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I can’t stand plagiarism; it’s annoying and lazy. Not to mention that plagiarism increases the chances that I'll re-read something I've already read--which is unacceptable. I'm busy! No time to re-read! That’s why when it came to my attention that yet another person was ripping off my friend cjane, I decided to write this little post.

First of all, if you’re going to plagiarize someone, don’t make it one of the most well known people in the blogosphere—especially if your audience might have a lot of overlap with the more popular blogger.

Second of all, if you’re going to plagiarize someone, don’t, because it’s incredible stupid and you’ll always be found out.

If you don’t have anything to write about that day, your first line of defense shouldn’t be “I’m going to go and take someone else’s content.” If you’re having trouble writing, try an exercise, like writing about a topic, say, plagiarism. I’ll even give you a specific topic: What would happen if I were to rip off one of the best-known bloggers in the United States and everyone found out?

I didn’t get to see the post that she apparently copied nearly word for word, but I did find another example on her blog, like this one:

click to enlarge. I'd link back, but the original has been deleted.

Know how I know those "2 types of people" is not your idea, Miss Musing? You were 18, possibly 19, when cjane wrote that blog post and I find it hard to believe that any 18, possibly 19-year-old has that kind of perspective (my 18-ish-year-old perspective was really wrapped up in hoping I’d get tickets to the Downward Spiral Tour and showing up looking really cute for my Honors 200 course and the red-headed Canadian boy who sat next to me.) I was also in Courtney’s kitchen around the genesis of her idea and we have deeply discussed this topic over several years. I was able to place your paragraph within one whole second to this post:

The whole debacle is ridiculous. What’s worse? The plagiarism is merely a tool to build her reputation and capture her audience’s esteem. What’s even worse? She’s been contacted by a publishing company to possibly contribute to a book. Her plagiarism isn’t about what else she could add to the topic, or style, it is simple self-aggrandizement. And it’s frakking lazy.

Then we get to something really amusing:

click to enlarge. source also appears to have been deleted.

Yes, as you can see, this person had their own plagiarism issue with another blogger. Yet, after it happened to her, she plagiarized cjane at least twice. Oh, how delicious! Like rain on your wedding day! A free ride when you’ve already paid! Wait a minute…


I found the original text to her plagiarized post:
"In the last of the sun, the Boyfriend and I took an evening walk. As the puppies navigated our way through the wide roads of our neighborhood, we quickly discovered that our evening activity proved unoriginal as we were greeted by neighbors who had the same idea.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Stamps," I said, passing an older couple. Having spent my childhood in this same neighborhood, I tend to know many of the home owners. The Boyfriend is always eager to make connections, so this leaves the him to rely on me for first-hand knowledge of background information as it pertains to our neighborhood history.

"Mr. Stamps is an Egyptologist and spent years working on the Theban Mapping Project at the American University in Cairo. Mrs. Stamps is a mother of five (doesn't she look so young?) and a painter. In fact, you admired her painting at the local gallery last time we were there."

The Boyfriend always listens, ear-tipped, as I talk under my breath. I wouldn't want our passing neighbors to know that I'm inclined to spill their personal resume to those within earshot.

We passed a Victorian home with a white picked fence outside.

"This is Mrs. Cronin's home." I pointed with my elbow (hands inside my coat pocket). "She was my first piano teacher."

We encountered houses with tangible memories spilling out the windows and doors. Homes of immaculate facades waiting to bloom with spring's floral offerings. We greet more neighbors who require my back-hand introductions.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Andover, " we all nod in salutation.

"Mr. Andover used to be the town mayor and Mrs. Andover volunteers as president of the Neighborhood Beautification Committee..." My voice like a spy.

"In fact, she helped me plant our garden this year. Now that the tulips are in bloom I really ought to invite her over for lunch and to see the garden."

As we rounded the corner home, we spotted a couple coming toward us.

"Hello." I said.

From my lack of words that followed, it became clear that I did not know them.

"That is Dr. and Mrs. Anderson." The Boyfriend returned the favor, matching my tone as we headed up the sidewalk. "He is a law school professor and she's a concert cellist..."

