Monday, April 13, 2009

All Sorts of Peeps of Easter Goodness (Right.)

We’ve been under hostile fire for more than a week. El Guille volleyed cough after barking cough across the room and dinner table. He coughed in our faces during TV-time begging, secret whispering, story time, and his (lately) crushing hugs. No surprise that by Saturday afternoon, J, Proximo, and yours truly were also coughing and sick.

Now, when I’m sick, I’m just sick. I try to carry on. You know, because there isn’t a dishes fairy. When J is sick, as we’ve covered before, the world should stop, shudder, and weep in his name. He is also grumpy. Guess who else is grumpy? The children. So what do I do when I’m sick and they’re sick? I’M THE REFERREE, which I just love. Haven’t had the lovely opportunity to mediate between an angry, decongestant-popping husband and a whiny, snot-dripping child? Well then, you just deserve a cookie, don’t you? The child ignores most of your pleading suggestions to knock it off, while your husband tries not to bellow at small infractions.

On Saturday night we took full advantage of our children’s inabilities to tell time and had dinner and then a bath an hour earlier. While in the tub, E.G. complained that his ear still hurt from when the pediatrician looked at it. He examined E.G. on Tuesday; this was Saturday.

What is an ear infection? Ding! (Sometimes I pretend like my life has a running quiz commentary.) Maybe that's why E.G. wasn't listening to me and made me repeat everything two or three times--he couldn't actually hear. I am such an awesome mom.

I broke the news to E.G. that we were going to the doctor:


The nice PA examined E.G. and blessed him with both an ear infection and croup.

The croup?

That’s what that cough was?

The croup. That’s so Anne with an ‘e’. I declare, Marilla will have my hide if I don’t remember to return directly from the pharmacy with a new bottle of cordial. 

Oh, the pharmacy.  They handed me a bag filled with items and charged my card but didn't actually put the antibiotics into the sack, making us do an awkward double child hand-off and sending J back to the store at 11:13pm (just shy of his own inevitable and much prophesied demise) for the miracle liquid.

So that’s why I’m getting used to running the shower in the dark at 2:38 am while holding a barking child (reason 5,653,009 to not have a dog: children eventually stop barking with the right medication,) and that’s why the boys didn’t wear their Easter outfits on Sunday (but you can see their exact outfits on LJ’s cute boys, along with everything *cough* I totally would have done had we not been a cesspool of viral love,) and why I have to remember that being patient with sick children and sick husband is a skill that needs exercise.

Now, hand Mama a cookie.


rookie cookie said...

I know nothing of the croup. All I know is that sweaty, whining child on Prince Edward Island near Green Gables almost died of it.

Seriously, nothing ruins a weekend like children getting sick. It dashes all your dreams of Easter egg hunts and spiritual thoughts. Ear infections be damned.

Jenny said...

Dude. You might need more than a cookie to feel better after listening to all that coughing. Maybe some of your friends can get you drunk later. Cracking the window or taking them outside in the cold air does help at night, and LUCKY FOR YOU it will be nice and cool this week.

Sorry about the barking cough.

Mojo said...

How about I hand you a cake? That sounds Awe Full.

Amy said...

Bless you.

camillion said...

Once the MD blessed ME with the Croup. What? Like I'm 3 years old or something? I just told people I was stricken with consumption.

Momma gets Haagen Daz WITH her cookie, yo.

Shawn said...

Oh, poor baby----it is the worst time of the year for sicknesses...

Hope you get more than a cookie---you need some ice cream also.

Mrs. Organic said...

One of my boys used to get it every winter - I think you need at least a dozen cookies.

Kaerlig said...

We get kids admitted to the hospital (but don't panic) for croup and pneumonia all the time...stuff you thought only happened in the good old days. Nope, it's still around and flourishing. Sorry you're all sick at the same time.

That barky cough is classic! Get well soon.

Melanie J said...

I'm totally adding that to my list of reasons not to get a dog but mine's numbering up closer to a dozen million reasons why not, Portuguese-water-whatevers aside.

daltongirl said...

It's ipecac you want. Cordial will just make your kids drunk (because it will actually be currant wine). But maybe that's not a bad thing, under the circumstances.

Sue said...

Oooh, croup is a horror. Nothing worse than being sick when everyone else is too, so that you can't even enjoy a good mid-day Sunday "I'm sick" nap. Bummer. Hope you guys are mending.

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

I'm so happy to see so many Anne-lovers. My teen-age daughter refuses to watch them with me anymore.

FYI, once they get croup once, they're apparently susceptible to it after that till age 8. Garreth is the king of croup at our house. Your humidifier will be your constant friend.

Michelle said...

I'm writing to you from the Apple store while my baby gets repaired.

such a sad Easter, but brilliantly and hilariously described. You ARE an amazing writer.

Geo said...

Oh, man. I am sorry.

K Silvestro said...

Amen to the humidifier and cool air. After sitting in the steamed up bathroom, wrap your kiddo up and sit in front of the open freezer. I'm serious! I have two kids who get croup everytime they have the common cold. It's either the freezer, or sitting outside in the fog (which can be oh so romantic when you're not holding a barking kid on your lap at 2am on a cold New England spring night)!

I've always tried to figure out why Anne gave the twins ipecac! I'll never know.