Thursday, October 09, 2008

By Request

(Now with update)

While El Guille and I were having an in depth discussion on the merits of bananas, the other resident of our east side loft was doing his worst.

Completely emptying my pocket book in record time is just the first trick. His mischief wouldn't be perfected without pulling the silicone earplugs off my Skullcandy, eating them, and then having the nerve to flash the "Take Me to Target" card along with the don't-blame-me expression.

He's so busy.
I guess it takes real work to destroy a home and all its contents within a cool ten minutes. He should form a union.

Hmm. Frying pan?

Oh, right, for porting the eggshells from the garbage can to the living room. Awesome.

You should consider eating them, too.
Oh? You already did? And now you can't get the little bits off your fingers because the raw egg makes the shells so sticky? More awesome.

Well, maybe a kiss would make me feel better.
But only if it accompanied by a "Uv Oou!"

Right, onto ripping out the plastic wrap and then complaining when your brother gets in the shot.
Not a moment to spare!


Sometimes I feel like my children and I have different priorities.

For example, I took a shower this morning.

They got tattoos.

I had no idea Proximo was such a fan of Heath Ledger.


soybeanlover said...

Wow, those are some mad skillz! He does all that and still looks good, wow!

On a serious note, your boys are super adorable.

Fig said...

I'd kiss him too.

Kalli Ko said...

looks like the filthy padowan has trained his predecessor...

Chief Momma said...

That close up shot is soo precious. How could you be upset with that face?

Jill said...

I love that close up photo, he's so cute!
One of my kids did stuff like that too. He would make a mess to distract me so he could go make another mess, which would distract me while he was flooding the bathroom........
So, what was he planning to do with the plastic wrap? I'm curious.

Veeda said...

Your boys are adorable. Also, I have always wanted a black and white tile kitchen floor. I love it.

undefined said...

I cannot believe how flippin' cute your boys are! I especially love how much damage the younger one can do while looking incredibly dapper. Must be a tough gig.

Britty said...

We've got a joiner over here for Proximo's union.

sarah k. said...

a. Oh my freaking heck, he looks exactly like you.

b. Where oh where did you find that vest?

kristenlibrarian said...

Just last week I was thinking about your lovely family and how much I missed seeing pictures of the boys. And then BAM! El Guille is up to his old tricks (as if he ever stopped!).

Mmmmm...old egg shells. Delish!

Geo said...

You did take him to Target, right?

AzĂșcar said...

I can't encourage that type of behavior! No, he didn't get to go to Target (but I did.)

His vest is from Du Pareil Au Meme, which is a very dangerous site. Dangereux!

Rynell said...

I'd say Proximo has been training under an expert.

wendysue said...

Seriously. They're adorable (in a filthy Padowan type of way).

They just need the tattoos so they can easily be identified when they wander down to the stadium!!

Jen said...

OH so very familiar!

liz said...

baby so needs to be robert smith for halloween. the lipstick market look screams it!