Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charge it!

All these days of clothing make me want to go shopping!

In fact, I've got a few benjamins burning a hole in my jean-clad posterior. I feel like I could drop a load of cash on the very first thing I see.

What will it be? A shiny new gadget, hot jewelry, a few new cozy sweaters, or a Welcome Fall! pedicure?

Anyone else on board for some retail therapy?

Math's hard! Let's go to the mall!

Or we could go back into debt to buy a new furnace and a new water heater.

You know, because the kids just won't stop complaining about their ice cold baths. The little one lost his nose to frostbite a while back. The big one started a fire to warm his urchin hands in the (plastic) kitchen garbage can. I made a really funny joke using the word Dickensian and got nothing but blank stares in return.


I should sell them to work in a button factory.


Tiffany UnTwisted said...

I know you already know this, but I would TOTALLY have laughed at your Dickensian joke.

sarah k. said...

Yeah, they would be totally cute buttons.

Annette Lyon said...

Anyone who knows how to make a joke using the word, "Dickensian" is someone I like. Just got our furnace fixed, too. So much fun waking up cold, isn't it?

dalene said...

I think I just blew my wad on a wild ambulance ride.


Sue said...

Stupid greedy kids with their constant demands - FOOD, MEDICINE, WATER. HEAT.

I swear.


Shawn said...

I'm with you on the shopping! I NEED a shopping spree---its been too long...

I love the fact that we rent a house with heat INCLUDED----its so nice to be cozy and warm all winter.

Trouble is---when we finally buy a house---we'll have to freeze again---ugh.

Rich Wood said...

Argh! What a bummer about your water heater. I hate spending money on repair stuff. Like in my experience, I hate shelling out money to car mechanics. I just wish I could fix everything on my own.

I hope something magical happens, and somehow the water heater/furnace situation gets better without having to shell out too much.

~j. said...

heh-heh. Button factory.