Friday, January 02, 2009


When Lisha and Rich broke up last summer we were all in a tizzy. They couldn't possibly! They're so perfect! We tried to remain calm and outwardly nonchalant. "Oh, you broke up? Huh. Do you want us to set you up with someone else? No? OK. Whatever."

"Oh, Rich is flying up here this weekend? Huh. Oh. What do you think he wants? Well, whatever."

"So, uh, what did Rich say? Oh, sweet, you're back together."

Relax, everyone, play it cool, take a deep breath.

Inside we were going bananas.

A month later he roped us into the surprise proposal. I was supposed to call Lisha and suggest getting gussied up for a night out, and then Rich would show up instead. I called Lisha and she said, "Oh really? You want to go out? And get dressed up? Or is someone else coming to get me?" (She says it just like that, with italics.) I tried to lie my way into it, but she's the most skeptical person I know, and I failed.

It's a good thing he wasn't really depending on me.And who could blame him? Just look at her!

You know how you go to weddings and maybe half of the people are looking at each other in a knowing way that collectively assigns the marriage an expiration date? You feel a little nervous for the couple because you're not sure if they're going to make it? This wedding wasn't one of them. There was no drama, no anxiety, no panic, just love.

(Well, and a little makeup never hurt.)

The joy and laughter filled the rooms as we truly celebrated.

Rich's brother toasts the bride and groom, one of the many dedications to the couple.

Lisha's private blog, the one she wrote to chronicle their relationship, the one that she wasn't going to show Rich for a whole year, was outed by her best friend Mo, who read entries aloud. I don't think it's a wedding unless you can embarrass the bride.

She got her revenge, of course, when she booked the karaoke. What are you kidding? Nothing says party like karaoke!Mo recovers, with support from Ruel and Hyeku, from Josh's rendition of "Rio." Yes, Josh sang "Rio." Burned on my brain.

The girls sang "Build Me Up Buttercup"

There are a suspicious lack of pictures of me singing "Don't Stop Believing."

Rich's mom and two uncles dedicated "Close to You" to the bride, air guitar by the little cousins.

At the end of the night I leaned over to hug my dad. "How did you feel it went?" I asked, ready to get into my car. He looked up with a smile and said, "It was just storybook, wasn't it? Just storybook."


**All photos, except for the crappy ones in the middle taken with my substandard camera, courtesy of my photographer sister Jennifer, who is available for bridals, weddings, portraits, etc., etc.


Melissa said...

So beautiful! Best wishes to them always!

b. said...

Hello, Classic Beauty!!


La Yen said...

Beautiful. Even the ones with the substandard camera.

And next time I am up we are going to Karaoke.

Mandee said...

They are a very handsome couple. Is he greek?

Sometimes, even the best relationships need a dramatic breakup to realize marriage is just around the corner. Congratulations to them!

fijiangirl said...

O.K. the cake... amazing doesn't even do it justice (can you send me one for my birthday next week?)... the flowers simpl yet beautiful... bride simply stunning but where is the picture of the dress you created? Don't say it was the bridal gown, because I know you can do many things but if you created that then it leaves me to conclude that God simply gave the talent to you and left me with zilch!

Chief Momma said...

Prettiest bride I've ever seen. I'm not even exaggerating on this one. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her dress and her hair, and the pictures. I'm jealous that wasn't my dress and my hair on my wedding day.

Slam dunk for Lisha.

Kalli Ko said...


she sure gives gwen stefani a run for her money

perfectly lovely

KT said...

I love pretty, relaxing weddings with no stress and no feeling bad for either the bride or groom. I don't know these people, but they look really happy!

undefined said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I don't know either of them, but I sort of wish I'd been there just to take in the love. Congrats!

AzĂșcar said...

No, no pictures of my dress because it is still in pieces. I nearly finished the bodice, and then quit after it became apparent that the instructions told me to do something to the armholes (which I did) that pretty much destroyed the fabric and therefore the bodice. I had to face that fact at 4:49am the day before the wedding.

No, he's not Greek :) He is however, a Canadian-American.

Yes, he has two eligible brothers...ladies?

Nathan said...

Thanks C.! I don't even know them and you made me cry! Sounds lovely and beautiful and wonderful - all wrapped into one! :-)

Chief Momma said...

Tell Lisha I want to see that private blog...sounds good.

Rynell said...

So very lovely. All of it.

acte gratuit said...

BEAUTIFUL! All of it!

On an unrelated topic, if you want to send me your address, I'll put you on the Christmas card list for next year. (Heck, I'll even send you a late card this year...I ordered about 25 too many pics and Doug is annoyed we paid for too many!)


P.S. Glad I'm not the only one with a Sweet Little Devil Toddler.

Likely said...

gorgeous. every bit of it.

Rachie said...

Awww! Did you make the cake and the dress? If you did, you're pretty much my hero.

Mojo said...

Remember my wedding? Josh's dancing was burned into my memory and I have it on tape for a more permanent burn.

Michelle said...

Very beautiful and the cake was SO beautiful!

Fig said...


Your sister looks so much like you, especially in that first bridal in the window.

(P.S. I try SO hard not to do that expiration date thing at receptions, but I can't help it.)