Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mecca and The Wasteland

I was at Target (Mecca) tonight looking at legwarmers.

Wait, there’s more.

My baby sister is getting married in a month. I picked her up for a late night run to the fabric store. We wandered the aisles trying to find the right fabric for her veil with no luck. Not for the first time I voiced my sincere disappointment that we don’t have better fabric stores. You want a taco, we got the taquerias. You want a mean braised short rib, we got the chops. You want mountains, yeah we got that. Fabric stores? Barely passable. I got depressed.

To add insult onto injury, I was informed that La Professora wanted us to go to Kmart. Why? Why would she ask that of us? But what Spanish mama wants, Spanish mama gets. We shook off the 100% mystery content textiles and drove to the overwhelming Kmart wasteland. Sometimes when I go to Kmart the weight of the world falls on my shoulders. The store is stuffed with ramshackle goods lit by a 15 watt bulb. It always feels like Kmart is moving—why else would those boxes be in the middle of the aisle and bins be everywhere? I smell the desperation. We were in search of containers in which my sister could pack her trousseau on her move due south. She gingerly poked at the plastic boxes while I made a face.
“Please,” I whispered, “Can we just go to Target?”

So we turned around and headed for Mecca (which was south.)

The rows of containers neatly arranged on their clean shelves under bright lights animated me. Soon, nothing could stop me; a new pizza cutter? Yes! A new belt? Yes! Make it two? Please! And that’s when I ran smack into the legwarmers.

I fingered a heather grey finely woven set and thought about cjane. “You know she loves the presents,” I said to me.
“Legwarmers?” Sister sniffed.
“Yes, but you see…”
“Does she have some sort of dance competition to prepare for?” She cut me off dryly, in only the way that she can.
“But, they’re for cjane,” I insisted, “Because she can get away with them.”
“Uh-huh,” She is unconvinced.
I put them back on the hangers.
Because sorry, janers, I had to go with my sister.

But you understand.


Geo said...

No one can say you didn't try.

jennie w. said...

I've never understood how there can be no decent fabric stores to cater to such a sewing and crafting society.

Surprisingly Portland has an amazing array of fabric stores. Really great fabric stores.

Mrs. Dub said...

Sweet Mecca.

sue-donym said...

You described Kmart to a T. I always feel depressed when I go there. So I don't.

c jane said...


Shawn said...

Don't like Kmart.

Abhore Walmart---same feeling.

But I heart Tar-jayyyy.

Makes me happy just thinking about it!

TOWR said...

You described K-Mart and Target perfectly! And I'm sorry, but I'm still firmly in the anti-legwarmer camp. They were cute in 1985, but in 1985 is where they should stay, in my humble opinion.

acte gratuit said...

Does this mean she's not moving to Japan to be my nanny?

Sue said...

There is not much that I know about fashion, but even I am getting on board the no on leg warmers train.

ClistyB said...

cJane, were you saying "rude" Bon Qui Qui style?
'cause that's how I read it.

Jillybean said...

I also wish that we had better fabric stores around here.
I usually just end up finding the fabric I want on eBay.