat wardrobe anymore.

For my male readers:

Clothing Hierarchy
Big, fat, I'm going to cry 9 month maternity clothes
Regular maternity clothes
Post maternity clothes (aka super-fat wardrobe)
Fat clothes
Regular clothes
Skinny clothes
By the Hammer of Thor I will never be able to wear these again but I can't give them up clothes

With all that clothing complexity, now you see why so many of us like our shoes and accessories; they still fit us when we're fat or skinny.

I seriously can't wait to put all those awful summer clothes into the deep freeze. What can I say, I'm just not a warm-weather dresser. Give me a silk skirt, wool sweater, and knee-high boots. And then give me leather driving gloves, a fur collar, and a chapeau. Can you pass me the houndstooth coat please? Why underdress when you can overdress? That's my motto. Well, one of my many mottos.
Other samples of my mottos: Try anything once! (generic,) Don't waste your calories on bad food (a little preachy,) and If you have a choice between baking and cleaning, always pick the baking (that's more like it.)

In between shoveling carrot cake in my mouth (see above,) I have been a little lax at watching my exercise and intake. I still have a little ways to go. Even further if I keep finding new uses and applications for Nutella.

I tried to do yoga a couple weeks ago for the first time since the baby. You know how when you're in shape and you push yourself you feel the effects the next day, and sometimes even worse the day after. It's going to be really bad if later that same day you begin to feel the tell-tale signs of stiffness. I knew I'd over stepped my abilities when I could hardly walk by 6pm. It felt as if I'd been jumped in to my first gang (East Siiiide.) I hobbled around for the next week cursing those first workout blues ("Neptune's Trident! This hurts!")
It's all going to be worth it when I can slide like Dietrich into a pair of new wide-legged pants (but not too much like Dietrich, if you know what I mean.)

In my head I buy all these nicely tailored but basic pieces and then embellish them (not be-dazzle them) in the fashion of Anthropologie. People are so complimentary when I tell them, "Oh, actually, I made this...yes, I know...I found the fabric at a little shop on Rue du Fromage... it's incredibly hard to come by...yes, it is lovely...I find great satisfaction in sewing my own clothes...I just enjoy wearing beautiful things... it's really a priority for me."

Let's be honest, if I'm picking up a shirt from the floor and spot-wiping it to get the baby puke out before throwing it on and going out the door, I don't exactly have the time to create a one of a kind piece of wearable art.
The worst part is that I am absolutely capable: I own the tools and am design-minded enough to do that kind of handiwork. I know how to tailor clothing. I just need to accept that those types of projects are not going to get done at this time in my life. (Note to self: scrap "Why pay for it if you can do it yourself?" from the motto list.)

That's OK, being reunited with my cozy fall wardrobe shall console me.

Oh! New motto! "After two kids you should totally be able to buy yourself a new wardrobe."


sarah k. said...

Fall? You have fall? I have crappy, muggy, hot, not-the-least-bit-fallish. Actually, it finally started raining. But I don't have a fall wardrobe, since last fall, I was way knocked up too. And now I can't go crazy with all my husband's hard earned money, because he bought a freakin house.

Another book you should read: Simple Sewing with a French Twist, by Celine Dupuy.

Anyway, continue to accessorize in a way that I will never be able to come close to. I'll always be jealous.

compulsive writer said...

Excellent! I'm still sore from some hard core yoga I did back in the winter of 05. And of course I still have a pair of Liz Claiborne pants in the By the Hammer of Thor I will never be able to wear these again but I can't give them up clothes category from 1986. Uh-huh!

Who am I kidding?

Bek said...

THe thing is, miss c, is that you always look good. Even in the summer season of clothing that you hate. the shirts and light and frilly and the skirts make me want to run in a field of wildflowers.... I would kill to see your fall wardrobe!

I was just ordered yesterday by the dr. to stop exercising. Um, ok. I wasn't actually doing that much exercising inbetween all the vomiting.... but it feels nice to be FORBIDDEN. ;-)

I just got rid of my "i will never wear these clothes again" box. It was lovely.

Sue said...

I don't have a fall wardrobe, or a winter wardrobe, or a spring wardrobe... I'm from Vegas, so basically I have summer clothes and a coat. I probably need to go shopping, but I need Stacey and Clinton to come with me.

Kalli Ko said...

Merlin's Beard I am GLAD it is FALL.

For some reason I feel thinner the more layers I wear...

My hub certainly doesn't understand why it takes me 20 minutes to de-robe before bed each night. After the 5th undershirt he loses interest.

Marie said...

Do you swear upon the appliances of pagan gods in your normal conversation? If so, you're my hero. I hope you don't mind if I adopt that.

I don't mind fall and winter clothes, but I really miss wearing skirts with bare legs. It feels so nice and free, and no one has to know how chubby my thighs are under there (which is impossible to hide under pants). Plus, all those months fully wrapped in fabric -- I'm afraid I'll get a bad case of crotch rot.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

But by Cupid's Cuisinart, I shall not erase it!

Lucky Red Hen said...

I am IN LOVE with cold weather apparel... you don't have to shave nor do you sweat or show off your (by your I mean my) sausage cased arms.

Emily said...

My motto is: there shall not be a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe, but rather one inclusive, seasonal-rules-of-dressing-be-damned wardrobe. You may see me wear bright florals in November, and that's just the way it's going to be.

