Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Has a Mirror Finish!

Several months ago I moved into a new house that I have yet to take pictures of and no one ceases to remind me of that deficit. Sorry. I should have taken pictures of the house before I started decorating it, when it was still a blank slate. I should have taken pictures of the house before my children started living here and tearing everything down, nicking it up, and using dry erase marker like Febreeze. Oversights have occurred on my watch.

Perhaps you've wondered to yourself, "Hey, what does Jet Set really do with the vast quantities of money she gets from ads?" And if you don't, you must have better manners than I do. I saved up those tens of dollars and combined them with some freelance work and bought the concussive device sparkly marble table you see above. Isn't it pretty?

If you are not a parent, remember all those times in the middle of the night you had an accident? Or threw up all over your pajamas? Or didn't make it to the bathroom in time? When your parent took off your clothes, changed your sheets, hugged you, scrubbed the carpet, and took your temperature? SPOILER ALERT: Once you have kids, you're the one changing the sheets and the clothes, hugging, and reading thermometers. Maybe you even guessed that you'd be sniffing stuffed animals for leftover bile, trying to identify what still stinks in the room, and hoping you don't run out of blankets and pajamas. I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Poor Proximo.

To make up for the night before, the universe delivered my new chrome table. Morgan, safely ensconced on my sofa, explained the glamor of life in entertainment production while I assembled the thing. Gang, it's so beautiful, it completely makes up for all of the sheets I've washed chunks out of and underwear I've tossed.

Can you guess how long before Proximo of the Chunk Blowing scratched the finish on the new table?

No, go ahead, I want you to guess. Go vote in the poll on the side.


Connie said...

Oh, the joys of being a mother! Are you a walking zombie today? Your table is very nice, sorry about the "christening"...but then it's just a table, right? (sigh)

Anne-Marie said...

Love the table. Boys ruin everything.

Maybe you shouldn't put that spoiler alert in there for the pre-moms. Kind of like maybe i shouldn't have had Sean in the delivery room for my first birth. Maybe that's why he still hasn't had a kid.

Capree said...

I'm glad you finally got it! It's a beaut!

Black Honey Vintage said...

I guessed 30 Seconds because that is exactly how long it took Bella to lay her palm down on the new tub after we had it resurfaced. Right after I said, " This is an owie chemical. Don't touch!!"

PS. Not to topic, but the verification word I got? *Snicker* "Mants" Like "man pants". Yeah, I will go to bed.

Johnna said...

It's beautiful!

But hey, since that's marble, the scratches are all good in the end. Thousand year old buildings in Europe can't be wrong.

craftyashley said...

I had to chuckle a bit at that entry- staring at our coffee table... it is so scratched and worn, I could probably pass it off as a 100 year old antique.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh Ashley, here's a post showing you my old coffee table.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm seriously considering flipping the marble over to the honed side and only putting the mirror finish side when I have people over. Like when you flip couch cushions, or something.

But is the honed side more susceptible to staining?

martha corinna said...

Did you know that throw-up acid etches the marble as well? Keep that away from the table too, if you can.

We moved into our new home with pretty black and white marble floors in the guest bath and within 2 days my daughter threw up all over the the the floor etching it. Guests get to gaze at the stain now whenever they sit on my toilet.

I may have a honer come over someday, but whatever.