Monday, February 04, 2008

Cuts Both Ways

I was deep in sleep when I heard these words wake me up:
"I need something to cut with"

What? Cut? What?

"I need a knife I want to cut something, Mama, can you get me one?"
"You need a...a what?"
"A knife. I want to cut something. Can you get me a knife?"
"Wait, wait, wait, do you have a knife now?" My eyes are trying to blink, but I have no glasses, no contacts, and can barely make out the smudge of light brown hair standing in front of my bed.
I desperately start reaching my hands in his direction to feel if he has a knife.
As I'm writing that sentence I'm wondering if blindly swiping my hands in the direction of a knife possibly wielded by my child was the best idea, Sherlock.
"No, but can you get me one? I want to cut something."
"What do you want to cut?"
"I want to make a kite!"

A kite? A KITE?

"We're not going to make a kite right now."
"Why not?"
"Because YOU are going to school today!"

Happy very first day of school, El Guille!

Some people agonize whether to put their child in school, pre-, public, whatever. I have never had that problem. Sorry to mislead you with the title of this post and all, but going to school wasn't bittersweet, it was just sweet. I don't even have that mommy-sadness when children reach milestones, he's beyond ready.

When I mentioned to El Guille several weeks ago that he might be going to school he immediately walked over to the front window and said, "School? School? I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL."
"Well it's not until next week."
El Guille, with a dazzling smile on his face, "And then the school bus is going to pick me up. The school bus is yellow. The yellow school bus is going to pick me up and take me to school! Where my friends are! Is the school bus going to pick me up because the school is way, way, way far away?"
"Actually, I will be taking you to school because it's not that far."
"Can I go now? Can I? Please? Please?"
"It doesn't start until next week"
"We can't, no one is there, we can go next week."
"I want to go to school," he insisted with an air of finality.

I picked El Guille up after his first day at school and he was so upset with me for making him leave that he refused to tell me what he did. "Did you learn about the letter E?"
"No. I want to go back."
"Does 'E' Stand for Elephants?"
"No, it doesn't. I want to go back."

OK, Grumpy McGee, happy first day of school anyway.

But no bringing knives to school, they frown on that.


FoxyJ said...

Are first children just more ready for school or what? With S-Boogie I was so happy to send her off to school at 3 1/2 and I never thought I'd feel that way. She was so happy to go. This year she's in a Head Start program that is every day of the week. At first I was nervous about it, especially because she goes on a bus and everything. But her teacher told me she was the only kid that didn't cry at all the first week.

My second, on the other hand, hates nursery and doesn't want to leave my side ever for anything. It would probably help him if he could talk. At least I don't have to worry about him asking for knives...

Brooke said...

wow. he was ready for school. my son STILL cries, five months into it.

kiki said...

I can't WAIT to hear about the parent-teacher conferences you're going to have. Awesome times!

Azúcar said...

Interesting, Foxy, because I've heard the opposite: that the younger ones are more eager to go because they have seen their brothers and sisters go to school. But, just like S-Boogie, I wanted to go to school more than anything. I remember a little girl walking past me when I was playing on the playground. I asked her where she was going.
"To school, but you can't go, you're too little."
I was so jealous, I wanted to go to school so badly, I was thrilled when I finally got my turn.

I can see Proximo being far more hesitant to go to school.

Brooke- I think he would have been ready even a year ago.

Kiki- Hahaha, no kidding. The teacher's first observation, "Wow, he's not shy at all, is he?"
True statement.

Marilyn said...

Wow! He's looking so grown up in that picture (listen to me talking like I "know" him).

~j. said...

What do you mean, "no bringing knives to school"? Tomorrow is show-and-tell! Plus, the letter K will be up soon, so, you know, perfect.

Am'n2deep said...

First, darling pic!

Blessed, blessed day! I had no remorse when my first went to school, and none again when my 2nd went. I just got them both in school all day, and then like a fool I went and got pregnant again! (See how bad I am? I love my children, I really do.)

I made the mistake of deciding not to send my 4 year old to pre-school this year. Let me repeat: BIG MISTAKE! She is soooo bored. First thing I hear in the morning is, "What we gonna do today?" If I don't have a good answer, you might well be able to imagine the tantrum and resulting mischief she gets into.

And I agree with what you've heard about the last children being more anxious than the first in the case of our house--but obviously personalities play into that.

Good for you and El Guille!

Heidi said...

I'm always more excited it's a school day than my children are.

Because, you know, that's a lot of time where I don't have to worry about what they are doing. It's someone else's problem!

TOWR said...

He gets cuter and cuter...

Kalli Ko said...

I hope you told the teacher to hide the glue.

how cute is his sweater??

wendysue said...

Yeah for school! I always snapped a quick picture on that first day of kindergarten and said "Bye! Have a great day!" and walked away saying "YES!!" So, you're ready and he's ready! (ok, maybe MORE than ready.)

Azúcar said...

~J - Yup, I want to be that mom, the one who lets her kid bring a hunting knife to school for show and tell.

Am'n - I think you have a great plan: send them off, get sent another one.

Heidi- I like how you do motherhood.

Towr- I thought I was the only one who noticed.

Kalli - It's SO cute.

Wendysue- I'm hoping we have some all day Kindergarten around here in a couple years.

more caffeine, please said...

Love this post, love his hair even more. He is so cute. In a naughty little way.

Congrats on the school, it's a wonderful thing, especially for "energetic" little boys.

If it makes you feel better, CJ (not one to handle transitions very well) loves school but is so grumpy before and after school - but only to me. Wierd. He's mad that I can't take him until 8:30 a.m. and mad that I pick him up and mad that he's hungry...

Bek said...

I love this post. Jacob would not have bothered to ask for something to cut with. He would have found it. So props to EG for ASKING...

We are seconds away from school (he is FINALLY mostly potty trained) and I cannot wait. CANNOT WAIT. Granted, when he goes to church he sits quietly, at music class he sits on my lap and sucks his thumb and asks to go home... etc. Maybe he saves the crazy just for me...

I remember when Lu was little thinking "I cannot wait to send her to school, I don't know why other moms are sad about it" but by the time she was in Kindergarten she was my little buddy and so much fun, I WAS kind of sad to send her off. Not THAT sad...

Your boy gets cuter by the day and ditto to what all the others said.... glad he likes it.

April said...

I love his little Elijah Wood hair. It's adorable.

If only he and Jerz could have a play date.

Azúcar said...

Did you ever read Good Omens? An E.G. & Jerz playdate might be a lot like Good Omens.

Marie said...

Do I have to say something clever, or can I just say that this is really funny? Because it's really funny. Thank you for saying it wasn't bittersweet -- I'm not a mother, and I'm sure I'll love my kids, but the thought of having someone -- anyone -- around 24/7 sounds horrifying to me, and I imagine I will feel that same un-bitter sweetness when they skip off for their first day of preschool, and because you said it first, I won't feel like an emotional freak when the time comes. Run along, child. Sure, take the meat cleaver -- just let me have my six hours of peace.

Sue said...

I never cried when I took my kids to pre-school or kindergarten. They were happy, I was happy - it's happy! But I do cry when they grow out of clothes because - 1) proof of growing, sniffle 2) now we have to buy new clothes, groan.

April said...

Zuc, I started to read it, but I just couldn't get into it. I'll have to give it another try sometime. I mean, if I ever get to meet Neil, I can't tell him that I stopped reading two chapters in!

Likely said...

remind him of this when he's a senior.

gosh, he looks so grown up.

Haley said...

Where did you end up sending him? Is he going to be schoolin' it up with Will next year?