That said, I have a whole lotta long sleeve shirts and sweaters that I never seemed to wear in the AZ. So I'm kind of excited about that aspect of the cold weather on its way.

You're such a good writer.

Azúcar said...

Dear Sarah K,
Yes, it is fall! Leaves changing, cool mornings and evenings, it's definitely sweater weather. I saw that you had that French sewing books on Good Reads and I made a note so that I could read it later.

Dear CW,
Clothing from 1986 is pretty much to almost back, hang on to them.

Dear, dear Bek,
My fall wardrobe is delicious. My summer wardrobe sucks like American Cheese. You got an order to STOP exercising? I think every person reading this just got a little jealous.

Dear Sue,
No need for Stacey and Clinton when you now have me! Let's go spend money you don't have! I know you don't think shoes are a big deal, but they are, and I shall show you the way.

Dear Kalli,
Fall clothes make me feel thin too. My husband, like all husbands, would prefer a bikini 24/7, but will settle for me looking great in a cashmere sweater.

Azúcar said...
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Azúcar said...

Dear Marie,
I try to swear to the pagan gods vs. the other kinds. I decided that now that my little pitcher has big ears, it's time to head in a new oath direction.

You don't have to give up bare legs under skirts in winter, you just have to be OK with the cold and the paleness.
I can't forget last winter when some lady in my church saw my bare legs (in my maternity dress and heels) and remarked, "You need some hose!" I smiled and said, "It's fine." Because have you seen maternity hose? If you thought regular hose was an abomination, you should check out maternity hose, it's apocalyptic.

Dear Lucky,
I am your sister in sausage-arms.

Dear Emily,
Oh, I wear bright colors all year (because I look good in them) it's just that I don't have room in my closet for both summer tees and winter sweaters. I must rotate to accommodate. I just turned into Jesse Jackson.
Plus, just looking at wool pants and velveteen jackets in July gives you heat stroke (proven fact.)

fijiangirl said...

I usually love my fall/ winter wardrobe but since I’ve lost about 30 lbs I can't fit into any of my clothes anymore. Tried to put on this fabulous pair of jeans this morning and they came right off still buttoned and zipped. I know it sounds like I am complaining about loosing weight but when you don't have the money for new clothes it can be quite frustrating.
Actually, it isn't so much the money as I have been wearing maternity of "fat clothes" for the past 4 years and I am afraid I am lost into ugly mommy, white tennis shoes and tapered jeans world. Help! Are you really volunteering to come and rescue people? Sign me up! I would take you over Stacy and Clinton any day! You always look amazing!

Rynell said...

My entire wardrobe hierarchy fits in my closet at the same time. A lot of them don't fit right now. And most of them should probably go...because when I whine that I need something new, but hubby gestures wildly at the plethora of clothing in complete disbelief.

I also love fall/winter clothes the best. Sweaters and jackets--yippy!

Sue said...

If you can solve the great shoe mystery, you are very great indeed.

By the way, my sister-in-law emailed me today to tell me that she now thinks I am FAMOUS because you commented on my blog. (She has been lurking on your blog for ages now.) So thanks for upping my cred with the in-laws! ;>

Rocketgirl said...

AH!! New uses for Nutella? My favorite is chocolate fondue. Get this - a jar of nutella, 3/4 cup milk and a tad cinnamon for bite. Best chocolate fondue ever, but I can't claim it, I found it on the side of my fondue box:) ANd your list of clothes sizing... I'm wiping away the tears, it's beyond perfect!!!

sue-donym said...

So I am assuming the acid washed jeans with the zippers at the ankles are coming back soon then? Thank heavens! I knew I saved them for a reason.

Kalli Ko said...

My new mantra is:

"after NO kids and any kids and for anything that you need to feel better about, you get to buy a new wardrobe!"

spread it around, it's gonna blow like wildfire

Brooke said...

my motto lately is "why eat one when you can eat two?"

which may make a new fall wardrobe mandatory in my case... that or i'll have to pull out the maternity clothes sans babe in womb.

sarah k. said...

"sucks like American Cheese..."

Bwah ha hahaha haa HA!

RC Cola! said...

Bah! Crotch rot. I believe I've been suffering from crotch rot already.

My wardrobe is sad sad sad. I'm glad yours is up to fall par.

DM said...

Phew, am I glad I only write about shoes!

Zannah said...

Ahhh... cashmere sweaters and wool pants and velveteen jackets. The fall is my favorite season (maybe because I have a late-September birthday, but I think it's 'cause I'm from Chicago where the air gets crisp; nothing beats a Midwest autumn) and few things make me happier than being able to wear new sweaters and the perfect jeans (without feeling overheated with all the mandatory layers). Wish I could have the freedom of flip-flops all year, but then, it's not like I can wear flip-flops in Paris even in the summer, so, eh. Which brings me to my question: what are your shoes of choice for fall/winter?

Michelle said...

Oh yes, I know this process all to well the eating the exercise the losing or not losing the weight fast enough. I even can relate on the fantasy of creating a one of a kind piece and then really not- but if I do everything else including my brain is falling to the wayside, yes I welcome my cozy comfy fall wardrobe!

kristenlibrarian said...

I hear ya, sista! Fall is my FAVORITE season - for clothes and otherwise.

Oh, and I've got a three day gotee growing in.