Friday, April 11, 2008

I Can Dig it : The Internet

Oh yeah.

The Internet is awesome (I'm for it.)

You need proof?

Yellow Sea and Wikipedia by my office-mate Nathan.

What Mormon Women are Like

(i.e. the people that were raided on that compound in Texas are NOT Mormons/LDS.)



Nathan said...

I've never heard you laugh so hard!

Azúcar said...

I laughed, cried, and snorted (at least twice.)

La Yen said...

I can't wait to hear the chapter on sex forums!
Man, those guys have everything!

La Yen said...

And if compy would actually tell me "Hey, bing bong you got your emails" I would never ask for anything from it again.

Emmie said...

I probably don't need to tell you how much Steve loved that video.

Shep said...

I still laugh every time I watch it. Are you living the dreamlife of your dreams? I know I am!

~j. said...

Millions of colors.

April said...

I'm glad I get to choose from the avatars of either Tony or Anthony! hahaha

DON'T ride up and down stairs on a wheelchair lift with your chin resting on your fist. Ay yi yi.

annette said...

Where did you find this? What a riot! I'm ordering my tapes today!

sarah k. said...

That gab blog made me really sad.

Azúcar said...

I get what you're saying, but to me it's not about dress; it's about a culture that has, apparently, started to devalue the role of women so much that it's destroying them.

I think so often we turn a blind eye to the practices of the fundamentalists because we know ALL TOO WELL the terror of being pursued by the government for the practice of religion.

But at what point do we put aside our deep-seated fear of interfering with their right to practice their religion so that women, children, and young men stop being victimized?

What do you think it says that it took the state of Texas to come to the aid of these young girls and not Utah or Arizona? Yes, the state prosecuted Warren Jeffs, but continued to turn a blind eye to the other practices.

We should all use the raid on Short Creek as a cautionary tale, but I think at this point, the community is destroying itself by destroying their own families. I am as afraid of the state tearing up families as anyone else--but what about Jeff's own continual reassignment of families within the church?

I feel tremendous compassion for those women and children. I have mixed feelings about the state raiding their temple. I am upset that people think it's the LDS church, when, obviously, it's not. I feel absolutely nothing but disgust at the control and brainwashing the families have endured.

At what point do we say this has to end?

Azúcar said...

The point where they lost me was this:

“The method he would use with infants was a form of water torture,” Jessop said of her former husband. “He would spank the baby until it was screaming out of control, and then he would hold the baby faceup under a tap of running water so it couldn’t breathe. He would do this repeatedly. Sometimes, it would go on for an hour, until the baby was so exhausted it couldn’t cry anymore. This method he called ‘breaking them.’”


Sorry, but when you start to waterboard babies, I'll break down the walls of your house myself.

Bring it.

Morgan said...

So flipping hilarious. Thanks for sharing!!!

Lois said...

I loved that Internet video (too funny) and thanks for the link on Mormon women (exceptional).

As someone who has to monitor the media for her job -- seeing these stories over and over again about the FLDS is just heartbreaking (those poor children!) and frustrating (LDS are NOT like that!). I really appreciated your comments.

La Yen said...

Thank you. That is exactly how I feel. And I have family that was raided in Short Creek all of those years ago. (And my great-great uncle was the FLDS prophet before the Jeffs took over.) So I have compassion. But it is a compassion tempered with an absolute intolerance for mothers who will stand by and sell out their children.