Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Summer,

We’re through, you just don’t get it, and it’s over. You were lovely in June, tolerable in July, tiresome in August, and now? It’s like you’re the new Meredith, I’m so over you. You can’t be here when October starts, that’s just rude.

Speaking of over, I had Grey’s on notice until two things happened: Christina told Meredith to shut up, and Kevin McKidd showed up, oh, happy day. Things are looking up around Seattle Grace! If I had to live through one more Denny/Izzie/Meredith/Rose/I-want-to-punch-you-in-your-rebuilt-face-Ava/Lexie, I was going to have to find Shonda Rimes and give her shaken baby syndrome.

What a relief to finally have my DVR filling up; the harvest has arrived, with or without the weather.

Gossip Girl (“From now on, everything goes through me”)
Privileged (Anne Archer!)
Smallville (At last! Lois has dark hair!)
The Rachel Zoe Project (I die.)
Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Say “that’s disgusting” again, T!)
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (The worst people on TV)
Gavin and Stacey (Love!)
The Office (Duh)

On the Bubble:
90210 (Silver? Your arms scare me, and so does the porcelain man-child)
Heroes (Def Con 5! You’re taking yourself too seriously)
Top Design (Wisit? More terrifying than Kelly Wurstler)
Life (Sigh)

Waiting Not so Patiently:
30 Rock
Dirty Sexy Money
Amazing Race MCXVII

You Decide:
Lipstick Jungle (One plot twist and everything is solved?)
Grey’s Anatomy (Can Kevin McKidd save the show?)
Pushing Daisies (Too Amelie? Too ...?)

Push comes to shove, I have Hunt for Red October waiting for me in tube storage. I love that movie.


Nouveau Riche said...

We love Chuck. We love it so much, we downloaded the free first episode of the new season off iTunes.

The doctor guy who's dating Chuck's sister reminds me of my husband.

Mandee said...

I LOVE Kevin McKidd... still sad about Journeyman. I haven't finished Grey's yet, but when I paused it to watch The Office with Aaron I was struggling.

Hate 90210.

Fringe? I think I really like it.

TOWR said...

What about Kath and Kim??!!??!!

Jen said...

I just had to thank you for summing up my thoughts on summer so exactly - although ours has finally taken the hint, thank goodness:)

Sue said...

Seriously, I'm ready to wear sweaters, thankyouverymuch.

YAY, TV talk. Over the summer there were only one or two shows I watched every week, but NOW - oy, I am having a hard time deciding what I will watch and what I will part with.

I never understood Grey's Anatomy - almost all of the female leads bug the crap out of me, so I never got into it.

I love Chuck and can't wait for it to come back on - I'm so excited. Can't wait for Lost either - that's not till spring though, right? Heroes has lost me for good, I think. The premiere was very meh.

I thought the Office was awesome last night.

Kalli Ko said...

and again i'm reminded that we are t.v. bff

um, whisit AMEN

and I'm fence sitting with Grey's too. Time shall tell whether or not it will hold my attention.

Stephanie said...

"from now on, everything goes through me"

i like evil serena better than nice serena. nice serena sucked.

have you tried pushing daisies. i think you will like it.

SusieQ said...

Call me crazy, but I'll take some of that summer weather here in rainy, drizzly Oregon!

cornnut32 said...

in my house we don't miss kitchen nightmares. or 90210. both my husband's shows, ironically enough...

La Yen said...

You know my feelings on 90210. But last week? NO JESSICA WALTERS. Do they think I watch it for the new cast? Because they are wrong. Also, did Brenda have a tooth-gap before? Because who gets a tooth-gap installed?

Gossip Girl is killer. I love me the Chuck Bass.

The Tranny is off of AMNTM, so I don't know what I am going to think about that.

Bones is still good, Criminal Minds is still fencey, and I was very happy with How I met your mother.

Still waiting for Dirty Sexy Money and 30 Rock, too. Really really really waiting.

I have The Mentalist and Fringe in the queue for a rainy day. I will let you know.

the MomBabe said...

Oh sister, Sunny is my Favorite. Show. Ever.

That's it, your my new BFF.

Plus, Charlie is so freakin cute.

Shawn said...

Pushing Daisies!!! Yay, my absolute favorite! But I still watch Amer. Next Top Model, love Office, ok with Ugly Betty and love Top Design also----that and Project Runway anyday...

Have you tried Ace of Cakes and I love Jon and Kate Plus 8---my daughter got me onto that one---its pretty funny stuff!

Have I mentioned that I love my Tivo? We have a great relationship, as long as it does what I tell it to.

I'm Shawn, by the by,----saw you on CJanes site---come give me a holler if you get a chance!

Azúcar said...

In the beginning Pushing Daisies was too much like Amelie (and suffered in the comparison to that masterpiece) and then I grew to like it. However, do I like it enough to start watching it again? I don't know.