"Well played," I commended the Boyfriend."

You can read cjane's original here.

to the update here.


kiki said...

I'm going to plagiarize myself for a second time: Someone should make a "Plagiarizer" button to send to her so she can list it with her other "awards".

Wow! And she was asked to contribute to a book?! DAYAM! She crazy!

Cailean said...

This has jolted me out of lurking - I love your blog by the way. How irritating that someone would do that. I looked it up on her blog and the post is gone now of course. I wonder how many others she had to delete before being found out!!!!!

April said...

I don't get people. Why are they such jerks?

The whole book contribution thing, though. I'd be ready to start punching!

i i eee said...

Thank you for posting this. I hate the whole, "take a higher road" crap and not calling people out publicly on this shiz. Because plagiarism is the lowest of the low--ESPECIALLY if you're just doing it for your own vanity. It's not flattering, it's a form of artist rape. ARTIST RAPE!

Seriously what a stupid ho-bag. I am not above calling people names, so sue me.

hannah said...

How I love you, Carina! That is very irritating.

amelia said...

Ha, I saw your tweet on this and was hoping you blogged about it too...I'm in luck! TOO FUNNY. And just...sad.

rookie cookie said...

She is so original that she tells us all she likes the color pink. If that isn't originality, I don't know what is.

Something similar to this happened recently. Some weirdo started ripping off the way my sister edits my food pix. Bad idea. Megan ripped her apart.

emily said...

Maybe she got the idea to plagiarize after it was done to her? Hilarious. Simply hilarious (your post, I mean).

rookie cookie said...

As for the plagiarizer button, I am most certain Knuckleheaders would donate that.

Cicada said...

At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect.--Cicada

(word verification: blast)

Azúcar said...

You sound like the Godfather.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just wrote a post about plagiarism on my blog too, it seems someone was ripping off my friend cjane er um bjane and ......

ahh never mind.

Jenny said...

I choked on my banana bread when I read your comment, Cicada. I think that is going to be a phrase I repeat a lot to my sister.

I can't imagine having the nerve to try and pull off being cjane.

ClistyB said...

artist rape
you all should be proud.

Jennifer said...

That makes me mad. How annoying!

dalene said...

I had no idea there was such a shortage of original thought in the blogosphere. Not to mention subtlety.

* sigh *

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

The plagiarist in question also appears to have ripped off Simple Mom's April 10th post. Again, why? Perhaps someone should school her on the finer points of differentiation between homage and rippin' someone off.

Nemesis said...

Dangit! Everyone beat me to the "ho-bag" slinging. Because seriously: HO. BAG.

Michelle said...

wow, wow and wow. What I don't understand is how she has so many followers on her blog? Seriously crazy.

Anne-Marie said...

How embarassing-outed.

I found a post of mine copied last month. Word for word. Seriously!! My small blog audience will probably never notice.

But, to copy Courtney's...that's just embarassing.

Elizabeth said...

I looked around that blog for about 5 minutes, and a whole lot doesn't ring true. The whole thing appears to be either a big joke, or the product of a really troubled person who either doesn't know how to tell the truth, is deeply unhappy with her own life, or both.

Examples that raised red flags in within 5 minutes:
* This posting ( includes photos purported to be taken one day on a walk in Central Park but they really don't look like they were taken with the same camera and, more obviously, one has trees with no leaves, and another has trees with plenty of leaves. Even accounting for different species of trees, there's no way they were taken the same day.
*In fact, really, none of the pictures look like they were taken with the same camera.
*Also, she calls Whole Foods a food mecca. And she supposedly spends time in NYC? No way she could still think WF is all that.

Cailean said...

I'm getting more irritated as I realize she has stolen from others. I have scrolled through her blog and found this VERY similar post to NieNie's. ORIGINAL: AND MISSMUSING'S:

citymama1 said...

Wow. That's crazy!

Sister Pottymouth said...

Ew. I can't believe someone would steal so blatantly!

pflower10 said...

Has she been told that she's been found out?

I can't believe what she has done.

Melanie J said...

