Thursday, October 16, 2008

All MacGyver'd

Tonight I ran into a very 21st century problem: my DVR was overbooked. I wanted to record both my regular Thursday shows and the football game. What was I to do? And then I remembered something..

"Hey self?"
"Hmm what? I'm busy."
"No, self, listen, remember that silver box in your room?"
"What, huh?"
"You know, the TV you bought your boyfriend in 1995 because you were sure you were getting married to him and didn't want to be one of those newlyweds without a TV?"
"Vaguely. Is that the one with the awesome wood paneling?"
"Yes, now focus, there's a silver box next to it, do you remember what it does?"
"Weren't we supposed to go to something today? Or was it cleaning the car? What's our position on sheet changing again?"
"The what? Oh, right, VCRs...huh...we still have one of those?"
"Yes, silver box, and we need to use it."
"Uh, I don't think I remember how. And didn't our husband throw out all the video tapes? They're video tapes, right? That's what they were called?"
"Oh crap, you're right."
" 'When are we ever going to use these?' he said, 'Can you possibly think of a situation where we are going to sit down and watch Ishtar?' he said. Look who's wrong now."
"It doesn't matter, you are a terrible, forgetful housekeeper and there HAS to be a video tape someplace in this house that you can use to record ABC's prime time lineup."

I/we rummaged through the house and HA! I found a tape of The Pianist; it's the only remaining VHS in this humble abode.

I remember making an argument that I couldn't throw away The Pianist because I'd never even opened the package since it came home with me for free as part of a DVD rental special. (I don't know why, but Ishtar came home with me the same way and I didn't fight for it. Nothing personal, Ishtar, but one of you movies has to be the Sophie's Choice in this tale.)

From the deep reached of my subconscious I remembered: Being a legitimate movie, this VHS would have copy-protection, and I know how to get around it.

Oh yeah, remember the tape trick?

I am so cool.
(And so are you if you remembered how.)

Turns out I probably shouldn't have recorded the football game; it gave me heartburn and a serious case of the snotty "I-Told-You-So's" from Other Half.

Oh, and here's my broken pinky toe for those of you who love to engage in a little schadenfreude (don't deny it, it makes you seem cheap.)

I'll throw in the baby just for kicks.


compulsive writer said...

I remembered. And I love that I'm not the only one who turned MacGyver into a verb. (MacGyvering is a favorite hobby of mine.)

Now, do you have any ideas about something useful I could do with my old 8-track tapes? Or is it time to throw them out?

Annette Lyon said...

Did the tape trick all the time with cassette tapes, too.

One word for you: TiVo!

Azúcar said...

Not even TiVo let's you record more than two shows at once. My DVR has two tuners as well.

Of course, I think there should be a way to capture unlimited amounts of programs at one time.

Do you remember splicing cassette tapes?

Michelle said...

You crack me up girl. It was a complete pleasure to meet you in Utah County (excuse me-- modern day Florence).

xoxo, m

cornnut32 said...

i spliced cassette tapes but never did the tape trick. that's awesome though. glad you could get your game and all your shows :)

the MomBabe said...

Oh the day of the VCR. Let's have a moment of silence for our departed friend...

Lindsey said...

That is more McGuber than McGyver (referencing SNL last night if you missed it.. or if your VCR missed it.) Nevertheless, I am proud of your resourcefulness. Now, on the the toe.. I didn't think there was anything you could DO for a broken toe! Snazzy. Or, was that your Dr.s way of making you feel better....

Azúcar said...

You're right, there's not much you can do for a fractured toe. Mine is buddy-taped, the extent of the treatment it will undergo while broken. They did give me this nifty shoe which prevents your foot from rolling when you're walking. Since your foot can't roll, your toe isn't stressed and it hurts less to get around.

Hurts less.

And I'm totally MacGruber.

*MARY* said...

I still don't have one of them fancy DVR machines. I hate having to actually be home at a certain time to watch my shows.

Azúcar said...

It will change your life. said...

cute post.

i am adding that word to my vocabulary now :)

Lara said...

Well, we are still inthe dark ages, with our VCR and Disney Videos and lots and lots of blank ones so my husband can record the Super bowl or whatever. :) No DVR for us. I am glad you listened to yourself, though...even if it was the BYU football game you recorded. That was pretty depressing.

Sister Pottymouth said...

We're still in the dark ages, too: VCR all the way, baby. So I immediately knew the tape trick.

Are you sure those aren't El Guille's toes? Because those feet just don't look like yours without heels on. Maybe you let him "borrow" the shoe for the shot...

Britty said...

Don't let those crazies you work with give you crap. I think your little boot is cute.

LaDawn said...

You wouldn't believe things we are able to do with tape at our house. It is amazing what can be done with a roll of duct tape.
We don't have a DVR, but that's OK because I don't have time to watch TV anyway.

Em said...

Great post!

Actually, I do remember taping up VHS tapes...amazing what a little tape can do.

ClistyB said...

couldnt you also use a big ol magnet? That's what I had to do when I worked at the radio station, run the tapes and 8 tracks over a magnet to erase , then we could record a new commercial on it.

KT said...

I have about two or three blank VHS tapes. I don't have a VCR, but I have blank tapes. Why? Because I save useless garbage, although, after reading this post I learned it's a good thing I'm a pack-rat.