Friday, June 19, 2009

Things I Did Today That Were Awesome

1. Forgot my wallet in my other purse. This is what happens when you are vain and switch around purses every day.

2. Didn’t know I forgot my wallet until I went to pay for my lunch.

3. I made Jenny pay for my lunch.

4. I couldn’t find a mint after lunch so I ate half of the emergency cough drop stashed in my desk.

5. I have an emergency cough drop.

6. I ate only half of the cough drop so I could save the other half FOR LATER.

7. Drank two Diet Pepsis and couldn’t stop fidgeting.

8. My foot tapped so fast that I’m pretty sure I contracted Dance Fever with its accompanying rash.

9. Got my kids to eat salad by not chopping the leaves and telling them that it was giant salad. It worked.

10. Gave up cleaning my house. I’m going to have to do a massive clean next week, why waste that time now?

11. Informed someone that the number one killer of domestic cats is feline AIDS.

12. Decided for no particular reason (except my kids were still awake two hours past bedtime) to change their sleeping arrangements by putting in Proximo into the same bed as El Guille.

13. I did not chase them when they abused the privilege by running around the place and hiding behind the toilet (see number 9.)

14. I did, however, totally laugh.

15. And gave up.

16. I may have started a trashy book club to read the books you should be embarrassed to be reading. First up: Nicole Richie's The Truth About Diamonds.


~j. said...

Giant Salad! Yessssssssss!

Adriel & Tierra Wakefield said...

Hahaha...I want to be in your book club

Jenny Georgio-who said...

After that can we read Lauren Conrads, L.A. Candy!?

amelia said...

I totally want to be in your book club. Trashy celebrity up my alley.

Kalli Ko said...

I would like to join said club and read Tori Spelling's Stori Telling. I'm just hoping there are plastic surgery pictures really...

also, am thoroughly enjoying the lettuce and ranch dipping.

Mrs. Organic said...

I am going to try that giant salad bit on my two year old tonight.

And yes, Stori Telling.

Azúcar said...

Stori Telling


What else should we read?

(Please say Valerie Bertinelli's book.)

Geo said...

The emergency cough drop is absolutely worth its three numbered awesome points.

Azúcar said...

Second half of cough drop? It's not wrapped. It's just sitting in a tray in a drawer.

I'm so cool.

Anne-Marie said...

Funny! Just did the same thing today when I had some kickin garlic breath. Cough drops/mints...What-ev.

How about we just sit around and read Us Weekly's? I'm in.

Beeswax said...

feline aids? I heard is a serious problem. You should have the trashy book club online so we can join. I have read my way thru about 2 linear feet of the stack of chick lit on my nightstand while here on vacation, and have just started something awful called "Holly's Inbox". It is really just emails. it isn't dirty,like it sounds. SO FAR.

Laquina said...

Um...hello? I'm NOT embarrassed to read that stuff or don't you remember that I actually have a for real favorite made for TV movie called "Friend 'till the end" staring Shannon Doherty? I'm perfect for your book club even though someone else beat me to suggesting LA Candy. On my last trip I proudly read "My life with Madonna" written by her brother and I zipped right through that sucker! Madge is a real fun killer if you ask me.

I've just instated myself as VP. Take it up with management if you have a problem.

ClistyB said...

those are the ONLY books I read.

And hello, sTori Telling is o-l-d. Her latest is Mommywood.

I love them all.

Posh Spice's book was a good-un, too

Ryan and Susie said...

Ooo, I love celebrity gossip and Nicole I'm sure has a of dirt to dish about. May I join?

Great salad idea by the way. I've also found another way to get my kids to eat salad and veggies is to call whatever dressing or sauce "dip". They associate the word "dip" with something yummy and usually will eat whatever is associated with it. It works about 80% of the time.

kiki said... does one become part of this trashy book club?