Crap. Now I'm really out of blog post ideas. I didn't know I was supposed to make my own thoughts up.

Annie said...

She has 198 suckers! I mean followers.

John Dent said...

Well I certainly hope all book offers are now off the table.

Sue said...


Nigel said...

Wow, word for word on the first paragraph. Then the rest of it was very similar to a post I recall about cjane taking the baby for a walk around the neighborhood.

Is it possible the whole blog is a much more subtle experiment in ticking people off a la "seriously so blessed"?

Azúcar said...

Nigel, you are so meta.

Holly said...

people are so stupid. and i went to her blog earlier today from your twitter link and she is just annoying.

amelia said...

It's like a train wreck, I can't stop reading!

Those pictures are definitely stolen from somewhere. They're all different sizes, different cameras, different sharpness and color saturation. Ex: The yoga bag photo she uses in a bunch of her posts? Stolen from this Flickr site: And the pictures she has around her house? Looks like a completely different place in every picture.

Haha, she has a post about a commenter accusing her of being fake:

Natalie said...

Oh goodness. Like to copy CJane is heartless. How could you read that woman's blog about what she's done in the past year and be like "oh great material, I'll just copy and paste this!"

Shawn said...

Wow! I mean I never thought that people did that! Why?

I don't get it! I mean, its one thing to covet the following that someone has and to admire her talents as a writer, but what the heck?

She must have a terribly low self-esteem.

onnuh said...

I just had to delurk because this makes me so mad. I Googled text from just a few of her posts, and much of what she has is lifted from somewhere else:


2. AND




Kalli Ko said...

yes, YES, YES!!!

i feel so vindicated.

people, blogging is not hard.

if your self esteem is so low and you looove comments to the point that if you don't get any you feel the urge throw yourself in front of a moving car (cough cough, mine) then perhaps i could pass along the name of a good shrink.

repeat after me, i'm smart enough, i'm good enough, and doggonit people like me.

except no one likes you right now.


haters (and posers) to the left

La Yen said...

Man, what do I have to DO to get plagiarized? Take off my shirt? Because I will, you know.

Laura said...

A couple weeks ago I found a recipe that was very obviously plagiarized from a popular website. I made a blog post about it and then emailed the perpetrator. Then one of her friends emailed me and told me the plagiarizer was really a nice person and they were sure they didn't mean to...

Then I was a chicken and I didn't want to be labeled a troll so I took down the post.

Your post has given me a fresh resolve to call out plagiarism. I wish bloggers understood the concept, if you appreciate a post, give it some link love--don't pretend it is all your own because the mighty internets will find out and we can sure be an ugly group of trolls!

Laura said...

I forgot my favorite part of reading her post about the book deal was "I was sure that it was either a) a joke or b) an offer directed at the wrong person." Going to guess the offer was directed at the wrong person!

sara said...


Mrs. Flinger said...

Sorry, I hope someone hasn't already said this (I didn't read all the comments) but I thought it was funny that she couldn't even correct the typing. "so this leaves the him to rely on me for first-hand"

THE HIM? Because it was "This leaves Chup to rely on me for first-hand..."

I'm sorry your friend is dealing with this. Writing is art. It's not for stealing.

c jane said...

I am impressed by all the sleuthing going on here. Nice work. Now we need to come up with a way to notify her readers, because this is just not right.

Earlier today Chup wrote Miss Musings and demanded an apology. This is what she wrote:

Dear Mrs. Kendrick, aka CJane,

Though email hardly seems a sufficient way of expressing the apology
that I owe you, it is, due to the anonymous nature of the blogging
world, the only medium I have.

Let me start by saying that despite my very unfortunate breech of
etiquette and judgment, I am an admirer of your writing. I found your
blog just days before your sister's crash, and found myself praying
for your family on a daily basis during your ordeal. I even bought
your book, which now sits on my coffee table and is read by family and
friends who come to visit.

Having said that, I hope you can find it in your heart to accept my
sincerest apologies. I do hope you will believe me when I said that
from the bottom of my heart, I am so very sorry.

