Monday, January 07, 2008

We Have a Rat

A really big rat.
A rat that can use a knife. Well, only sort of use a knife until he falls back to biting things. If you're waiting for me to call this 40 pound rat a rodent of unusual size, you'll be waiting a long time. Don't worry, I didn't cut up and serve this caramel to people (although I thought about it.)

In other news, since El Guille had his very first ear infection last week, it only stands to reason that baby had his very first ear infection this weekend. I was up all night for three nights in a row. It was pretty awesome, don't be jealous.

Oh, the wittle fingurs.

I'm not sure how you'll lick this thing, but we'll think of something.

This picture kind of sums up Proximo to me. Even though he was upset, crying, back-archingly sick this weekend, there were brief glimpses like this, where he tried to smile at me and be his normal happy self. Gosh I love that kid. Also, he doesn't pick up caramel-that-used-to-be-marshmallow slabs behind my back and help himself.

I shook myself out of a haze and took a look around my house yesterday.

I was shocked, yet remarkably un-appalled, to find that my house is a sty (yes, Sarah, a sty.) I surveyed the clothes on the floor, the blanket piles, the random boxes and piles of correspondence. I noted the floor covered in what I think are crumbs. The coats and bags thrown on the floor near the door. This kind of thing used to make me feel at the very least guilty, and at the most spur me to action to tidy up our domicile. I observed a curious lack of guilt and a confirmed lack of action.

I was trying to remember back when my house was cleaner, and I'm surprised to conjure up memories of cleanings constantly when I was pregnant with Proximo. I asked Other Half, "Hey, wasn't it cleaner around here?" He laughed and shook his head no.
"But I remember it not being this bad." He laughed and shook his head no.
"It can't have been this bad for the past 9 months," I thought to myself.

Maybe it has. I finally feel like the fog is lifting and I'm able to see my environment. What a time to come back to life! It's winter, when I naturally hibernate, so it's beyond difficult to motivate myself to keep up with the de-junking. I need to come up with a plan to get this place back into shape, or at the very least keep the floors relatively cheerio free. I bet if I think really hard I'll be able to get this place together without sacrificing Guitar Hero time.

Doesn't it seem like we should all be snoozing during this time of year? Don't you just want to curl up with a book, or a blog, and expend minimal energy? It has to be unnatural to demand that we act just as spry and nimble as we are during June.

Can you wake me when it's June?


Bek said...

Boo.. I know how you feel, except I never felt guilty. That is why I hired cleaning people, so that once a week it gets picked up...

I am at the point where I can't bend over anymore... so nothing gets picked up.. It just gets kicked to a better location..

I LOVE your crafting. In my heart I want to be that mod decorator, but can't pull it off. I settle for using the colors.... but I love the mobile. I want to put one in my office/nursery for new baby girl AND I even have the paper... are their easy instructions somewhere???? The office/nursery will be the only MCM room in the house... so I am going to go all out....

sarah k. said...

Yes indeed, we should be sleeping. That's why the good Lord gave us winter. When he said there's a season for everything, he meant it literally. Winter is for snuggling, reading, pondering, eating warm, slow-cooked food, and watching your kids do cartwheels cause they're all hopped up on homemade caramel.

Seriously? I don't know how that little diablo is still breathing. If he were mine, he would now have a mortal fear of duct tape.

Gritty Pretty said...

Yes! SLEEP! and it's always more fun to let things get the ultimate in sty messy before cleaning up. so you can have a clean/dirty contrast.

Am'n2deep said...

Sleep, a little cleaning (if you must), but musn't, MUSN'T let either get in the way of Guitar Hero time!!

wendysue said...

I had the same thoughts. . .here's how I fixed it.

Cleaning? NO.
Guitar Hero for at least 2 hours? YES.

Kalli Ko said...

all I've done this winter is hibernate. Sleeping in, taking naps, that sort of thing.

Do I feel well rested?


I just need more, more, MORE.

Justine said...

I've found myself heating a homemade beanbag and stuffing it into my bed to warm my toes while I ignore everyone and read some Charles Dickens. I thought everyone was doing that. You're not?

sue-donym said...

See you have actual talents. My ONLY talent is being able to clean a house. No Guitar Hero, no caramels that used to be marshmellows, no crafts of any kind. I. just. clean.

Are you ready to do away with all of that for a clean house? I don't think so. But if you need a strong black woman named Necie to come to your home, I'm your woman. (I really am white, I just look black on TV)

Fig said...

I would have served the caramel to people anyway, and I'm not kidding.

If you are looking for a winter-time wake-you-up getaway that's cheaper than Hawaii, may I suggest Tulsa?

It's been about 72 degrees here for the last five days. Gorgeous. I woke up for the first time since November.

kiki said...

I think I used to be a rat, too! Kids...they just don't have a clue! He totally thinks that you'll never know he took numerous bites out of those things!

SusieQ said...

We just took down our christmas tree on Saturday night and I still have a dining room table completely full of all the decorations that need to be put back in storage boxes. Just can't bring myself to do it. Not because I want to hang on to Christmas, but because I just feel too lazy to do it. I'll wake you up in June if I'm awake myself.

Sue said...

We used to have a cleaning lady. I miss her so very much. SO very much.

DH and I work at it, but we can't keep up with the kids. We're trying to teach them the ways of indentured servitude, but they are not catching on. At all.

Queen Scarlett said...

I find myself waving the invisible white flag when it comes to the picking up, putting away, finding... I can't keep I just give on up.

YES... we should be like bears and hibernate. A long, nice sleep sounds perfect. I think I would die if I were ever stranded in the cold...I get so tired.

That proximo reminds me of my girls... they could be dealing with everything under the sun and still smile at me. Sweet souls. Admit it... because he's that way...doesn't give you a hard time - kinda your favorite right now... ;-) Melia's that for me especially when Kalea is fighting me for sheer will.


Olivia said...

I don't think you should have to clean your house unless the health department or child services, or whoever can condemn your house and take your babies tells you that you have to. BUT, if you do feel the need to clean, you should definitely be rewarded for it. May I suggest that, if you clean the house at least once a month for an entire month, your husband has to use all of his lunch money to buy you ROCK BAND!!! It's like Guitar Hero, plus Karaoke, plus drums.

Olivia said...

and yes, i did mean once a month for an entire month. that's how i roll.