Friday, June 12, 2009


The results of the Great Donut Debate Actual Blind Taste Test were:

1. My spudnuts
2. Provo Bakery
3. Lehi Bakery
4. Krispy Kreme
5. Banbury Cross 5. Daylight Donuts (tie)

The test was conducted on plain glazed yeast donuts (so no Dunford, even though they are pretty good.)

Are my spudnuts that good? Yes. That one in the picture is actually one of the ugly ones. What's in the recipe? Well, let's just say it starts with 1 quart of milk and about 12 cups of flour. It is the awesome.

Second on the docket, I keep feeling like Cat Deeley could be my best friend ever. Like we could go hang out at some chic restaurant and even though all the men would be crashing their mercedes into telephone polls just driving in her near vicinity, she'd be totally engrossed in your conversation. Anyone else?

Third on the docket, I think I may have accidentally gone to Spark yesterday and forgotten to pay for my drink. Should I:
1. Laugh that I got away with it
2. Mail them a fiver
3. Go into the restaurant and explain how I may need to pay for a Pomegron without them making one and then leave before they do the math (which wasn't done the first time.)


Sarah said...

Of course you won! You are an amazing cook!
And you should go, tell them the situation, and pay for the drink... if your consciene is bugging you - or count it as one of your drinks from your blog night.

Colleen said...

Any chance you might share the recipe with the rest of us?

Likely said...

maybe your spudnuts would win me over. hmm....... do they have potatoes in them? like potato flour or mashed potatoes?

why do I picture that idaho candy bar when you say spudnut? the one with the coconut on it? isn't that a spudnut too? I have been away from utah/idaho for a while now. I don't remember these things.

Bekah said...

Your spudnut looks delicious (hey, you called it that; I only repeat what I hear). May I have the recipe? I'm pretty sure I need it.

vanessa said...

You NEED to try Beyond Glazed in Draper ASAP...believe me

Lisa said...

I'll take 2 dozen, please.

(I think you got away with the drink . . . oh well, I'm sure you'll make up for it by going back for the cheese and meat platter and Pomegrons we'll have next time we go back!)

b. said...

I gotta looks really good!

I wanted to try the Pomegron today but opted for the cheaper water. Next time.

ray-ray says said...


Would you please share the recipe?

Both my father and the in-law looove spudnuts.

I could make them both very happy with yours.

And me too, of course.

Deb said...

It's Saturday morning and I WANT that donut. If I were to fly out and meet you would it still be there?

AzĂșcar said...

I'm afraid not, there's only raspberry filled left. Would you settle?

I'll post the recipe a little later.

Kalli Ko said...

let's be rill, there was no contest


tarable said...

Oh man, I need the recipe - please share!

I have a goal to make homemade doughnuts before my b-day & I only have a few more months. These look like the ones!

Olivia said...

i always assume that my drink was comped on purpose whenever I don't get charged.... like the server knows it's ridiculous to charge so much for one tiny drink and is just trying to help a girl out.... but maybe that's because I live at the center of my own bizarre universe

{Erica} said...

I say with all the advertising you've been doing for Spark on your blog just call it even? Or maybe they are the ones that owe you??!