Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dirty, Sexy Money is over. Pushing Daisies is over. Eli Stone is over (but I never watched it so I'm not feeling the pain.) Lipstick Jungle is over--ouch, that one hurt.

What's left to watch? Certainly not Privileged; it was the first show to be deleted from my DVR queue.

I feel like I have to come clean. I don't know if I was ever really into Pushing Daisies. Chuck's wardrobe? Sure. Pushing Daisies? I was still on the fence. Every single time I watched it I couldn't help but think of Amelie, which was an obvious inspiration on the makes of P.D. If you put anything up against Amelie, yea even Mother Theresa herself, it will suffer. Am I wrong?

I still love Gossip Girl, but no more Chuck Bass until January.

Has anyone else been watching the resurgence of Smallville? Great Scott, it's been really fun! Kristen Kreuk is adorable to look at, but having her gone has breathed some hot flashy life into the show (oh, and the hint of Justice League helps too.)

Frankly, most of the ABC shows never came back from the writer's strike. And now we're facing a SAG strike as well? I can't take this.

What are you looking forward to in January? Reaper? Lost? Or (squeeeeee) Battlestar? Who am I kidding, none of you are looking forward to Battlestar.


amelia said...

24. After last season, I thought I had given up on it. But the two hour "Get excited for 24 again fans" movie on Sunday was great.

Also (am I admitting this?) 90210. Guilty pleasure.

Azúcar said...

Ok, here's the deal on 90210: It's not that good but I kind of like it. I'm going to like it more when some of the GILMORE GIRLS writers show up in the next episodes. I was never a big fan of the original, for various reasons, so the remake is clean of memories for me.

Anyway, the show has problems, but I'm still watching.

Sue said...

I always hated Lana. Couldn't watch because she bugged me and she ate the show. My husband has watched since episode one. Now that Lana's gone, I'm intrigued.

I watched Pushing Daisies once, but found it too precious. ME. The irony.

I love Gossip Girl and can't wait for Lost. Still loving Chuck, Top Chef and the Office. That's really about it right now. It saves a lot of time.

My husband is counting the days till 24 starts back up. I guess after being a total girl and watching 90210 and GG and Smallville, he needs to watch Kiefer blow stuff up.

Emily said...


Much of the Pushing Daisies attraction is visual in nature. The storylines are semi-boring, and sometimes the dialogue is too fast to catch. But it's so beautiful! And there is synchronized swimming, which is an automatic plus.

Emily said...

Lemme try that again.

Azúcar said...

Ugh, Lana was ponderously boring. I stopped watching after that China trip the gang all took. Last season and this season have matured the storylines and we've seen a return to the good Smallville.

This is the first time that I'll be watching Lost live, as the episodes air. Very fun.

What would we do without Top Chef?

Azúcar said...


fijiangirl said...

I heard that they canceled DSM! I can't believe it, that show was becoming my fav!
As for Lipstick Jungle, I actually preferred ABC's Cashmere Mafia.

dalene said...

I just hooked up my TV converter box. With picture quality this good I may have to give up blogging for TV.

lisa said...

LOST for me! (But Battlestar? As in Battlestar Galactica?)

Fig said...

We watch Smallville faithfully (Dizzle's favorite show, his childhood Superman obsession lingers) and we do NOT miss Lana.

Lisa said...

I am so excited for Battlestar, I can't even stand it. Can. NOT. Wait.

Queen Scarlett said...

I heard the bad news from you.

I watch all of those...and love all of those... bah humbug.

So now I'm left with GG, Battlestar and Fringe (I am in love with Fringe)

AND... of course... I'm a LOST girl. Did anyone else feel a little bummed that they canceled the Dharma Initiative game? Now we just get back-stage videos...

Rachie said...

Excuse me, madam, but I am very much looking forward to Battlestar! Squeee! Oh, and Lost. Please, please let it be better than last season!

i i eee said...


the MomBabe said...

I don't watch any of those show. But my HUSBAND watches 90210. AND I catch him watching Gossip Girl sometimes.

Audrey said...

Lost AND Battlestar AND Dollhouse (please don't cancel this one, FOX!)

Cassie said...

There's a new episode of Pushing Daisies on tonight. Is it the last one for the season? Sad. I really like it, I think it's can be pretty clever. Love gossip girl and can't wait for Lost.

kiki said...


24! How I have missed Jack Bauer and Chloe! It's time to dust of my "C:\>HLOE" shirts. I have two of them. That is how much I love Chloe O'Brien.

Gossip Girl is a really good show.

I'm also in love with Dexter.

The Office and 30 Rock are fantastic.

There's a new Showtime show starting in January. "The United States of Tara", starring Toni Collette. I love her!

And, of course, American Idol. Don't judge me. You can't wait either!

I'm also enjoying, although not a rabid fan of, 90210, Fringe, and something else.

I watch more stuff. I watch a lot of TV. I think I read an article recently that told me my love of TV means I hate myself.

La Yen said...

I really really enjoyed DSM.

Lipstick Jungle never. Because I am tired of Candace Bushnell phoning in a book and everyone wetting themselves over it. She is insufferable. Boo.

Gavin and Stacey. That is what is on my box. And old reruns of Property Ladder. I like to watch stupid boys think that they are awesome and then lose thousands of dollars.

Azúcar said...

Cassie-- I think it's the last Pushing Daisies ever; it's been canceled.

I need to catch up on my Gavin and Stacey, I love that show.

I'm so glad there are other toaster-lovers on here. I propose some viewing parties. Lisa, I'll come to you.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love Lost and felt very cheated by the writers strike last year 2009 is SUPPOSED to be the last year of Lost and they shortchanged us 8 episodes in 08. I mean they already shortened the seasons to 16 episodes... I was hoping that they’d make up for it this Fall - but I guess not. Maybe there will be more episodes this season or an additional 2010 season. I feel like they have too much to cover in only 16 shows. I'd also like the writers to re-watch earlier seasons and explain some things. Like why did Kate enlist a team of criminals to help her break into a bank vault to recover a toy airplane? I mean - I know that it was something from her relationship with that guy (who is now on Entourage - right?) But I still don't understand why it was in a safety deposit box. There are too many loose ends like that for Lost.

I actually like Lipstick Jungle. And I didn't expect to. Initially - it annoyed me that it was so different from the book. But it grew on me, and I think people make such a big deal over how unrealistic it is. Sorry - but that's TV. No one wants to watch a show about a bunch of middle management working moms trying to find time to exercise and lose those last 10 lbs of baby weight. Sorry - that's just not entertaining.

Oh and Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. I have to watch it in secret since my husband would tease me mercilessly.

Midge said...

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Azúcar said...

Midge! We love that house! We went to see it a couple months ago, it's adorable. Sadly, it's too small. It's barely larger than the place we have now. There's also no back yard. I need to be able to shove children out of doors into a back yard.

But I love that house.

Shawn said...


sorry---I am passionate about that show---I like it...

And I like Kath and Kim.