Monday, October 01, 2007


Me, after having been inspired by watching a spinach pie in the Greek style being prepared on the TV: Hey, would you eat spinach pie?

Other Half: Like, on a bet or something?

Yes…on a BET.


It snowed yesterday. Can we talk about this? It snowed yesterday! Great big fluffy flakes onto my peep-toe flats. It might snow again this week. I was so excited because it was fall and gorgeous outside all week. Other Half made some snarky remark about how it will be winter next week. I laughed and ignored him because having fall in September means that we should have more than a month of fall weather.

And then it snowed.

What’s that crunching sound? Oh, that’s me eating crow.

(Tastes like chicken.)

(Gross chicken.)


I want to throw a fall-type party, but I don’t want to do the planning, or the house cleaning, or find a way to seat people in my tiny place. That’s why I think the best course of action is to ask you to throw a fall-type party and I can attend. I can bring food. Not the food, but some food—maybe even spinach pie that we can all dare each other to eat.

FYI, if you are thinking of turning the fall-type party into a Halloween party, please don't wear face paint, or ask other people to wear it, as the smell of face paint makes me want to hurl. That's the main reason that Proximo isn't going as the Sith Lord Darth Maul this year (also what kind of mom would I be to put grease paint on her baby? He doesn't sleep in a trunk, we aren’t vaudevillians, and no one's got a gimmick.)


Quick review of the new TV season:

  1. Cane –about the Cuban-American family and their sugar cane and rum business. I just don’t know if I can get into it, the show lacks depth and has abundant melodramatic dialogue (you say that like it’s a bad thing!) Cane does have one of my most favorite things in the world: a Brit doing a really bad American accent. Polly Walker, of Enchanted April and Rome, is the offender. Her southern accent is freaking hilarious. I’ll give Cane one more shot. If it doesn’t hold up I’ll have to backfill Tuesday nights with something else…like 60 Minutes (don’t judge me.)
  2. Big Shots – SHOOT ME NOW. I will give this show one more (little) shot, but rarely, rarely has such an odious, misogynistic piece of dramatics gotten on my bad side so quickly. Sample scene: Men complaining in a steam bath (don’t, don’t get me started) about their lives, their women problems, and one says, “Men: we’re the new women.” Shut your cake-hole Bobby Donnell!
  3. Reaper – has potential. I’ll be tuning in to watch the slacker whose parents sold his soul to the devil. I liked the pilot, although it’s skewing a little young and male, I’m still interested.
  4. Chuck – I’m in for a few more episodes.
  5. Bionic Woman – SO fun! Katee Sackhoff was great as the Evil Bionic Woman. I’m in for the season.
  6. Gossip Girl – Hi, I’m Azúcar, and I love soapy teen dramas. Gossip isn't as good as The OC, but it has potential.
  7. Dirty, Sexy, Money – this show has IT. I love, love, love DSM and I’ve only seen one episode. I should have known right off the bat that if Peter Krause (Sports Night, Six Feet Under) was involved the show was going to be good. I was simply not prepared for how much I loved the pilot. It looks like Wednesday night is the new Thursday night.

This week Pushing Daisies premieres. I’ve heard so many cool things about this show that I can’t wait to check it out. Also out of the gates, seasons 2 for 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights. If you’ve never watched 30 Rock, maybe you should try out the premiere, it’s got Seinfeld! It’s got raisins! You like raisins!


RC Cola! said...

I'd love to throw a fall-party of sorts. But alas, I don't think I have the time right now to get things party-ready. Maybe I'll wait until winter and I'll throw a SADD party instead. But I'd also love to attend any seasonal fiestas. I can bring cookies.

I watched Dexter last night at Kiki's. I think it's gonna be a good season!

Did you ever watch The Lost Room - I think that's what it's called, with Peter Krause. It's too bad it only survived a season -very Netflix-worthy in my opinion.

compulsive writer said...

You know, you actually make me miss TV. That never happens. (*disclaimer: I do not not watch TV because I don't have one or on some kind of high-horse moral grounds. I don't watch it because I just don't have time. Or cable.)

Oh, and would you believe I was around for the first Bionic Woman?!

And what the hey happened to fall? We did not get a spring (40 to 90 in mere days) and now we have no fall. I'm going to file a complaint.

Mandee said...

My 5 year old wants to be Darth Maul, too. It's killing me. I just don't know if I can go through with it.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch Life? NBC is currently re-airing episodes on all their cable outlets (BRAVO, USA, etc). If you didn't catch it, it was more character driven than L&O, but still had some interesting crime drama-y stuff. Worth an hour of anybody's time. (and for those who love/d Band of Brothers, some very fun cameos by BoB alums)

Kalli Ko said...

I severely love it when you talk tv

Lucky Red Hen said...

I *DO* like raisins! Howdjaknow?

Thank you for your review of some of this seasons shows. I'll give a shout-out for Bionic Woman too because I thought it was fun and felt like a mini-movie (me likey the movies). Besides, the alternative in that time slot is Private Practice and it was just stoopid - not what I was hoping it'd be (but then again I have never been an Addison fan).

sue-donym said...

I too appreciate the review of the shows. I hate to commit to a whole season of anything. (But Tivo has changed my life)

Azúcar said...

RC, The Lost Room was a mini series, I thought. I put it on my DVR, but I never got around to watching it.

CW- Well, if you _really_ want, you can watch a lot of this stuff online at the network sites, they're great these days (because they know you could find it someplace else so they might as well offer it on their own terms.)

Mandee- you will be so cool if you let him be Darth Maul, I mean think of the pictures and the stories later in life! Why not give in? Except don't expect me to come over because I will hurl.

Azúcar said...

