Thursday, November 27, 2008

No, Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving

This shout-out goes to Great-Grandpa Wm. Bradford who took a chance on a little ship we call The Mayflower. Props go to his decision to bail on Holland (I hear that.) Thanks to your most excellent journal keeping skillz, we're still all about the gobble-gobble today.

I'm off to the land where others cook, I only bring a small dish, and we spend the rest of the day napping, playing games, and watching movies.



sue-donym said...

Wm. Bradford is R's 10th great grandfather. We have a real sense of reverence for him in our home.

Happy thanksgiving!

Rachie said...

I hear that, too!

More Caffiene, Please said...

I'm sure your "small side dish" is something magnificent and not so small.

Johnna said...

We're cousins!!

I named my son after William Bradford--I had found out I was a direct line descendent just a couple years before.