Though I don't intend to make any excuses (because they are of no
use), I do want to explain to you how the situation occurred in hopes
that it will lessen your hurt and anger. Several nights ago I found
myself on a neighborhood stroll with my own boyfriend (who
coincidentally shares a name with your husband) and I chucked to
myself when I realized that I was doing exactly what you had described
in your post: giving your spouse all sorts of interesting background
information on your neighbors, this personal history, etc. I, too,
was put in my rightful place when I found myself forgetting who the
last of our approaching neighbors were and relying on my boyfriend's
knowledge to fill me in. My crucial (and very foolish) mistake came
when I decided to reread your post before writing my own.

Again, please accept my sincerest apologies. Because I've never made
this mistake before (and because I will most certainly never do it
again) I am unsure of how to proceed from here. I've obviously taken
down the post already. Would you prefer that I not read your blog any
longer? Though I'd certainly miss your beautiful prose, I understand
completely and would be more than willing to respect your privacy in
that way.

Thank you for taking the time to read what has become a very lengthy
email and again, I am so sorry.

onnuh said...

FYI, cJane and others, I commented on the other blogs from which I saw lifted material, giving the links of the similar posts on Miss Musing. Hopefully, you won't be the only one putting her in her place.

Mrs. Organic said...

Oh right, she just happened to have a similar experience and reread cjane's post and her own post came out word for word except she uses the word boyfriend...

Some people's children! Really.

The Rookie said...

As an educator I find plagiarism rampant amongst my students. I nail them to the wall with their unethical actions (typically with a printed copy of the original author's work stapled onto their draft which has been superimposed with a fat red F). The shock on their faces (and in their parents' voices with the phone call that is sure to follow) is, well, shocking. You stole. You earn nothing. There is no grey area here.

Forget the old aphorism, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"! The truth is that if you can't say anything ORIGINAL than shut your #$!@$ pie hole until you can!

Which leads me to a peevish blogger I've noticed swoop-swooping (stupidly) from a widely-followed blog. Take, as an example of her actions, this blog post (one of many stolen ideas):

This blog's "author" (a term I use loosely) apparently thinks everything Nicole @ a little sussy touches is so golden (which, frankly, as a fan of sussy I must say that most of it is--the girl has some killer taste) that the wealth simply must be spread without giving any credit where credit is due. Credit, to, say, this ORIGINAL post:

Not the first nor will it be the last time the girl has done this.

Lindsey said...

Yeah, pretty obvious she is living in a copied dream land. She probably doesn't even have a boyfriend. Ouch, that was catty of me.

Cafe Johnsonia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TX Girl said...

She bought the book and it now sits on her coffee table for others to read. Wow- I'm surprised she isn't hiding it, so her friends and family will not see her for the poser that she is.


April said...

What an insincere apology. Like when The Devil (not actually Satan, just an evil woman) basically called me a fat, fat, fatty, then told me she used to be a talent agent and I could be a model. Bull****! Either be sincere or don't apologize at all.

Also? La Yen's comment totally made me LOL!

dalene said...

Her apology is every bit as disingenuous as her blog.

Not buying it.

dalene said...

OK, I couldn't stand it anymore. I know she won't post the comment, but I sent her this:

Dear Miss Musing,

You "apology" to c jane for stealing her content is every bit as disingenuous as your blog. If you were remotely sincere you would come clean with your readers and fess up to your plagiarism (not just of c jane's posts, but of all the blogs from which you have stolen content (Yes--it's stealing.)

And then you would stop living your life vicariously through others and get your, blog, whatever.


Compulsive Writer

dalene said...

Oh, and my typos were my own. I didn't steal them from anyone. I promise.

Velveteen Mind Megan said...

Thanks for letting me know she hit at least one of my posts. I've reported her to Blogger but then brilliantly twittered it, so she'll probably just delete and then hit someone else.

I did take screengrabs, though.

Seriously, thank you for letting me know.

Annette Lyon said...

She's lame enough to steal from CJane and then spell her own revisions wrong. (A "picked" fence? Really?)

I don't see a book deal in her future. No publisher would touch someone with such a shady background.

LucieLu said...

