Thursday, March 20, 2008


Marc Anthony Leaves Kids With Lopez For the First Time
" New dad Marc Anthony has left his newborn twins at home with their mother Jennifer Lopez for the first time, to attend a police foundation gala in New York...So when [Ray Kelly] called last week and invited me - even though I'm a little busy with our babies - I came. This is my first time out of the house since the babies came." Lopez gave birth to babies Max and Emme on February 22." (source.)
That Marc Anthony really has it together, doesn't he? He left the twins alone with Jennifer after only two weeks. I can barely find matching socks for my children inside two weeks, so I have to hand it to the Lopez-Anthonys. I guess that's what happens when you're from the block, you just cope better than other people.

I don't think the public understands, the man left the house--I'm pretty sure you get an honorary Grammy for that. I don't like to brag (well, other than five years of blog posts) but I think that we've been pretty headline worthy in our neck of the woods too--no offense Lopez-Anthonys, there's room on this planet for all of us!

Mountain West (AP)-----

Azúcar Out of Bed This Morning to Make Son's Cocoa

El Guille's Cocoa is Too Hot, He Must Wait to Drink

Mother and Son Argue Over Whether He Will Eat Fruit

Grapes Are The Compromise Fruit at Jet Set Home

Controversy Surrounds Pools of Water on Area Bathroom Floor

Azúcar Seriously Considers Going to Grocery Store

Mother and Two Kids Stranded at Home When Husband Takes Only Car

Azúcar to Call Mechanics to Find Out 'What the deal is' With Car

Phones Mysteriously Disappear in Suburban Home: Couch Suspected

Family Stunned as Wrong Contestant Goes Home This Week on Idol

Azúcar Announces She is 'Bored' with David Archuleta

El Guille Unable to Locate Additional Blocks to Create Desired Bridge Span

Redesign Imminent in Living Room Bridge Fiasco

Reports of Hair Being Done in Local Family Home Greatly Exaggerated

Overflowing Sink Poses Unforeseen Hazard to Toy Trains and M.A.C. Makeup

Volume Experiments Yield Collateral Damage; Home Out of Nestle Quik

Experts Question How Vacuum Acquired Water Inside Housing

Updated Easter Candy Count an Embarrassment to Parents

Azúcar Leaves House For First Time Since Yesterday


Fig said...

I'd rather read your headlines than the Lopez/Anthonys' any day.

M.A.C. makeup in danger? Oooohh . . .

b. said...

J-lo was probably soooooo ready to get him outta the house.

I can't wait for more headlines from the Jet Set.

sue-donym said...

hilarious! phone missing, couch suspected- perfect.

Please hide your M.A.C makeup. If you ned to, you can hide it at my house.

miggy said...

I'm pretty sure the headline should have read "Marc Anthony leaves J.Lo home alone with twins, 2 nannies, 1 chef, 2 housekeepers and a poolboy."

lisa v. clark said...

. . .and I love how Marc Anthony has other children, but we're lead to believe he's a new dad.

I want to throw a party everytime I get outside with any/all children. Such a big deal!

The MomBabe said...

Your headlines are WAY better.

Kalli Ko said...

Save the MAC!

If I were Skeletor (a.k.a.) Marc Anthony, I'd be afraid to leave the house too. He-Man is waiting around the corner after all.

April said...

Poor Skeletor.

Please don't tell me you're sad old skunk-haired Overmyer went home!! She's horrible! She's no better than any other drunk chick singing "Me and Bobby Magee" at a bar! Why am I using so many exclamation points?!

Fig said...

Teenage cowgirl should've gone home, I think. She's becoming Sanjaya, but she's cuter.

Azúcar said...

Amanda can go home ANY TIME after Kristy Lee Cook gets to buy a new horse and ride it out of town.

If you weren't agog at her performance of Eight Days A Week, then you are, officially, dead.

Fig said...

I was agog, I was.

Rynell said...

I am far more riveted by your headlines.

Our updated Easter candy count is an embarrassment as well.

Lois said...

I think I heard the Nestle's Quik story on CNN. Of course, Fox News had it all wrong.

i i eee said...

I agree, Kristy Lee Cook should have been toast.

Texas -AP

Reader Loves Witty Blog Post, Reads Out Loud to Mother and Sister-in-law

Jill said...

I'm always amazed at how the things we do every day become newsworthy when done by a celebrity.

I liked your headlines better.

Watch out for those sneaky couches. One of them ate our son's iPod.

Sue said...

I didn't have time to comment when you posted this, but I laughed for a week.