Jon & Kate Plus 8? Can't get into it. Too many other things to watch instead (Gavin & Stacey!)

Chuck? I started last year and gave up when I ran into DVR scheduling problems, should I be picking it back up because it kind of lost me (I got bored.)

Azúcar said...

Kath and Kim isn't out yet, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Generally, the state of comedies on TV is terrible; 30 Rock being the only breakout in the past two years.

I almost consider Bravo to be my safety net. Project Runway? Top Chef? I'm ALWAYS going to be interested. You could have shocked me with how much I'm loving the Rachel Zoe Project. Die.

More Caffiene, Please said...

Okay, did you crawl into my DVR and list my thoughts, exactly?

And Wisit... Wisit!! The creepiest voice on TV since "Where's the Beef?"

Okay, but one you are missing is MadMen on AMC. I just rented the entire first season and didn't feed my kids for three days while I watched every episode.

Azúcar said...

I am NUTS about Mad Men. I consider it a summer show, not a new fall offering, but you're right, it's a very, very good show. If you've ever thought to yourself "We didn't really need the Feminist movement," watch a few episodes of Mad Men and you'll be shocked.

eRiCa said...

I love Priviledged. Totally agree on the Silver arm thing and the rest of your reviews. I do want to know what channel It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on...plase share :)

as always I may not comment but dig your witty posts and humor.

Holly said...

i LOVE rachel zoe. she is bananas. but i laughed out loud today (not to be confused with LOL-ing because i don't do that crap) when i was watching the episode from NY fashion week and she was rushing to get ready and her hair/makeup guy was helping her and he asked if she would wear a certain dress (one the many was hanging on one of her five racks of clothing that she took with her to new york) and her response was, and i quote, "um, yeah but in paris in the spring!"

duh! i can't even believe he asked her if she would consider it! i mean, how totally gauche (pun intended)!

although now that i think of it, why did rachel have a "springtime in paris dress" in new york during fashion week in the first place. and she calls herself a stylist.

Holly said...

also, i've never seen hunt for red october. submarine movies make me nervous. don't hate me.

Brooke said...

when will it be full fledged fall already? i'm sick of watering the geraniums, shaving my legs and trying to wait till 30 rock starts.

(i loved your kenley link at segullah. who DOES she think she is?)

kiki said...

I disagree that "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has the worst people ever because "WEEDS" has the worst people ever. There's not one redeeming character on that show. It's a good thing for that show that everyone's in love with Mary Louise Parker. (I love that show!)

I think "Gossip Girl" has become my favorite show of all time.

I'm growing impatient with "30 Rock". At least Tina Fey is going to show up periodically on SNL!

kiki said...

OH! And I LOVE Anne Archer. Right now, she's the only thing I love about "Privileged". I'm still "trying it out".

Azúcar said...

I will defer to you on Weeds. I think of Sunny as the selfishness of Seinfeld meets indie TV. Sunny airs on FX network: check your local listings and realize that there is cussing and general bad behavior from some really terrible people (and they are funny.)

Do you think Rachel brought the Paris dress just in case? Because she's the epitome of pack everything just in case? Bow to the master.

Hunt for Red October isn't for everyone (mostly men...and me.)

Cindy said...

So I finally watched Grey's last night and I hadn't heard of this Kevin McKidd guy before, but I imagine he's the rugged army guy who, by the end of the show, I wanted to reproduce with. Can't wait to see where that goes. Can they just hire people, willy nilly like that at a hospital? Don't they have to go through all sorts of interviews and background checks and whatnot? Anyway, I wanted to kiss him. My biggest gripe with the show was that they had it snowing there in September. I lived there for 4 years and it NEVER snowed in September. It barely snowed in December. They just wanted to complain about global warming and have something for their plot.

Azúcar said...

I don't think it's supposed to be September on the show, I think it's wintertime, but I can't remember why.

Fig said...

How crazy is Rachel Zoe's TOTAL UTAH ACCENT?

Azúcar said...

Maybe THAT'S why I love her!


Laquina said...

Totally into Gavin and Stacey as well. I'm going to get everyone saying "lush" all the time.

Natalie said...

I vote YES on Grey's if only because of the Chief's thinly veiled Shonda-apology-to-fans-setting-things-right speech. Also, Izzie and Alex. HOT.

citymama1 said...

necessito un DVR.

I've been missing out.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Woah, how the crap do you have time to raise babies + hubby, bake, clean, work, blog AND watch all that TV?!? You amaze me, fo sho.

I accidently watched a little Lipstick Jungle and am ashamed to say that I'd sit through it again (but dare not DVR it for fear I'd get attached like I did in the 90's with Friends for 10 years) because I really wanted to hate it.

Tried Pushing Daisies because of all the hooplah it was getting but couldn't get through the premier of the 2nd season (which should've been slammin' terrific, not like a normal show mid-season). The color was fun, special effects fun but too unbelievable to even fake-believe it.