Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eye Twitch

My left eye is twitching; it's been twitching for days now.

I think this is related to two things:


OK, I didn't lost my phone, Proximo lost my phone. I last saw it sometime on Saturday morning gripped in his sticky little hands right before my eye started twitching.

This has led to an unparalleled level of disorientation and confusion. For example, I CANNOT CALL PEOPLE. Equally upsetting, I CANNOT TEXT PEOPLE. I might as well pull on a high-necked gown and move to my survivalist cabin in the mountains where I will dig for grubs and grow unflattering bangs. I am nearly paralyzed with all of the calls, texts, and connections I'm missing. There are no Tweets rolling in my direction, no Jotts to file. I can't even blog from my phone, which is one of my favorite snobby things to do. I've had a mobile for more than twelve years and NO I am not ashamed of being so dependent on technology, maybe you should be ashamed because you're not so dependent on technology (yes, Azúcar, deflect the pain, it's the only way to feel better.)


We all know that summer TV stinks, but I think it's worse this year because we aren't coming off the high of a regular season. I feel entirely ripped off. This fall is going to be like '08 Redux and I don't know if the networks deserve that kind of gimme.
I cannot take a summer filled with horrid reality shows and reruns of the already shortened season. Just today, Other Half hit the DVR list to find something to watch. His eyebrows raised at me. "WHAT?" I said.

"Designing Women?"

"Well, it was a two parter back in like 1992 and I never watched the first half and SO HELP ME I HATE SUMMER TV THERE IS NOTHING ON."



Tiffany Twisted said...

I would say 'Call me' cuz you know I love a late nighter, but I have no idea where my phone is either at the moment and it's probably right where my kids are sleeping.

On the positive side of life, I found my blackberry. Is that good or bad?

And there is nothing on TV, but there's a PILE of books that I know you're dying to read and actual movies in the theatre that look decent for once.

Oh, and I decided to go camping this weekend to which my brother laughed and said 'Oh I can see it now. You're out there trying to set up the tent in 6" stilettos.' To which I replied, 'Of course. Is there any other way?' (That's another suggestion to avoid the TV stupor -- Good luck my friend!)

Sue said...

Sorry about your phone. Pllllllbt.

One good side effect of the crappy just past TV season is that I'm not watching anywhere near as much TV as I used to. Mostly Bravo. Top Chef may be over, but Flipping Out is back on, and a new season of Project Runway is almost upon us.

acte gratuit said...

I feel ya sista.

One recommendation: Last summer we LOVED the new series "Burn Notice" on the USA network. The second season starts in July, so you may want to check it out. We've also started watching "In Plain Sight" on USA. It's a brand new series so no re-runs there either.
Good luck!
Hope you find your phone soon!

Azúcar said...

I watched the pilot of Burn Notice and thought it was pretty bad, did it improve?

I do love Mary McCormack...

fijiangirl said...

I hear you about the TV situation. last night I realized I hadn't settled down into any late night tv in almost 5 days! That is unheard of. The only thing we were watching was the NBA finals and now that is over. Even reruns of your favorite shows get old sometimes.
I hope you find you phone.

Kalli Ko said...

is that why my eye is twitching too??? Makes sense.

I almost watched Dr. Phil yesterday. That's how bad it got.

All I have left is Bravo, Food Network, and Discovery Health, they're keeping me from the brink.

Rynell said...

I feel so strange when my phone goes missing. I feel your pain (or twitch). It's kind an eerie feeling.

I have a constant rotation of Netflix going on. Four DVDs at a time. It's working for me so far.

more caffeine, please said...

Last night I actually recorded (and watched) two terrible summer shows: "The Next Food Network Star" and "Design Star." They both blow.

Call me and we can discuss.

Oh, wait...

i i eee said...

Second season of Mad Men starts at the end of July!!@@@#@@!@!@$#@$OMG!111!

I would assume that since it's the best show on TV that you've been watching -what with your mid-century modern style and all. So don't give up!

And for those of you who haven't been watching Mad Men, season one is on DVD, or you may stream the episodes here:

If that link becomes broken, you can find other places to stream at

Um... your word verfication is c**nt but with 2 u's. I kid you not.

sue-donym said...

You really know how to punch a girl in the gut. NO PHONE!? YOU?!!! I will not rest until it is found.

I taped Gene Simmons Family Jewels the other night if that makes you feel any better.

wendysue said...

