Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nope, Can't Write About That

I was on such a blogging high a couple weeks ago, I had so much to write about and so little time! And then, through a combination of work, sore wrists and the need to sleep occasionally, I took a small break from the computer.

Oh, the horror! I lost my writing mojo! I'm in a slump, can't find a thing to write about.

Besides being sterile (day 5 of 15) El Guille has been remarkably good. When he comes to wake me in the morning he stands next to my bed and hands me my glasses. "Time to get out of bed. Here you go, put on your glasses so you can see." I feel almost like I'm being taken care of, or at the very least conned into getting out of bed. Nothing much to write about there.

Proximo is crawling and being adorable. More adorable than your babies (maybe stirring up baby rivalries will work?)

I can't complain. I'm trying to, but I can't. I've been treated well, or at least passably, at every store and location of business.

My watch gave up the ghost, but writing about my dead watch could possible be

Dear Watch,
You were so great. Remember that time I put you on? And that other time? Remember when I scratched you? Or all those times I took you to get your battery changed? Remember how one of my ex-boyfriends gave you to me and my husband doesn't know that I still wore you because, blast it, you're a really nice expensive watch?
So long, Watch.

See? Snoozeville.

I could get angry at the Writer's Guild of America because all of our new programs are about to stop. Yeah, let me try that.

Dear Writers,
What's with you trying to get more money for the stuff that you wrote? You capitalist pigs! We should collectivize the entire Metro L.A. area! You know that the intellectuals are always the first to go! I'm going to get really angry with you again in 12-18 months when there are marginally less movies to see!

Your friend,

That's not really going to fly.

I haven't cooked anything interesting lately either. I hardly think that last Sunday, when I added water to tomato paste because we were out of marinara of any type, qualifies as excitement. Wait! The can of paste I only half-used had no expiration date--that's interesting, right? Then again, we're all still alive (as of Tuesday) so that's boring, too.

I have yet to get wound up politically (don't worry, that day is coming.) I did find out this juicy little tidbit from my mom tonight: "I went to school with Mitt Romney. We lived in Boston at the same time. We knew each other. I'm NOT voting for Mitt." Oooooh, snap! Hmm. Maybe drumming up an non-existent feud between my mom and Mitt Romney would be fun.

I don't even have that pessimistic sense of dread (horribilization) that causes me to shake my fist at the good times in preparation and fear of impending doom. I kind of miss that sense of doom, at least it gives you a good adrenaline rush.

Could I be content? Is this what content and thankful are like? It's so anticlimactic.


Lucky Red Hen said...

I quite liked the montage on the watch situation. Isn't it a bummer that things we covet the most happen to be from an ex-boyfriend? Dangit, all.

I think you're in the right frame of attitude for the holiday of thanks!

sue-donym said...

No experation date cans just mean that - they never expire. At least that is what I was raised on. My husband wouldn't even purhcase them, and if he accidently did, you can bet a black sharpie would come flying out to tattoo current date on the can.

In other notes, This is really not the best season to be having cooking block. I will make something horrible to stimulate you back into perfection.

sue-donym said...

Oh, and my husband played with little Mitt in Michigan when they were young. My father in Law worked for George Romney (George actually paid for my FIL to serve his mission.)

Love, Penelope

Emily said...

That El Guille is really quite adorable.

Also, your mom and my mom=opposites in the tell-the-world-you-used-to-know-Mitt-Romney department. My mom: her proudest moment is being in the same married student world with the man about 100 years ago. Your mom: just now mentions being classmates with him in an offhand manner to her children. I'm pretty sure my mom is voting for Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Please get more cool loot from former boyfriends. See if they're willing to pony up for a new watch, computer, and/or car for me as well.


Sue said...

Well, your boring is still pretty dang funny my dear. I can't think of anything to blog about either. I find myself clapping everytime something unfortunate happens, because then I can use it as blog fodder.

Anne-Marie said...

Tomato paste and water. Hmmm...sounds a little blah, but the post was more interesting. What, being a classmate isn't enough reason for your Mom to vote Mitt as the new Prez. I mean, look how long Marie Osmond has lasted on DWTS.

Olivia said...

I am enthralled with you even in your blah moments. I laughed at the watch thing and at your suddenly sweet son giving you morning wake up calls. Calm before the storm, perhaps? Thanksgiving should give you stories galore.

Julie said...

El Guille's trying to make up for the fact that you have to use an alternative form of BC for two weeks.

Kalli Ko said...


I still like you

annette said...

You make even "boring" fun and interesting!

Geo said...

Leave it to you to turn ho-hum into "Hey, hey!"

(I'm practicing to get a job writing frozen vegie blend slogans.)