Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 24 Gear

I found my camera. I also stopped being bored of taking pictures of outfits. I love this one. I wore it last Friday night and just couldn't wait to wear it again. Worried that you can't do the belted trend? Maybe you can. Wear the belt where your waist is the smallest. I have to wear the belt a little higher because that's where it's most narrow. I love the way it looks, so chic! Brown suede belt from Target, cream tank, orange and brown silk print blouse from BR, gold long filigree earrings with orange and red beads from Forever 21, round-toe brown stacked heels, and my new jeans--Levis!--from Dillard's that I found on sale for $34.99.

Just a note on jeans--
Low riders are out, out, out. Just below waist are in, as are high waisted. These are a mid-rise, which means they hit slightly below the natural waist on most people, but on short-waisted me, they hit my waist. AAAaahhhh, so nice to have jeans that hold you in again. These Levis are straight leg (which we talked about earlier) but the dark wash makes them look modern.

If you're curious about straight leg, I would also recommend the Levi 552 in Clean Air. I might just get a pair for me.

Any questions?


AzĂșcar said...
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dalene said...

No questions, but I have great news for you, since we all know I am one of your most fashionally challenged friends. I just bought a pair of jeans that my 14-year-old daughter thinks are cute. She told me so the very first time I wore them and again last Saturday. Get this--the second time she said it in front of her friends.


I know.

It must be your influence, I'm quite sure of it. Now every time I go to the store I ask myself WAAT (Would AzĂșcar Approve of This?). It works!

dalene said...

14? I'm getting ahead of myself. She's only 13, but she thinks she's 18.

Emily said...

The outfit was hot.

Stephanie said...

you may have converted me to levis

nevadanista said...

"AAAaahhhh, so nice to have jeans that hold you in again."


You're brave to do the belt thing. I don't think I could pull it off, but it looks good on you that way.

jennie w. said...

I'm terrified of Forever 21. I'm afraid I'll walk in and be laughed out by 18 year-old-girls saying "21??!!! You're, like, 37!"

Adria said...

You have such a great sense of style.