I agree with Sue, "Flipping Out" on Bravo with Jeff Lewis is back. . .you'll love it.

April said...

I've kept myself busy with watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, which I never watched when it orginally aired. Oh the wit and snarkiness and David Boreanaz of it all!

I've never gotten an Azucar text! Hmph. I'll just go sulk in the corner now.

kristenlibrarian said...

At least you don't watch "Dragon Tales" every night at 5:30 because it's still a half hour until "The Simpsons" are on. I don't even have children, for goodness sakes and I watch DRAGON TALES! How sad my life is.

I had an eye twitch when I worked in…I mean the bookstore cafe. It stopped when I quit.

Jill said...

I'm afraid I can't help you. We don't have cable or satellite TV, so all we have to choose from is network television, and a few channels that seem to run infomercials 24/7. I love how daytime television includes so many commercials for injury lawyers and career colleges.
My kids have recently discovered the old Brady Bunch re runs. They don't believe me when I say that I've seen all of the episodes. They keep asking me stuff like "Did you see the one where Marcia got hit in the face with a football and her nose got really big?"

Bek said...

I have two shows for you

Living Lohan and Denise Richards (It's Complicated) because, isn't it really complicated?

Those are the shows that D and I can't wait to watch. Train wreck in the good way...

As for the phone...dude. I have only had ONE cell phone and I haven't lost it..but I think I might die if I did.. I am an addict now.. I also just signed up for Twitter... it's over

Seriously, so blessed! said...

You blog with your phone AND have a twitch?? Awesome.

ClistyB said...

oh, Bek I love those shows, also!!
Glad Denise chose to pass on Playboy.
Oh, wait this is Azucar's blog..
and you found your phone where??

the MomBabe said...

ugh, summer TV. Unless you get Bravo. Cause they have some pretty sweet shows on. you do have cable right? 12 years with a cell phone, you better have cable....

the MomBabe said...

OR you can always hit blockbuster and rent TV shows. I suggest, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" It's pretty much the best show ever made.

b. said...

I still have my twitch too...
I've the done the research....get some sleep!!!

The only TV we have is the free channel previews D!shnetw0rk beam down through the DVR we haven't unhooked yet. Talk about sucky TV.

Glad OH found your phone. I'm sure times were gettin' desperate!

Lois said...

What's with all the twitches going around?

Do you ever play TV games? My favorite is "Wheezy." It's where you're surfing channels and if you come across "the Jeffersons," you can't change the channel until George says "Wheezy."

Azúcar said...

I couldn't live without Bravo at this point; it's an oasis of something in the vast wasteland.

We love It's Always Sunny, no really, we lurve it. Charlie's illiteracy is one of the best running gags ever.

I don't know what to think about Denise Richards: It's Complicated. I'll grant you this, it really is a train wreck.

Azúcar said...

Why, YES, Lois, I do play TV games.

I like to play the Guess Who Got Famous? game. Another favorite is the Who's Knocked Up? game.

Creole Wisdom said...

I love "designing women" hahah!

And yes, I'm glad I made you laugh. Southern Utah is not meant for people to live in- UH UH

Ryan and Susie said...

I found this for you:

Why Does My Eye Twitch?
Eye twitches can be triggered by a variety of different factors. Some of the conditions that cause eye twitches are environmental, some are physiological, and some are psychological in nature. Below is a list of some of the more common causes of eye twitch:

* Fatigue or lack of sleep
* Over consumption of caffeine
* Physical or emotional stress
* Anxiety or phobias
* Brain damage or other neurological disorders
* Associated with temper tantrums (especially in children)
* Eye stress associated with extended viewing of the computer screen
* Epilepsy

Ok, so basically your eye is twitching because you're a paranoid schizophrenic who had terrible tantrums as a child and is trying to compensate as an adult by drinking way too much Diet Coke resulting in insomnia and late night reruns.

Azúcar said...

Well, that pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Likely said...

Twitching in the left eye?

Not so good. Apparently even more so if you wear ninja costumes. You then, my friend, are in very big trouble.
(click on myths and superstitions)

Sorry I still can't do the fancy links

Fig said...

So I found Seriously, So Blessed as well. And I love it as well. Seriously.

Physcokity said...

Designing Women is some of my favorite syndication. And yes TV sucked during the fall line up. I was actually into quite a few shows, but no they had to go and cancel some of my top favorites...

Dirty Rat Finks!