Thursday, December 20, 2007

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

I made a batch of marshmallows yesterday. Just as I was finishing, letting the beaters spin off the excess marshy-mallow, I smelled something metallic. All of a sudden sparks were literally flying, and BOOM, the mixer motor blew, a waft of smoke hanging in the air.

Walk towards the light, my chrome Sunbeam, it's OK, go with Sam, he'll lead you around the dead Willie Lopez and show you the light.

So I think this is a sign, a sign from the culinary gods that marshmallows are ill-fated.

Caramels it is.


Wish me luck as I have a birthday cake to make, without a stand mixer. It's like I'm poor. Next I'll be making ketchup sandwiches and watching Maury.


Fig said...

You had me at Willie Lopez. And again at ketchup and Maury.

Also, thanks for linking to the cheerful servitude chick! I loved that. I realize I should be telling her and not you, but still. I loved it. So thanks.

kiki said...

Goodness! You really aren't supposed to be making marshmallows!

Emily said...

Wait, so the mixer crashed and burned into your marshmallows, and you turned them into caramels?! I don't know how I feel about that.

AzĂșcar said...

No, the marshmallows were unharmed. The mixer is dead. I just can't make anymore marshmallows as gifts this year, it will have to be caramels. Or I could give nothing, there's always that.

Geo said...

That's a little scary, actually.

Lindsey said...

I'm opting for nothing this year. It's so sad. I almost made marshmallows to give away this year--almost. Maybe Santa could help you out with the slight problem? I couldn't live without my mixer. I mean, I might be forced to make cakes from cake mixes or something.

I'm still chuckling at the ketchup sandwiches and Maury. Sounds like my relatives.

wendysue said...

It's ok, go with Sam. Wow. That takes me back. That was a totally creepy movie, like when he uses Whoopi's body to pretty much make out with Demi. . .eww.

I hope Santa is reading this blog and you get a fancy new mixer for Christmas.

c jane said...

Santa is reading this!

Kalli Ko said...

get a bosch, and you will ne'er be disappointed again!

Am'n2deep said...

So this is just weird. Last week when you posted about your baby having a terrible, sleepless youngest had been up all night too. Then this week, you post about your mixer...mine too. (Only mine was a humble hand mixer, so I consider it a blessing to at least upgrade to a better one.) So sorry about your mixer, and the marshmallows.

Sue said...

I'm still pondering the reality of MAKING marshmallows. Making them. Why? Why why why why why?

I'm opting for nothing myself. I ran out of time and energy. They won't even notice. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

P.S. Blogging at work rules - all the cool girls are doing it.

compulsive writer said...

Can I tell you a secret? I've been using a $15 hand mixer my entire married life. But then I don't make your fabulous cakes either.

Hope the birthday is fun and games (sure it will be) and the cake, well, that goes without saying.

Also hope Santa brings you something fun like one of these. (Of course I liked them better before Oprah put her golden seal of approval on them.)

You don't, buy chance, have a great recipe for pinoche?

sue-donym said...

I had a mixer that rusted once (from lack of use)

Next you will be delivering ghetto pizza's to your friends. What has the world come to?

Julie said...

Oh that IS sad...I'm sorry I laughed at your "Walk towards the light" comment.

Stay away from the ketchup sandwiches, though.

sarah k. said...

Ketchup sammiches are fine if there's a hot dog in there to spice 'em up. And none of that crappy whole wheat bread.

Sorry about the mixer. If I lived in your state, I'd let you borrow my kitchenaid, or I'd make you come over and we'd do mountains of marshmallows together. I used cookie cutters on them once and made angels. Holy hot chocolate, Batman!

Jill said...

You are way too ambitious. Did you know that you can buy a whole bag of those at the Wal mart for around a dollar?
While you are there, you can buy already made chocolate dipped pretzels. Throw a few of those on a paper plate, add the stay-puffs.....instant neighbor gift!!

annette said...

Apparently some of you have NEVER HAD homemade marshmellows. Am I alone in watching the Food Network? They are nothing like packaged marshmellows. That's like comparing Godiva chocolate to the crayon tasting waxy "chocolate" handed out for Halloween.

So pleeese don't give up on the marshmellows! Many soon-to-be-converts of the real thing await your angelic goodness to make and share them.

And may you be blessed with a brand new "can do everything and guaranteed for 20 years" mixer!

ps. I only wish I could sample your marshmellow delights :) Your friends are soooo lucky!