Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's Another Synonym for Pain?

Why no, there are no photos on this entry.

Almost three weeks ago I went into my dentist to have a cavity filled for a tooth that wasn't bothering me. After the cavity was filled, my tooth gave me nearly unbearable pain. I spent two weeks taking pain killers every six hours, avoiding anything hot, or cold, or liquid, or chewing on the right side of my mouth, or even breathing funny and pulling faces (good for everyone else, I guess.) I forgot late one night, distracted by a New Yorker cartoon, and did a fluoride rinse. The resulting agony brought me within millimeters of meeting my maker.

The verdict was in: root canal.

(no photos)

The procedure itself wasn't too bad at all, plus, my dentist sings to me while he works (he has a nice voice and a pretty rockin' descant on Sweet Baby James.) I felt great! A little numb for six hours, but the pain was gone! Huzzah!

And then Friday my jaw ached. And then Saturday I was back on the pain killers. And tonight I took a Lortab that did nothing for the terrible throbbing pain. Oh my stars, I was seeing stars. I think I even hallucinated watching Kanye West steal the stage from Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

My friend Allison took me up on my offer to make Crepes Suzette from Julia and Jacques' recipe. By the time I'd finished whipping out those suckers, the ache had me in its sight and I was felled a minute after Allison left. I didn't even get to eat the rest of my crepe. Stupid tooth. Maybe I was hoping an obscene amount of butter would heal it. St. Julia! Why can't it be so? Butter should fix everything!

(no photos of butter or of crepes.)

My bed is calling to me now, and for once in my life I think I'm going to listen. Here's hoping I can sleep before the spasms return.

Oh wait, someone who was not me got a hold of my camera.

I guess there were pictures on this blog after all.


Cafe Johnsonia said... sorry. Time for something stronger? Like booze? Just a thought.

dalene said...

dang. tooth pain is THE WORST. hope you get some relief soon--in whatever form you need.

the emily said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I am having a similar problem. Cavity filled 2 months ago that wasn't bothering me, still can't chew on that side or drink anything hot or cold unless I tilt my head to the right so it doesn't touch the offending tooth. Root canal is the answer? Ugh.

Chief said...

Don't ever trust a singing Dr.! I once had a doctor sing me to sleep, just as he gave me anesthesia! He sang "Hey Jude" by the Beatles

martha corinna said...

Oh. I am sorry. I feel for you, hope it gets better.

You are making just a little bit nervous to call the dentist about my tooth that just sort of hurts.

Morgan Moore said...

Hey--coming to town next week- let's play (Henry is asking for Will!) and must see your sahweet new diggs.

Britty said...

Oh my are trudging up old memories of some of my most painful days (ah-ha days, mind you). I had a cavity, which years later turned into a root canal, then a crown, and eventually an apicoectomy. After kidney stones, c-sections, and ulcers, that tooth pain still goes down as some of the most very painful. T Miner recommended a GREAT endodontist if it ever comes to that. I feel for you bigtime. Hang in there!!!

The Bakers said...

Um same exact thing happened to me. I had permanent, killer, throbbing pain in teeth that didn't bother me before the dentist appt. This went on for almost six weeks. Finally, I went in and he put me on antibiotics. VOILA! RELIEF! And possibly no root canal!!

Auntie Ann said...

Nothing is worse than tooth pain...hope you guys are loving your new place!

Natalie said...

Carina, I am formally introducing myself: My name's Natalie, friend of Kalli, know of you from Brittney Carman who talks about you all the time. Like this: "My friend Carina? The Jet Set? The one I always tell you about?" So I figured now we should be friends, in as much as you can be friends through the Internet.

P.S. I only once had dental surgery and I was put on the laughing gas, which was mortifying to me. I said the stupidest things and my mother laughed at me for days afterwards. My mom has, however, had four root canals. Can you imagine?

AzĂșcar said...

Hi Natalie! Yes, let's be friends. Want to watch my kids on Friday? Super.

I can imagine four root canals, especially since if this one doesn't work, I'll be looking at a third root canal just on ONE TOOTH.

I always have to outdo everyone else.

Petit Elefant said...

My teeth pay for my dentists' homes across the Greek Isles. Kidding, sort of.

I had no idea you were in pain! Why didn't you SAY something? Are we not that close? I could have slipped you a little sosesing sosesing.