Saturday, November 22, 2008

Threats Are My M.O.

So Blue fell flat on their personal foul faces.

And I may have ended up on the kitchen floor crying tonight because my house is so filthy and I couldn't get to all/any of the housework I wanted done today and I still walk too slow so my errands take way longer than they should.*

And when Other Half said, "Just give me a list of what you want done,"I may have seriously contemplated taking a sharpie and writing on the fridge:

1. Clean the house
2. No really, clean it
3. Go ahead

I did, however, find:

A.) New jeans on sale that fit me and are cute
B.) Chup and The Chief at Target
C.) My sisters at Target
D.) A Seth Meyers interview on my iPod

I kept a promise, too. When I was small my mother was always working or cleaning and never had time to play with us. I made a pact with me that when I grew up I'd make sure I played instead of cleaned. So when Guille and Proximo lined up book after book in front of the piles and piles of laundry, I read the books.

I even used the reading finger to follow along and didn't skip any words.

So now I am going to:

i. Take a shower
ii. Crawl into bed
iii. Hope the sickness threatening goes away
iv. Leave the laundry in the chair for another day
v. Wonder if you've ever cried over housework

*Did that run-on sentence make you cry? Sorry.


Sue said...

Feel better. Your run on sentence didn't make me cry, but the book reading kind of did.

Remember that sappy old poem about ignoring the mess, because I'm rocking my babies and babies won't keep? Reminded me of that. {sniff}

Also, I'm sad because I didn't get to go to Target and I'm totally jealous.

Britty said...

I simply cannot function if I have a messy house. Everything else shuts down for me. It's an awful disability and a curse. So yes, if things were in disarray, I'd be crying, too.

Cheer up. Finding cute jeans ON SALE is a miracle!

Annie said...

it would only be a run-on without all those lovely conjunctions. plus, now you can run on all over in your new jeans.

lisa said...

Not only have I cried over housework, I've stopped just this side of a complete nervous breakdown over housework.
Also, every time we have a large gathering at our home and I am in the middle of it all (which is really the only time I clean-thank goodness we entertain a lot) my husband feels the need to wash and vacuum both cars. He's not trying to get out of it, he's trying to help. Truly. Never once has anyone looked but this persists. This, of course, pushes me even closer to the edge of the abyss but...
You did the right thing though.

dalene said...

I looked at my kitchen floor late last night--when I was just too tired to do one more thing--and I certainly felt like crying. It really is too much for one person to do in a day.

But I am so proud of you for keeping that promise. I tried, but I still wish I'd done more when my kids were younger. The house will wait. And someday when the kids are all gone it will be clean.

But empty.

R2K said...

: )

Patti said...

I have so cried over housework . . .

b. said...

Yes, I've cried over housework.

Thank you for reminding me of what's important.

Justine said...

cry away honey. you'll be in good company. I cried over mis-matched socks once. I think it might have been pms. but still...

Michelle said...

I'm crying over housework today. It's truly pitiful.

And I still need fashion advice. I'll email you. xoxo, m

kiki said...

I have cried over housework but only because my mom was making me do it.

*shaking fist at Max Hall*

Kalli Ko said...

that's been one of the hardest things for me to accept since having the nub. my house has been in disarray for 3 months and it drives me insane!!

feel better!!

Sister Pottymouth said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Crying over housework happens a lot at my house. 7 years of having an unfinished basement plus 6 people living in half a house, with the baby still in our room, equals feeling completely overwhelmed in the housework department.

Andrea said...

I want some details on the jeans. I am always looking for good deals on jeans.

Rynell said...

Run on sentences have a special place.

And YES I've cried over housework.

I hope you feel better soon.

Rynell said...

PS Way to go on keeping that promise. I am serious.

Mrs. Organic said...

I'm just waiting for my eyes to age and then I won't notice pesky things like dust and spots on the floor. Too bad it won't work on clutter. Sigh.

AzĂșcar said...

Thanks for all the love, peeps.

Mrs. Organic- I wear glasses and contacts. Yes, your house looks much cleaner when you are blind. However, you injure yourself far more on the clutter. Toss up.

Andrea - I bought a pair of Levis on sale at Dillards.

Annie - Thanks for the reassurance, but it's still an ugly sentence.

Sister P - Boy does that sound familiar (but with fewer inhabitants.)

AzĂșcar said...

Lisa - Your husband cleans the cars? I don't know whether to laugh or be jealous.

Sue- I'd meet you at Mecca any day.

Michelle - Dressing your lovely long and lean body would be amazing!

Emily said...

I feel responsible in a round-about way for the messy house because I ate two of the five hour croissants. Thank you for the blessed croissants.

Yes, I've cried over my house, but I probably ought to hate the mess more than I do, so it would get clean more often.

Geo said...

I love you more for keeping that promise. Great post. I have cried many big fat salties over housework. You definitely have miserable company in that response.

I like the word verification: sesses. What symmetry!

Likely said...

funny, i just read this after posting what I did yesterday. Yes, I've cried. yes yes yes.

and now I am going to go get chores done.