Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Consecutive Hours

Oh friends! Oh countrymen! I am so loopy right now!

I have been awake now for 38 hours. Well, not entirely true, I did sleep for 1.5 hours (but not consecutively.) My best friend had her baby! Although I missed the big arrival because baby decided to come 30 minutes after I left! Yes, when I am this sleep deprived there are ! a lot! of exclamation points!! It’s like the happy police came to town. Yeah, I know that makes no sense, just go with it. (!)

Is there anything quite so cool as to be invited to someone’s birth day? OK, I know Other Half is making a face right now as birth days of any sort freak him out, no matter the participants. The granola in me reveled in the company of women, like we were hearkening back to yesteryear in the tent with the midwife. This is where my best friend would roll her eyes and say, “Dude, seriously? I had an epidural, quit with the granola crap.” She’d probably be right.

On my white-knuckle drive home (hour 22) I had a chance to watch the sun rise over the mountains. It looked cool. What, you want adjectives? Sorry, the adjectives were the first to be lost in the language-tangle of sleeplessness.

Other Half and I exchanged a quick peck as he went out the door as I came in. “What are you going to do? I’m worried,” he asked.
“I don’t know, it’s not like the rest of the day can stop, I still have a lot to do.”

I crashed. 30 minutes later my phone rang. My best friend called me to tell me that baby had his birth day. I, in my sleeping stupor said something like, “Yeah, that’s great, uhm, can I talk to you later, bye.” Seriously, self? Your friend calls to celebrate the new life that you, too, have been waiting on pins and needles to arrive and all you can say is “Uhm, can I talk to you later?” Smooth move.

I managed not to kill myself or the kids on the way to school and work. Yay me. I almost called in for the day off, but I had a Very Important Meeting in the afternoon.

I must explain that my job is not a mentally coasting job. I really have to think, and think hard. There are technical elements that are sometimes new to me and extensive requirements for documentation. Neither of those components is compatible with 30 hours of wakefulness. However, we have so much work to do, I could not afford to take the time out. I was taking notes in my meeting by hand after my laptop’s battery died. I was so tired I was writing down words that had nothing to do with the product we were discussing. I wrote the word “Bush” and have no idea why. The word in front of it was unintelligible, so nothing to be gained by context. I didn’t even know why I was writing "Bush" while I was forming the letters with my pen. “Why did I write that?” I said to myself, “That’s so weird. Did I mean the president?” Lesson to self: you simply cannot maintain mental acuity at 32 hours post sleep.

At hour 35 I found yet another uhm, I’ve lost the word I wanted. Let me try this again.

At hour 35, I got my seventh wind! I presented a skin care mini workshop to a youth church group. Oh, I was so funny! You should have heard my jokes, my anecdotes, my ‘relating’ to them through embarrassing things my mom did to me (oh so many!) When one girl asked, "What's a capillary?" I got up into her face, opened my eyes wide, and looked to the side to expose my bloodshot peepers. "See? Those are capillaries!" I said triumphantly.

They loved it! I loved them! And they loved me!

It’s possible after casting aside the prism of mania that I was not nearly as entertaining as I thought I was. Yet another argument for why I shall never take the stage.

And now, now I can go to bed. Hour 38 is almost over.

Well, let’s not be hasty, do I hear hour 40? Hour 48?


Mrs. Dub said...

I was a big all-nighter in college, but I must give you props for keeping it alive in the big, bad adult world. But I think babies and friends are worth it.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

At this point (although can't say I've been awake quite that long) I start getting really punch drunk and start laughing uncontrollably. There's knee slapping and rolling around on the floor.

And eventually it ends with me sobbing to whomever will listen, "I'M SO TIRED!!!" And I'm guessing that's probably how I'd act if I were really drunk, too.

Hope you get some sleep soon. No one but you could have accomplished that much on that little sleep.

compulsive writer said...

I agree with Cafe J. Sleep sister, sleep!

wendysue said...

I think hour 20-24 are the hardest, if you can make it past that, you hit the delirious stage and your set for another 10.

I save my all-nighters now for when I'm with my siblings for some serious game playing.

Sweet dreams.

Bek said...

Azucar, you are KILLING me...sleep.

I am so happy that T had the little man. We were due at the same time, so that is huge.

My other half will be out of town off and on, and was gone when I had the first real labor scare. I was secretly relieved that my friend Suzi would be there as my coach (mostly b/c I was pretty sure she wouldn't ask if she could go get a sandwich...). A girl can hope.. I love the idea of a dula.

Congrats on the new little man and I am glad you get to sleep (and I am sure you were wildly hilarious at YW...really).

i i eee said...

Yay for baby! And yay for not killing yourself on the drive home or to work!!!

I hope you're sleeping like mad right now!!

I'm positive you and your capillaries were a huge hit!!!!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

Oooo....entering the fifth dimension of her wit. I'm sure you *were* funny, in a sort of oh-my-word-she's-mad-as-he** Cheshire Cat sorta way.

Post again at hour 50 and we'll have a post for the ages.

Kalli Ko said...

will you please come help me with my skin? I'll take you cappillaries and all. I'm begging.

SusieQ said...

The only time I've stayed awake for longer than 24 hours is when I was in labor with my first child. Oh, that sucked, because then I couldn't just crash afterwards...I had a new little life to take care of.

Hope you get some good long sleep.

Adria Sha said...

I'm LOL at your post labels.

I think birth is such an awesome, empowering thing. I often wish for those red tent days myself.