Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is What I’m Doing Instead of Blogging: Reading Your Blog

Probably the most boring thing I could write about is how the sale of my condo and purchase of my house is going. The shortest thing I can say is that we’re currently engaged in NASA-level nail biting and professional finger crossing at the same time (which is killing my manicure, believe me.) We closed on the house today, but it’s not over yet, and we aren’t going to have news until Friday.

We had an hour this morning between 11am and 12pm that was one of the most stressful periods of my life, and that includes the time that we fought over whether or not our month-old family would be one of “those” families that had Christmas trees (His argument: Couldn’t we just drive around and look at lights? My argument: I WANT A DIVORCE.)

The next most boring thing I could write is how cute and awesome my kids are. But they just are, and you need to deal with that or stop reading this blog. Like how E.G. asked me tonight as we were walking up the stairs, “Do you hear the wind, mom?”
“Those are just the words coming in from another state.”

DID YOU DIE? BECAUSE I TOTALLY DIED. And then I decided that he can also be a poet-philosopher along with an architect, physicist, engineer, neurosurgeon, and, if he has time, an ambassador.

I could also tell your bored self about how I made a fool of myself at Book Club 2 last night, including inappropriate references to an email forward I once received that had a picture of a fairy and a certain religious figure. Not Mohammad. And then how I tried to tell a story of something that happened at church the other week and instead of it coming out respectful, yet conscious of the inherent humor, it came out mean and nasty (which of course I am, but who wants to show that side to people?)

The last most boring thing I could write is how Other Half is watching Point Break, again.

It turns out that I’m flat-out boring.

You should probably just go find a chore chart instead of reading this.


Anonymous said...

words from other states! How dog gone cute is that!?

Colleen said...

My husband's argument was that our parents have Christmas trees, why do WE need a Christmas tree?

Sue said...

Oh dear. Now I'm having unfortunate flashbacks to the book club session where I went slightly insane discussing my opinion of one of Dr. Laura's books. My crazed behavior is now LEGENDARY.

Shawn said...

A chore chart?

Uhhh. Don't think I have one.
No time to make it.

Geo said...

The wind is never boring. Love that exchange.

Capree said...

You could write about tweezing individual leg hairs and it would still be interesting.

meg said...

you're reading my blog? no wonder you're talking chore charts, I haven't updated it in a while...