Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yes, It's a 'Discussion' Every Year

Every year my scrooge husband tries to talk me out of putting up a Christmas tree.

This started the first year we were married. Only a month after we tied the knot, we had our first huge argument over whether or not we would get a tree. Like this is even a fight.

"Why don't we just drive around and look at the lights at night instead?" he said.

Are you serious? (He was.)

I called my mother in law about it and she said,

"I bet you wish you'd known that about him before you got married, don't you?"

Yes, I did, I do.

Talk about a deal breaker.

A few years, OK every year, I had to go to the lot and pick the tree, get it in the car, haul it home and up the stairs, and put it up, all alone.

I bought a silver tinsel tree on sale in June one year and now it's no sweat to put it up by myself, which is good, since it's halls decked by one.

Tonight, after a hard couple hours of Rock Band-ing left us snug and tired on the couch, Other Half breathed a sigh.

"We didn't put up the tree today," he said.
"And we can't put it up tomorrow."
"No working on the Sabbath."
"I'd hardly call putting up the tree working."
"Oh, but I didn't get any sand to put in the base, so we have to wait for Monday."
"That means it will be December when we finally put up the tree, right"
"It hardly seems worth it in that case."

Just ignore him.

Fa la la la la.


Morgan said...

No tree? And your marriage has lasted this long???

dalene said...

I suddenly picture you channeling Scarlett in that "As God is my witness" scene saying "I will have a Christmas tree!"

(Word verification: "Unkle!" I'm quite sure that's not you saying it.)

Mrs. Dub said...

No worries. Henceforth, I will lend you my husband every holiday season. One year, we were moving on Dec. 20, so I told him that we would forgo the tree considering we would be packing (and spending the holidays with tree-owning family). On Dec. 18, he made us buy a tree. For two days. So I think he'll meet your needs.

fijiangirl said...

have you suggested he seek professional help for this? I guess since it will already be December when you finally get the tree up you should forgo his Christmas presents as well. Hopefully when the boys get bigger they will beyond thrilled to help you

cornnut32 said...

sounds like my dad and the lights. although my mom did scare/coerce/convince him to put them up every year. although he always waited until the last minute and usually ended up putting them up in a snowstorm. with me as his only help. bah. humbug.

La Yen said...

Put up the tree and then have a big dinner of tomatoes.

I am feeling like holding back this year--don't get me wrong, we have three trees up already, and all of the outside lights, but I generally replace every single decoration in the house with a Christmas one. But this year I am just thinking about how no one but me will even see it (Jooj doesn't count yet)and how they are a bear to take down.

Can you talk me into it?

Shawn said...

My EX-husband would take our tree and throw it in the corner, because he didn't have the patience to make it stand up properly or didn't want to mess with it or something.

I would just pick it up, brush it off and start all over again....

Notice that I said---"EX husband."

Melody said...

My jaw literally dropped as I read this. .. where did you find him?

Then again, "Tonight, after a hard couple hours of Rock Band-ing left us snug and tired on the couch,..." sounds pretty nice. He must be okay in other ways.

Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone.

kiki said...

I usually hate Christmas music, but last night, I was moved by my love of Karen Carpenter to purchase their Christmas album and play it. Now I need to go out and buy a tree!

Anne-Marie said...

My hub put the tree up last Monday, but it took until Saturday for him to fix a whole area of lights that were shot.

Drove me crazy to look at an empty fake tree for a week.

Rachie said...

You would die at my house. No tree, no lights, and almost no decorations (two stockings for the dogs and two rogue ornaments my mom and a friend gave me). And the decorations don't even go up until around December 23 and come down on the 25th after I get back from my parents' house. It just seems like a whole lot of unnecessary work and it's not fun for me. And don't even get me started on Christmas music...

camillion said...

Every year, without fail, my husbands all, "Wow! Look at the great job we did?" We? We. Did he seriously include himself in all the hours of laboring over a ball of lights he swore he put back "carefully" the year before, and the treats, the tree, the freaking yuletide cheer....

It's all me, baby. But, I want it, so I do it.