I recorded Private Practice on the VCR in the other room so I'd have something to fold to laundry to. I still have piles of laundry.

KK, I might severely love you.

Jennifer B. said...

You're invited. Bring that spinach pie (leave the crow). You don't mind a quick 9-10 hour drive, do you?

Azúcar said...

I certainly don't. I love road trips.

Cindy said...

I'm hoping to have a Dip party. I know that doesn't necessarily require Spinach pie, but it could require something spinach...

La Yen said...

Come over and make me a pie. I will invite my four EP fiends and we will go buy a velvet painting of the devil taking a dump. The big one on the red velvet, just for you.

I LOVED Reaper. The fat sidekick in my new favorite. I haven't watched DSM yet because Jooj keeps waking up and I get all guilty. I got lost in a Law and Order Marathon and the current No-Arm family on Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition last night so I didn't get a chance to catch up on DVR. Tonight, I vow.
And I seriously love KK, too.

citymama1 said...

Love 30 Rock. Would love to try spinach pie. I'm throwing a fall party for the husband and his fellow law clerks on the 20th. If you want to come to Las Vegas and hang out with law nerds you're welcome to come. :)

sarah k. said...

ENOUGH with the TV, woman. Haven't you heard that offering a beer to an alcoholic is a sin? It's the same thing. I don't have enough self control to not watch them all. On DVD, of course. We junkies, we need to be supported in our desire to lead normal, healthy lives off the sofa.

Oh, I just found these spankopita at Costco that are the perfect thing. They come in little trays of 16, or enough for me and Derek, and they heat up in 20 minutes, and they're deadly yummy, plus you don't have to fight with any phyllo. For the fall party that I won't get to attend, you should get some.

Rynell said...

Hee hee: like on a bet!

And yes I do like Seinfeld and raisins!

(I've been tempted to buy the spankopita at Costco too. Glad to hear it is yummy.)

aubrey said...

face paint makes me gag. all that plastic-y halloween stuff makes me gag. and i am itching to buy some cute peep toe flats but..i live in seattle. so, i'm wisely opting for cute rainboots.

Kalli Ko said...

I'm blushing, right here at work where I'm obviously not working. I severely love both Azucar and La Yen, and the fact that you both have pseudonyms.

and friday night lights, I could NOT be more excited. The pee your pants kind of excited. Giddy if you will.

April said...

I can't stand the sight or smell of spinach since when I was 5 and my babysitter insisted that even if I vomited up all the spinach she'd made me eat, she'd force me to re-eat it. You read that correctly.

If I had my own place, I'd totally have a fall party and invite you, though. I'd even babysit your kids while you made any sort of delicious dishes your little heart desired.

Lindsey said...

You should totally check out Life! I loved it.

My husband said he heard a review of Big Shots that said it basically about a bunch of privileged, rich white guys sitting around talking about how much it sucks to be privileged, rich white guys. I was intrigued, so I tuned in. But I pretty much hated it. It was like I was watching Notes From the Underbelly all over again. (Shudder.)

I did love DSM. I don't know why I love the trash, but I certainly do.

And you are invited with/without your spinach pie to come to NY for a fall party. We've only just begun with fall! It won't snow here until January!

(p.s. I made a seriously great Buttermilk Cake tonight--served up with Creme Anglaise and black raspberries. I think it's something you would enjoy.)

Emmie said...
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Emmie said...

Fronch bread. Fronch fries. Fronch dressing. And to drink: Peru!

I wouldn't want you to have to drive all the way to the OC, so I'm thinking we could meet halfway on this fall party thing. Say, Zzyzx? Fall party in Zzyzx!

Holly said...

I like Gossip Girl, but I really miss Seth and Sandy Cohen.

little mama said...

Azucar, I thought of you tonight. I thought you'd like to know. It's about food. You see, I made veggie fajitas for dinner (zuchinni instead of meat). My husband, among other things, laughed through the entire blessing, said, "What, is zuchinni the new chicken?", ate three fajitas, and then told me he was "waiting to feel some fullness". Then asked where the macaroons were.

citymama1 said...

P.S. I finally just tthe reference of the last line in your post. "Better Off Dead". I knew I knew it, but just couldn't place it. There, now I can sleep now.
Perhaps you should serve your family French Food.

Azúcar said...

mama- He ATE the zucchini fajitas? You are so lucky. I also feel your pain. I ran the possibility of butternut squash ravioli (where you mix the squash with parmesan prior to stuffing the ravioli) past my husband and that was a big, fat veto.

citi- it's true, it's Better Off Dead.

Tiffany Twisted said...

I will provide the loft for a fall party. It will be clean because I haven't had a chance to actually live in it yet. It has a great kitchen (for you to cook because i only use microwaves occassionally when I can't find anything open to pick up at 2am) and lots of space for mingling. It is semi-far away, but has great views for an evening affair.

Other than that, I reallly wanted to see Pushing Daisies, but I think I missed it last night. If not, I'll be checking it out tonight. And the Grey's opener was quite disappointing. I think I might be over it, or maybe I'll try to stick it out.

La Yen said...

Finally got around to Cane last night and decided we like it. I like it because it is just Dallas but with Cubans. W likes it because it is his family. Eerily. I mean, not the killing and wealth, but they got the Cuban family pretty dead on. Also he loves Nestor Carbonel because he was The Flea on The Tick

Sue said...

Oooooh, TV talk. Awesome.

I like Jimmy Smits, and WANTED to like Cane for him, but didn't.

I actually like GG MORE than the OC, although I'm not liking Dan as much as I think I'm supposed to. Agree with you about Chuck and Reaper - I'm staying tuned for a bit! I liked Pushing Daisies - almost TOO quirky, but I thought it was sweet. I'll watch again.

Man, I waste a lot of time.