Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Calling it...

El Guille happened upon a showing of The Wizard of Oz on TV.

The Cowardly Lion was about to do his big number. El Guille said, "What's that?"

I answered brightly, "It's a lion! It's the cowardly lion!"*

"Uh, that's just a person. It's a person in a costume. That's not a lion, that's a person," he said, like I was some kind of idiot for thinking it was a lion.

*Why is it that we insist on trying to make everything that we consider a classic, from food to movies, into something really super exciting for kids? Even if we don't think it's that exciting? It's like we have a compact with the rest of the human race to indoctrinate them with whatever tradition we've all decided is important for kids. "It's a tilt-a-whirl! You'll love it!" "Just try it! You'll like it!"


*MARY* said...

Did he also notice that Toto is really just a costumed rat?

kiki said...

I saw that "Wizard of Oz" was on last night, but then I saw that "Zorro: the Gay Blade" was also on, and in the battle of Wizard of Oz v. Zorro: the Gay Blade, Bunny Wigglesworth wins every time!

The Rookie said...

Thank you El Guille. Thank you. I feel vindicated in every way. The Wizard of Oz has always felt like a waste of time.

amelia said...

That is awesome.