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that under copyright law, as soon as you put a thought in a tangible medium (i.e. write and publish a blog post) you have copyright protection. You don't have to file to have protection. You do, however, have to file for a copyright to be able to sue someone for copyright infringement.

My suggestion (to anyone who has the money) is if you ever see your content stolen by this pretend-writer, immediately copy the page in a document with the date shown so you have proof if she later deletes the page. I think a lawsuit, or at least the threat of one, would go a long way in teaching her a lesson. She is no better than someone who comes in your home and steals your belongings, and should be handled in the same way. Let her see how sympathetic a jury or judge is to her crappy apology!

PS - to my fave Velveteen Mind, a belated congrats!

PsychMamma said...

Wow. Browsing through her posts, many of them rang "warning bells" for me, but the Central Park photography really did it for me too (hat tip to Elizabeth above).

The first pic shows trees budding/with few leaves and the final pic shows full leaves. Her note at the bottom was the biggest flag:

"By the way--to those of you who have asked for the link to my Flickr photostream, I sincerely appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. However, it is currently set to private. If or when I do decide to make it public, I'll be sure to share the link here. Thank you for understanding." thinks something stinks. I'm betting very few (or none) of the photos are actually hers either.

Do you think her boyfriend's name is really Chup? Do you think she even HAS a boyfriend?? By obviously lying about some things, everything she writes comes into question.

Glad that she's getting called out on this.

Anonymous said...

Well done sleuths! Well done! How long before MM's blog is also set to private, I wonder?

amelia said...

WOW. So I found a cache of blog entries she's taken down (including some of the ones onnuh mentioned - which she's also since taken down) and she copied CJane's "regrets" post. Was that the original one you were talking about Carina? I'll e-mail it to you.

KBM said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I read the "comparison" posts side-by-side with Miss Musing's and it's just....really, really creepy. And not bright. So, there's my verdict. Creepy. And not bright. Why would you bother having a blog if you're just going to steal the thoughts, emotions and words of others?

Crazy Housewife said...

Found this post via twitter, and while I was browsing miss muses blog it suddenly got deleted.

"Sorry, the blog at has been removed."

sweetsalty kate said...

Never ceases to amaze how how stupid people are - and how kind the internet can be in helping you when you've been ripped off. This happened to me - the story is here

...and then here:

Chick was a grandmother posing as a gay firefighter - and stole from my flickrstream as well pretending to be my husband. And the kicker? She was stealing content that I'd written to memorialize my dead child.

Crazy. I'm so sorry it happened to you too - it leaves you feeling incredibly violated. Apologies don't do much - these people are compulsive.

I keep a close watch now with copyscape and other tools.. but it's amazing how many sad, sad people are out there who yearn for acknowledgement so much that they don't even care if it's earned or not.

PsychMamma said...

Miss Musing's entire blog has disappeared! Hmmmmm......

Sue said...

And I am bummed out that it's disappeared. I wanted to see it!


onnuh said...

Sue, I have a few more screen shots of her stuff on

Loralee Choate said...

I hate plagiarism with the power of a thousand burning suns.

I had a plaigarist right before BlogHer last year. I would say 80% of this chick's blog was stolen. (My readers were when it came to tracking her down.)

I published every name/alias that could be found on her and you would not BELIEVE the crap that has surfaced about her. She is even on "anti-scam internet dating sites".

BTW? She has a new blog. And guess what? Yup. Reeks of stolen material.

These people do not ever learn.

P.S. I'm glad that she took her blog down because Cafe Mom (where I heard this one was hosted) SUCKED to work with regarding stolen content. I had ROCK SOLID PROOF that page after page was stolen by her BUT because I (and my other readers who contacted them) weren't the original author they refused to do anything about it and gave me the internet equivilant of "too bad, so sad".

They blow in my opinion. Almost more than the person who stole it in the first place.

Millie said...

I READ that last post of c jane's on her BLOG not a month ago! It's totally recognizable! Did Miss Musing think her readers were completely stupid?

Here from C-dub. :)

ClistyB said...

MM's boyfriend's name was Kurt.

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

Vomit. My ma is a novelist and in our family plagiarism is the worst form of thievery and disgustingness one person can do to another without any physical assault. Despicable.

Heffalump said...

I think that the best thing for Blogger to have done, rather than just deleting her blog, would have been to put a single post up in place of it telling everyone that the blog was taken down for stealing content, and then every one of her readers would know about it. Now she will probably just get a different email address and start fresh stealing someone else's stuff.

♥Lucky♥Holly♥ said...

Cjane is most definetly inspiring as a writer. But hot dog don't people have any scruples? WORD FOR WORD? What the heck!??

Thanks for outing this person!

x Australia

Heather said...

Thanks for the link. When I wrote cjane about the plagiarizer I saw back in March she said, "This is definitely the first time this sort of thing has happened." So glad she has The Board to handle what was most definitely NOT the first time it had happened.

Many of the people linking over from you have mentioned that they wished they could see the plagiarized version of cjane from the blog I found, so I dug it up out of my reader and blogged it here: The copy is an entertaining read, if nothing else.

M said...

Apologies if this has already been noted (only scanned the comments) - but isn't the post "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" stolen from Tertia / So Close?? I have never read the MissMusing blog but I KNOW I have read that post somewhere before. How ironic that she is stealing a post about stolen posts!! Amazing.

Sinclair said...

How naive of me to have been surprised by this phenomenon. I would NEVER have thought someone would copy ENTIRE posts!! I will have to be on the lookout...

I love cjane's blog, and yours as well.

Beth said...

aside from all of the perfectly obvious reasons why one should not plagerize, it is fundamentally, just idiotic. the blogging community is one in which you SHARE thoughts and ideas. share being the key word here. i am often inspired by someone's project or prose, and if it then prompts me to give my two cents, i appropriately site the origins of my brainstorm. for example, "sally was talking about the truly wonderous miracles of spanx on her blog the other day, which got me to thinking...why can't clothes just come with them already sewn in? it would save money and the hastle. wouldn't that be lovely?"
see, not hard at all. and this sharing of ideas makes way for your OWN thoughts, feelings, and ideas to surface. plagarism just sucks!

Artfulife said...

Has anyone brought up the fact that she had a cartoon for a picture? "She" could possibly be a "he". Haahaa. But for real, she knew what she was doing the whole time. That's probably why she couldn't post a picture of her true self. I don't think she probably knows who her "true self" is.

Ashley D said...

I really cannot believe this. I had dinner with Miss Musing (Jacqueline, if that's even her real name) this past Wednesday. She seemed like a very nice girl, but I'm assuming now it was all fake. And Yes, we talked about blogging. I am so angry about this; I cannot believe her entire blog was pure plagiarism!

Azúcar said...

See, I don't even know if her name was Jacqueline. That certainly WAS NOT the name that she signed on the emails to me saying that she was sorry about plagiarizing. She used the name Nicole with a middle initial and a last name.

I have an idea that 'Jacqueline' was an invention.

I don't know that she plagiarized ALL of her blog, but certainly a great deal of it from what I can read in the lingering feed.

Azúcar said...

Or perhaps the Jacqueline was her middle name since she used the initial J.

I won't post her last name, even I have standards.

Laurie said...

I didn't see if anyone said this or not, since I didn't read all the comments (sorry), but I use to find out if i've been copied. it's a great source and has helped me MANY times as i've been copied for years (on lampworking information etc). It's no fun, that's fur sure. They say it's a form of flattery but after a while it really pisses you off.

So glad the blog has been removed. :)

Brooke said...

I love cjane's writing.

Plagerism is wrong. It is dishonest.

But I don't think that a blog flog is that great either.

Azúcar said...

Thanks for letting me address that point, Brooke.

Here's the problem:

Time after time we've caught people plagiarizing cjane's blog.

In fact, plenty of bloggers have caught people who plagiarize them. And what happens? Usually, it's a quick and sorrowful mea culpa, and people go their separate ways--with the plagiarizer crossing their heart to never do it again.

So where do you draw the line? When do you say we can't keep sweeping it under the rug? At some point there has to be a public example made--because OBVIOUSLY just a wag of the finger isn't cutting it anymore.

Does it suck for Miss Musing that she happened to be the one who had the fury of the internets rain down on her? You know, it probably REALLY sucks to be her right now. I bet she's absolutely miserable and wishes everything she has that she never plagiarized anyone.

But when you thieve from someone you get to accept the consequences that go along with it, and you don't get to decide what those consequences will be.

The whole thing was almost automatic: as soon as she copy and pasted, she signed on the dotted line for her consequences.

Legally speaking, cjane could SUE offending bloggers, especially if those bloggers happen to be monetizing their blogs and making money off of stolen material. Who is to say she wouldn't?

It could have been any of the plagiarizers, but in Musing's case, she stole so blatantly and so often, she had to know it would crush her someday.

The hardest thing in life is to learn to pay for your mistakes. Sometimes you even have to pay for your mistakes in public, in the stocks. If nothing else, I bet she's learned a valuable lesson (and her story will serve as an example for other would-be thieves.)

Bridget said...

As someone who enjoyed Miss Musing's blog until a few hours ago when I learned that it was all fake, I am stunned, not to mention sickened by her actions.

I am truly sorry to all of those who have had their work plagiarized. I would hope that someone would tell me if my work were being duplicated without permission.

I feel sorry for someone who feels the need to steal like that. It is absolutely inexcusable.

i i eee said...

How is stealing an idea an less of a crime than stealing any tangible object?

If someone steals my big, shiny flat screen TV, is it in bad taste to blog about it? Am I being impolite by getting upset that someone stole it from me? Or is it best for me to just say, "Oh that person saw how much I was enjoying my TV, it's so flattering that they stole it from me! Now they can be just like me--or how I used to be, by having my TV in their possession! I feel so special!"

I cry artist rape because that's what it is. I become even more upset when people don't seem to think it's a big deal.

Brooke said...

I agree the person should be outed. I think it is a huge deal. Especially if she was making money off of it, or could have.
By blog flog I am referring to the name calling, the unchristian aspect of kick em while their down.

i i eee said...

Brooke, if you read this post closely, you'll see that Carina is not calling Miss Musing a string of horrible names. Carina is being quite gracious if you ask me.

I on the other hand, have freely called Miss Musing a few harsh words. Call it "unChristian" if you must, but when I turn on my computer I don't sign an agreement everyday saying everything I do online is going to please my fellow Christians. Feel free to judge me for my venom. I don't care--especially when I'm being judged from an anonymous source. This means nothing to me.

But don't bash Carina for letting her readers think and speak for themselves. And the whole it's "unChristian" argument is just downright irritating. Are all of your actions perfect? Can you say everything you do or say or think is unto Christ? What makes you the Christian Police?

remember moments said...

Wow! I cannot believe all of this. I used to read MMs blog somewhat regularly. What a fake! I'm glad she was outed and especially since she was potentially going to make money off the whole thing.

Amber said...

I am just disgusted. I read her blog all the time and loved it.

No Cool Story said...

Oh snap! Totally busted.

No Cool Story said...

kiki made me :D

"Someone should make "Plagiarizer" button to send to her so she can list it with her other "awards".


Jennifer said...

Oh please, I agree that bringing in the "unchristian" argument is pretty annoying.

Miss Musing, and anyone else who copies blogs, deserves a lot more than getting their blog taken down. She got off easy, if you ask me.

Screwed Up Texan said...

I found out about this on twitter and just wanted to say a big thank you to y'all who called MM out for her plagerism.

Elisa said...

Shameless. Pathetic. Idiotic. So many adjectives come to mind, none of them even remotely flattering. She most definitely doesn't deserve a book deal.

NOBODY said...

What a sad life, eh? How would it be to have your whole persona be NOT YOU and all the comments and compliments not even be for you or your own thoughts.

What makes me laugh is: The walk around the neighborhood that CJane wrote, is really funny and the ending is great and "well played" is a perfect response.

In Miss Musings, it was just weird. It didn't make sense. Did I miss something?
I think the there was something lost in the translation from "Brother and Sister" to "Mr. and Mrs."
But that could just be me.

carrie said...

