Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kacy's Post

Kacy let me know that if I didn’t respond to her tag that meant I hate her. I don’t like to be suckered into high school games of ‘if you don’t do this then you hate me,’ but it worked (because blogging is nothing if it’s not high school.)

I did take more than a week to respond to the tag because I am not your monkey, Kacy.

Madonna’s Ray of Light was released and HELLO that CD is so awesome.

Also, Other Half and I drove a Penske rental truck from Florida to Utah on the greatest adventure of our lives, and by greatest adventure I mean seeing if we could get the speed governor past 55 MPH while going downhill. Is there anything as annoying as driving a truck with a governor at 55 MPH when the speed limit is 75? Yes, not being able to go in reverse because you have a mini-van on a trailer attached to your truck, which necessitates a lot of prior planning (math) before entering a parking lot to calculate if you have enough space to make it around the Motel 6 in Wichita to get out the next exit.


Convince my husband that even though he is the one on spring break, I should be the one to get to sleep in tomorrow.

Get offended at something I read on the internet.

Choose an architect for the house I’m not building on the lot we don’t own.

Figure out which of my friends I should call on the phone at midnight just to tell them about my day, go over my wardrobe options for the morning, and clarify that the couple on Hidden Potential should have totally gone for house 3.

Decide once and for all which graduate school to go to (then again, that Thing to Do has been kicking around for ten years now…so I’ll be sure to get right on that.)


I don’t like snacks.

Why snack when you can have a full meal? This question should be 5 courses I enjoy. I enjoy all the courses: amuse-bouche, soup, fish, salad, pasta, entrée, dessert, optional cheese plate, aperitif, you know, the usual weeknight meal. Here’s a course I don’t like: ‘killer apps’ from the Applebee’s commercial as voiced by John Corbett (he’s one peanut snack that I don’t enjoy.)


What am I supposed to put down here? It’s like the people who wrote this quiz don’t know me at all. Oh, I can’t LIVE without chocolate! Have you guys had chocolate? That stuff is great! I’m a total hag without chocolate! They call it the food of the gods, you know!?


Yeah, yeah I’d be generous with my loved ones, but honestly, I’d start buying houses like I buy shoes (online and with overnight shipping.)



Your mom’s
Up your butt and around the corner (had a surprisingly good public school system.)


In general, I find quotes tiresome, but there is one I do remember:

“We will bury you!”

Nikita Krushchev yelled while banging his shoe on the table in front of the U.N. in 1960.

I use this quote a lot; sometimes I even take off my shoe and bang it on a table. No one understands the reference and I am usually left to meekly replace my (hot) shoe.


Christian F said...

Tags are pretty gay--thanks for being a good sport, guvnah.

Gotta run--there's so much offense to be had on the internet today!

PS Oh my heck--YOU love chocolate? Me too! I seriously love chocolate so much.

Kacy said...

Dear Mr. Faulconer,
You sexy beast! Why did you log in to my computer, darling? Now I'm posting comments as you. That is confusing but so, so hot.
Ever Yours,

c jane said...

Up your butt and around the corner offended me. So I take offense.

ktb said...

I always thought it was up your nose are around the corner but I like butt better.

Good to see you yesterday.

Kalli Ko said...

this is why I like you...

because you are unafraid to go there

and by "there" I mean up your butt and around the corner.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

hee, hee

Would you buy a house for me, too? One with a really awesome kitchen and a swimming pool? And a room just for storing kitchen appliances?

My favorite part--
"No one understands the reference and I am usually left to meekly replace my(hot) shoe."

Marilyn said...

Overnight housing is brilliant.

I love the rebel in you, and did you get my e-mail? Are you trying to ignore me? It's okay if you are, because like I said, I like the rebel in you!

ClistyB said...

i cannot wait to teach my kids "up your butt" it's been YEARS!!
can I just say that I knew John Corbett back in his DJ days in Alaska, and I loved every inch of him then.
Not his Snickers days
Not his SATC days
Not his singing days (huh?)
Not his Applebee's radio spots
but his Northern Exposure Days!!
there, offended?

ClistyB said...

clarification, I did not personally know him, just wished I did

Lois said...

Oh my goodness, I am peeing my pants I am laughing so hard. Thanks for making my day.

martha corinna said...

OK, I really am laughing out loud.
This is the time of day I loose some major momentum, but thanks to you I now have had a little pick me up.

Lisa said...

Of course I'm familiar with that quote--uh, The Police sang about it in one of their little ditties.

Please, please, please write about what offends you on the internet. Chances are I'll agree with you and then I will have one less offensive thing to read.

And OHMYGOSH, I love chocolate so much--I'm a CHOCOHOLIC--you know what I say? "put the chocolate down and nobody gets HURT!" THAT's how much I love it you guys!

Azúcar said...

Clistyb, I'm kind of with you. Northern Exposure, OK. Everything else? YAWN. I never cared for Aidan, Big always wins.

Lisa? A chocoholic? Where do you come up with this stuff??? I mean, forget LOVE, I'd rather fall in CHOCOLATE!

pflower10 said...

loving it!!!

~j. said...

Chocoholic? Fall in chocolate? I think you two would love this idea I have for a...I don't know, maybe a poster? or a calender?...with a kitty, hanging off of some sort of ledge by its claws, and it says (brace yourselves): Hang In There!

Azúcar said...

~J, that is a HOOT! I don't know if I've read anything that funny, well, EVER. You know, you should look into that, I bet you could sell that idea!

sue-donym said...

Hey Az - Stay cute and cool. I'll see you in the summer. Don't EVER change!.