Thursday, June 04, 2009

Giveaway Dilemma - What Do You Think?

For some odd reason I keep getting contacted by businesses and products that are interested in my views and having me talk about my experience on the blog.

Do I really have that type of blog? No, I probably don't, but that's probably all the more reason they're reaching out to me, and ultimately to you--those are some valuable eyeballs you posses.

I've felt extremely conflicted about using my blog to talk about businesses. I turn most of them down. The ones I don't turn down I usually spend a week trying to decide if I want to participate.

I want to be perfectly honest with my readers when it comes to giveaways, reviews, and other things where I'd be helping businesses market themselves. And I want you to be honest with me, so I'm going to do a couple things. First of all, I promise to tell you what I get out of reviews and giveaways. Second, I promise to tell you the truth about the service. Third, I need your honest opinion.

Do you hate the idea of any type of giveaways on The Jet Set? (It probably won't be very often since I'm already part of a local review group.) (But I DO have something in my hot little hand to giveaway tomorrow.) And contractually, with the advertising I'm running, I'm not allowed to really shill for other products on my site. I put up a poll, so if you can take the time, click through and give me a what-what.

What do you want out of me?
What will or won't you tolerate?
What if this is a needlessly silly preoccupation on my part and you say, "Take all the free swag you can get, honey!"

Go on, vote!


Sue said...

Funny, I just posted about something similar. I'm too personally lazy to post reviews about anything, but I'm all for other women giving me free stuff and/or taking whatever swag they can get. I will think no more or less or you. (Unless you get invited to Disneyland and I do not, and then there will be HELL TO PAY.)

Kalli Ko said...


I like giveaways if it's good stuff man, I just won one this morning!

I say if you like the product and YOU would use it go right ahead.

I got contacted by a scrapbooking company a while back about reviewing their digital program and I was like, uh, sure but you are aware that I have a diagnosed scrapbook delay, right?

Marianne & Clayton said...

Sell, sell, sell! It's like doing your little part to help the economy. And I like the cheap thrill of possibly getting something in return for leaving a comment. Hey! I leave comments all the time!

compulsive writer said...

I'm not a huge fan (not even a small fan) of reviews. Although I don't mind it if you're raving about it because you love it not because someone wants you to love it. But I'm cool with giveaways as long as I don't have to jump through hoops to enter. Let me leave a comment. I'll even twitter about it if I must. But above and beyond that, forget about it.

That said, it's your blog you can do what you want. And yay for you for having enough readers or presence or style or whatever that someone actually cares what you think.

That frank enough for you?

gurrbonzo said...

Oooh, oooh, I have many strong, evolving opinions on this.

Giveaways are fine and fun in moderation and as long as the stuff isn't lame and you don't have to do 50 things to enter. Totally agree, free swag rocks and honesty is the best policy. Please just always label things clearly, I beg...if it's an ad, say THIS IS AN AD. The main part that feels slimy is when people blog "OMG! Love this new (whatever)!" and I immediately think, "Are they doing this to make 15% off my purchase? Oh, puke."

And as long as you're semi-picky (as we can all trust you will be) I say more power to you. If you end up plugging a flip-flop company we'll all pray for your soul. But until that day, do what you want and if that's free swag, so be it.

Anyway, none of this is directed at you, more toward the e-powers that be.

La Yen said...

I agree. I like free stuff. And I like blogs that give away free stuff. It is just when the blog becomes completely about free stuff and thinks the reader will never notice that I get exasperated. Like Gurrbanzo said.

I like you and I trust your opinion. So there you go.

Jenny Georgio-who said...

I really like the idea of give aways but not if its something completely and totally irrelevant to YOU....not US.

Everyone who visits your blog comes to read about what you are up to, whats going on in your world etc. So if someone contacts you to review/give away something of yours...think..."Would I want this? Do I like this?" If you answer yes then go for not then don't!

Btw: I'm so proud of my first post on here after lurking for about a month and a half!

rich said...

Carina. You are such a celebrity! I'm glad you're my sister-in-law.

I see the dilemma you're in. Follow your heart.

Jenny said...

I like reading you because you are funny. Not because you will write over the top sunshine reviews about stuff for anyone if they give you some free stuff. If that means you don't have giveaways, I'm OK with it.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Love your blog. Love giveaways. I will read either way, because that is how I roll. =)

Sue said...

I am dismayed that "I like cheese" is not the clear winner. PEOPLE. It's CHEESE.

Shawn said...

I am jealous of those gals that can use and review new products----I WANNA DO IT!!

I would so love any giveaways that you would come up---cause you are a classy, beautiful lady with a great sense of sass and style!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Yeah...this is a hard one. One that I've just been battling with myself. (And I'm not even leaving this comment anonymously!)

I slid down the slippery slope of giveaways. Give it a try and see what you think. I just can't keep track of everything.

The free stuff is fun--especially if you like what you're offered. I would never recommend something I didn't like and I know you wouldn't either.

I come over here to read about your life and what you have to say, not because I'm hoping for a giveaway or something.

If it feels like selling out, don't do it.

Geo said...

No amount of swag can sway my love for you. If it feels good, do it.