Everytime I hear about something like this, it makes me want to go private.

Not that my writing is the best out there, but people will steal anything and I hate that thought.

You're a good friend to point this out.

b. said...

Who's the Godfather now?

I'm proud of you for your crusade for honor and integrity!

foolery said...

Hi, I'm a newbie here and late to this party. Perhaps some of you might recognize my blog name because it's getting a lot of hits this weeks from "Miss Musing." I don't know the MM in question, nor had I heard of her blog.

BUT I have a blog friend whose screen name is MUSING, or, in full, MUSINGWOMAN, and I referenced her twice this month in posts. In my pseudo-southern way I call everyone "Miss So-And-So," so there are people out there who may think that Musing of Blogtations (
and her new site In Three Words ( is the plagiarist.

To be clear: Musing is NOT the plagiarist; "Musing" and "Miss Musing" are two different people.

Thanks for letting me clear that up, and very sorry to hear that this happened. It's really pathetic.


Laurie LaGrone @ Foolery

Azúcar said...

Thanks, Miss Foolery! I hope your friend Musing stops being tarred by the same wide brush. For what it's worth, her voice is completely different and I never suspected they were the same.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately in the day of anonymity on the internet, the line between what is right and wrong has become too easily obscured. I experienced this same kind of blantant plagerism when my husband and I were certified for adoption. There were a couple families in our same agency (LDSFS) who copied pages from our adoption website almost verbatim. One of which copied our birthmother letter! It was appalling to me, especially because they were not completely anonymous.

Copying people's work has become more and more common place. My husband sees that every year as a university prof. It's unfortunate that integrity is not cherished more in our society.

Kristi said...

Someone once plagiarized, word for word, one of my posts. The thing that really bothered me most was that it was a description of one of my daughters that she stole and used it describe her daughter.

And I never did a thing about it.

Now I wish I would have.

Perhaps if more people took a stand, said "you can't do that" then maybe people would at least stop and think for a moment before shamelessly copying someone else's work.

insomniaclolita said...

As her reader, I feel duped. Many people are affected, she even met some of us. It's hurtful when it extends personally too. :(

Rebekah said...

I just hopped over here from Joy's blog at Big Time Fancy... what a rotten, rotten thing for someone to do.

Does anyone know what publishing house asked her about a book contribution? I'd send them a word or two.

CAC muffin said...

oh my gosh i can't believe any would do this or think it was even ok to do this! I'm shocked! If one is doing it there must be others! thats horrible!

Anonymous said...

OH my, the audacity of some folks. Thanks for calling them out!

ceecee said...

I followed your blog from Lolita... and O.M.G. I can not believe Miss Musing did that. I truly enjoyed her blog and thought everything she wrote was real - I should have known better that her "boyfriend" was too good to be true!

I've never read cjane's blog at all, and when I compared the posts, my mouth dropped...

Miss Musing is no longer on

I need to take her off my Blog List...

amyinbc said...

Well feel flattered first of all, she obviously felt your blog and writings were REALLY good and worth stealing! But yes, that would upset me greatly to see someone else stealing my experiences and posts. Glad to see she has high tailed it and ran! Good riddance.

I have tried to email your sister for support on her surgery but my email bounced. Is there an email we can send our best wishes to? Thanks, Amy

Becky said...

WAY to go!! No one can get away with this!

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh, WOW. That's awful! So ridiculously blatant. As a writer, I bristle at this. Stealing someone's intellectual property is so not cool!

eve said...

Wow. One of the ironic things is, the Miss Whatever blog even had a copyright button on her own blog--and after stealing from others! Too bad her life and imaginations is so boring that she needed to take stories from others.

thewindhover said...

Sigh, it was so disheartening to read about this - plagarism is perhaps also a sign of much deeper issues of lack of confidence, respect and maturity within individuals; to produce their own material and work on their writing skills, as well as have basic respect for other people! But I must say I do think 18 and 19 year olds are capable of mature and thoughtful perspectives, as much as 60 year olds can be as immature, unwise and insensitive.