Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fancy Fancy

I’m supposed to go to a fancy startup conference this Friday for women. I’m going to be representing my favorite online marketing company, OrangeSoda. I’m not usually too big about going to conferences unless I’m speaking—and let’s face it, I’d give a speech at the opening of a bag of chips. This time I’m going to network and preach the gospel of Startup-dom.

Who dares me to bring my baby in a sling?

What if it's a fancy sling?

Better question: should we dress head to toe in orange?

Here's my reasoning for baby in sling:


1. It’s a novelty to have a baby at a conference

2. It will help people remember us

3. OrangeSoda gets cool points for being the flexible employer with phat mom cred


1. Jealous women that their company isn't as cool as OrangeSoda

2. Catfights could ensue over the affections of smooshable Proximo

3. Possibly unprofessional?

4. Crying baby might be distraction

Oh, add two more to Pro column:

4. If baby cries you can excuse yourself from the meeting

5. He hardly ever cries

What say ye?


Christy said...

I'm not a mom so I think I have less cred in this discussion BUT -

Your baby is one of the cutest ones I've seen, a major plus, AND it would definitely be cool and give you the whatever-phat-mom factor you mentioned HOWEVER -

I think baby in sling in general, crying or no, may be a distraction. Then again I've never seen a baby in a sling. I'd be distracted by the apparatus itself.

compulsive writer said...

You had me at #1 and #2 on the con section.

For some time now I've been wishing I had the skilz to work at a company as cool as OrangeSoda.

And smooshing Proximo is at a premium. In fact, it's been too long since I'm smooshed him last. When's that fall party and am I invited?

sue-donym said...

Ooooooh tough one.

Now if one of the men in your company strapped on the sling it would be sooo forward thinking and awesome to everyone.

Unfortunately if you do it, it might just look like your daycare fell through.

sue-donym said...

Per the brochure...

"We adore “Babes in arms”, however, please sit near an exit in case you need to step out. Since this conference will be filmed and recorded for future broadcast and will be made available for purchase, we need to be extra sensitive. Any questions regarding our policy on babies, please contact Laurie Ann."

It doesn't say anything about "Babes in slings".

Have fun listening to your fairy godmothers, you start up princess you.

(sorry, can you tell I am starved for business conversation?)

Amy said...

Well, it probably depends on what your other options are. If your choices are to have a baby in a sling or to just carry baby on your hip--go with the sling. If your choices are between leaving baby home and bringing baby in a sling, I'd go with leave the kid, because I get excited every time I have a good excuse to be with adults and pretend to be professional. And yes, you should definitely dress head to toe in orange.

Azúcar said...

Want to come, Sue?

RC Cola! said...

I'm pro-baby. Or maybe I'm just pro-Proximo.

FoxyJ said...

If I had a choice, I would leave baby home. Just because conferences tend to be the kind of things that are more fun without children. I took Little Dude to a feminist lit conference last fall at Georgetown and we had a great time. I just sat near the back and walked the halls if he got too fussy.

Têtue said...

I would spend my whole time focused on the baby and thinking, "Why did she bring her baby?"

You can take that as either a pro or a con. :)

Proximo **is** a little nugget!

sue-donym said...

I would love to actually. But the Princess is out of school on Friday and since the main reason I quit my job was so I could be home with her more, I think it would be bad to leave her to go to a work thing.
Think of me next time though, ok?

Sue said...

I vote pro-baby, pro-crying, pro-leaving early. And if your goal is networking, as you said - nobody will forget who you are.

I'd never heard of Orange Soda before. I should talk to you, for my real life business stuff... I need help.

Lindsey said...

Ah, just take the little juicy baby with you. He's too smooshable for words. And if they are moms, they'll be more sympathetic. Or at least I would be. I love those slings even though my kids wouldn't stay in one. And wouldn't you miss him even it was just for a little while?

But then again, I haven't been in the workforce for awhile either.

Don't listen to me.

sarah k. said...

I would be totally too chicken, but I know you're no sort of fowl whatsoever. It could look like the day care fell through, or it could look like you're an amazing multi-tasker who can still think like a whiz while deftly and calmly meeting the babe's needs. I would be afraid it would backfire, and he would choose that moment to learn the ins and outs of 140 decibel vocal modulation.

b. said...

Need a babysitter? Do you cut hair? Sissy Girl's prolly available.

Azúcar said...

I have someone to be with the kids on Friday; it’s UEA and Other Half is out of school. However, finding someone isn’t the issue as much as bringing the baby makes a point that work-life integration is possible, especially if you have an employer who is on the forefront of this stuff, instead of being in the dark ages (1960.)

Then again, is it all too “I have an agenda”? I can stand here and make all kinds of arguments about how I’m proving that my employer is “with-it” and how it will appeal to the women at the conference, make us hip, and make all kinds of marketing sense. When it comes down to it, of course, the number one reason I want to bring him is that I want to be with him (all.the.time.)

If I’m in a situation where babes in arms/slings are OK, why keep up this charade (that women do) that my work life is completely separate from my home life?

Sue said...

It IS sort of statementy, but I think that's a good thing. It's a good statement to make. If babies are welcome, why apologize for baby? Why separate for the sake of the conference, if it's a non-authentic separation?

Olivia said...

Bring el bebe. Anyone who doesn't love a woman with a great haircut and a mostly non-fussy baby has serious problems. Plus, babies are even hotter accessories than little dogs right now and I KNOW you are a fashion-forward woman.

Kalli Ko said...

I say yay.

I think this is 14% of the reason why I want a kid so bad: an excuse to leave the meeting if the meeting is boring.

The other 86% is for all of the other general reasons.

Azúcar said...

I kind of want to sew an orange sling tonight.

La Yen said...

I say no, but only for this reason: Once you start bringing the baby to non-mandatory baby bringing things you open the door for the possibility that baby will come with you everywhere. Gone is the "Can you watch the baby, I have to go to a conference/store/movie/restroom" because the answer will be "but you took him LAST time." You will be screwing your future self.

sue-donym said...

If you bring him, will you be passing out a flyer explaining your position? Otherwise, like I said before, it may just look like the daycare fell through.

Oh hell, I say bring him, smooch him, and screw the rest.

(sorry for the language, I am tired)

Tiffany Twisted said...

Hmm .. i think i'm with sue-donym on this one -- the day-care-fell-through look :( sorry. I also have seen your slings, and i'm always comletely intrigued by them and forget everything else. :) they're beautiful and i'm obsessed with beautiful objects.

i wouldn't bring mine simply because i would forget why i was there and focus all my time and conversations on the baby. it would go as follows:

GIRL: Oh, what a cute baby.
ME: Thanks so much. I just love her guts.
GIRL: How old is she?
ME: Oh she's #.
GIRL: Wow, what a cutie. Thanks for the peek.
ME: (Danggit! I blew it again, but my baby's so cute...eww.. did you just have a blow out??!!)

Anyway, I'd just love the baby up too much. And did I just say girl there? I've never known a boy baby. How do you talk about those??

Azúcar said...

Well, it's the baby or the pump.

Geo said...

If I'd been around to vote I'd have said: