Thursday, November 05, 2009

Handle THIS

A few weeks ago my friends Allison and Marie suggested that we all go up to the book signing that Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, would be having in Salt Lake. If you read Ree, you know that this was the easiest decision ever, worth the hour drive and a full-price book purchase.

We all agreed to meet at 6:30 at the King's English Bookstore in Salt Lake. I got stuck in traffic and then trying to find a place to park, so I didn't get to the shop until 6:45. Allison and Marie had gotten me a ticket, though, so I wasn't worried. I should have been worried.

When I walked the extra distance to the gallery where Ree would be speaking, the line was out the door, 4 people wide, and around the corner. Whoa. I asked the handler if we should get our books before getting into the gallery. Affirmative. I ran into the bookshop where I picked up the copy I'd bought over the phone. I walked back to the gallery and I brought my ticket to the front, were I was told that they weren't letting people in. I was confused. "But I have a ticket," I said, clutching the copy of the Pioneer Woman's book.
"WE ARE AT CAPACITY," the handler told us.
"But if I have a ticket..."
"I'm confused, if we have a ticket then why..."
"CAPACITY. I will NOT be letting ANY ONE ELSE in."

It was fun being outside the gallery while my friends were inside. In the mean time, Janet and a few of my other friends showed up. We were all outside, staring at our friends who were inside the shimmering gallery windows, listening to Ree do a reading, and probably dining on ambrosia, baby lamb, and liquid gold chasers. The laughs coming from inside sounded impossibly happy, like Ree had invited them all to spend a holiday at the lodge surrounded by sets of perfect Le Creuset, vintage-colored Kitchen-Aids, and her famous southern hospitality. I clutched my ticket in goldenrod yellow with my rapidly freezing fingers. Thank goodness I can read lips so I could see what Allison and Marie were saying to us through the glass (which I will not repeat here, because GROSS.)

One rep from the bookstore told the handler that there was plenty more room for people in the back, and she could let about 20 people inside the sparkly glass windowed paradise. The handler counted 21 people in, turned to our group and said, "None of you are getting in. I saw how late you came." The handler would let one person in per person that left, however, definitely none of us.

Janet was fuming. Turns out that she had called the bookshop earlier and asked about their preparations. The person she spoke with admitted that they didn't know who Ree Drummond was and that they didn't anticipate a large crowd. I'm sorry, what? Now, if you're reading this blog and you don't know who Ree Drummond is, that's fine (inexplicable, but fine) because it's not your job to know. It's a bookstore's JOB to know who they are hosting and how to accommodate a crowd (because when a blogger like Pioneer Woman, who has literally millions of readers, comes to town, you OUGHT TO KNOW, so sayeth a former bookseller.) Janet told King's that they needed more space than they would be providing and they basically shut her down. Honestly, if Janet is offering you advice, you might want to take it, she's kind of savvy.

The reading ended and Ree walked from the gallery to the bookshop, stopping for a second to say "Hi!" to Allison (they've met. See here.) (Also, Ree is thin, tall, lovely, and may have left a trail of soft, perfumed, imaginary ruffles in her wake.) The crowd followed her over. It was announced that the tickets we were holding had a letter from A-Z on them that determined in which group we were included. Marie, Allison, and I were letter O. As in O GRAVY that's a long time to wait in line. So we sat outside the empty gallery, wondering if the scary handler lady would be back to eat our babies.

And that's when Dooce showed up: all long legs, rockin' hair, and flanked by glam assistant Katey. Dooce walked into the gallery, which gave we castoffs all the incentive we needed to finally crash the now empty shop. We cornered her. I apologized for cornering her, although it wasn't really a corner, we'd just backed her into a window and she couldn't move. Heather was kind, self-effacing, awesome, and trying to keep a low profile, even though she was conversing with us. Someone brought up boobs. It was probably me.

Katey said that she had tried to convince Heather that having boobs is rough, and Dooce, like many a svelte-chested woman, did not believe her. "It's true," I said, letting the levity of the situation completely run away with my tongue, "All kinds of things get stuck in cleavage. At night you take off your bra and shake it out and say, 'Huh, I don't remember eating sesame seeds.'" WHICH IS TRUE, and made Dooce laugh. Did I just make all of you male readers uncomfortable? SORRY, but it's STILL TRUE. Dooce just makes those kinds of inappropriate things come out of your mouth, like when I asked when the cocaine would be arriving a mere ten minutes later. (Help me.)

Dooce led us around to the back of the shop where we waited to see if they'd let us in. Short answer: No. Scary handler lady was inside the bookshop and was not about to let any of us interloping upstarts inside. They eventually let in Dooce, which, believe me, is always the right decision.

I was a little drunk on the crazy we'd been experiencing during the whole event. I may have also demonstrated to the cool and stylishly dressed Moosh in Indy, along with her friend Barbara, that I am not to be trusted in social situations, or in fact trusted in public, period.

Allison was chatting at the back door with Ree's sister-in-law, Missy, who is quite pretty and very gracious. When Missy asked handler lady if Allison and her children could come inside and get her book signed, handler lady looked at straight at Allison and said, "That woman will NOT be getting her book signed tonight." Yes. Refused, even though Allison paid full price for her book at King's English (which sold out of their 300 copies--not enough for the 500-600 people who showed up.) Janet and a few other friends got in with a gift basket they'd put together for Ree, but eventually we all left. I met everyone at The Pie Pizzeria where I happily ate half a Combo Pie, watched the last two innings of the World Series, and witnessed the noble Phillies lose to the evil Yankees.

Moral of the story?

Careful when you go to meet The Pioneer Woman because you'll end up talking with Dooce about boobs.


p.s. If you want to read about a successful PW encounter, go read my friend Fig. Love her.

p.p.s. Hi, fellow Pioneer Woman readers! Have you made her brie-stuffed mushrooms yet? You should. Unless you are like my husband and don't like brie, or mushrooms, or anything good or delicious on earth including sour cream (if we ever get divorced, his dislike of sour cream will be the first thing listed under "Irreconcilable Differences.")

Before you start reading the comments on this post, just be warned that some of them are a little...strident. I'm not usually that controversial (unless I'm talking about how I don't like Gerber, or how house stars are confusing, or that time I brought up breastfeeding and formula--who knew that was controversial?)

So thanks for stopping by. Want to come over for the mushrooms? We can play Rock Band and gossip about the Gosselins. Or not. We can discuss Darfur or the delay in the Radovan Karadizic trial, if you'd rather. Drinks on me?


amelia said...

I can't tell if I'm jealous I missed out on JetSet, Moosh and Dooce or glad I avoided the massive crowds.

You may know the answer to this - is it the author's agent who books the venue or the venue that courts the author? You'd think PW's agent would have known to plan for more than 200.

the emily said...

I've been so bummed that I didn't go. Now I'm NOT so bummed, and so mad at King's English. Down with the King.

{natalie} said...

i got there at 6 and we were in "H"
they said some people got there at 3 PM...insane!

Fig said...

I knew the second Ree posted her tour schedule that things would be bad. All her meet-and-greets are in bookstores, and I'm sorry, there ain't no bookstore big enough to accommodate her fans. ESPECIALLY in Utah. She underestimates her own belovedness.

But YOU got to meet DOOCE! Holy awesome.

Peg said...
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Peg said...

My niece sent me the link to your site. I live in Denver and I went to her book signing on Monday. It wasn't as crazy as your experience but again- the book store wasn't prepared for the amount of people that showed up. They didn't hand out tickets and went by rows. It started at 7:30 and Ree took about 8 questions and then started signing. I was in row 4 and I didn't get out of there until 845. The book store closed at 9.
I think you should call the store and complain to the manager about the wicked witch handler woman. There was no need for her to be such a jerk!
On the other hand - two of my favorite people in the same room may have made my head explode - Dooce and PW. WOW!!

Kami said...

I'm kind of glad I decided not to come up, it sounded like a crazy night! made Dooce laugh! :)

Liz Johnson said...

You made Dooce laugh. I bow to you.

Also, I think that handler should be kicked in the nads. What a wench.

mandy said...

why would you show up to event at 6:30 when it started at 7, if you knew there would be a lot of people? i went and had a wonderful experience and plan to go back to the bookstore soon!

i i eee said...

Even though you didn't get in, I wish I could have been there.

If there weren't tickets involved I would have showed up a lot earlier--BUT since you had a ticket, I would have done the same. I wouldn't have thought it necessary to show up four hours early.

I think I won't feel so guilty next time I end up buying something at Barnes and Noble. OhhhhhSNAP.

Mona said...

Don't even get me started on last night...

b. said...

(regarding the big jugs)

Kalli Ko said...

It's probably a good thing I didn't end up going because maybe we would have been arrested for disorderly conduct. I tend to get in fights when I'm part of a large crowd, I can't control myself. The pizza, the pizza I am regretting missing out on. The Pie is so.freaking.good.

Petit Elefant said...

Oh miss Carina, couldn't have said it better myself. My poor little babies commented the whole way home about that crazy bananas lady *she was so mean! why was she so mean to you?!*

Long night.

Plusses? You + Marie + Dooce. Also? Marlboro Man's mama & Missy were lovely and gracious and I got to hang with them. So, there's that.

Petit Elefant said...

And yes, Carina? Why would you go EARLY to a bookstore and expect to get in? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I didn't even care that I missed out on meeting Ree. Hanging with you gals made me totally feel like I was sitting at the cool kids table.

Azúcar said...

Mandy, because I have a job and couldn't leave early that day. Tha's why Marie and Allison went up earlier.

alison said...

if you had KNOWN who ree drummond was you would have made the appropriate accommodations to get there earlier. i had to get a babysitter to get there at 5:30 to get a place in line. don't think because you are a somewhat popular blogger that you can skip right on in there (or piggyback onto someone else) in front of people who made the effort to get there and wait. and don't blame the bookstore either. they are one of the few independent bookstores that has survived and it is because they have stuck to their guns and not let people take advantage of them. i know it was crazy and yes, the staff should have handled it better, but that is life.

Vanessa & Tyler said...

Well I was happy cause I got a cookie.

vanessa from inevergrewup

Nancy said...

I went last night too and had a very similar experience, I think she should invite us all to the Lodge to make up for it. It's only fair.

Azúcar said...

Alison, really, I couldn't leave earlier because of my professional job. Love my boss, but we've been under deadline pressure. I don't think that I should have had preferential treatment because of my somewhat dubious blog status. I just wanted to see Ree.

Here's the thing: I've worked for several bookstores. For one of those bookstores my job was running these exact types of events. I brought in authors, I set up the signings, I ordered the catering, I did the advertising, I made all of the arrangements. It was MY job to work with the publisher, the author representatives, and interface with the public. I dealt with multiple high profile artists, down to the small-time authors who only had a few fans show. I would have NEVER treated my customers in the way my friends were treated. Not in a million years. I know how to run a successful event.

Every thing could have been avoided with better communication, including continual interfacing with the crowd to set expectations and clarify what tickets were for and how the event would proceed. That didn't happen.

It was only AFTER a couple hundred people were shut out of the reading, in the venue that was way too small for the crowd, that it was explained to us by one of the nicer employees that the tickets weren't to see the reading, they were signing only. Honestly, when a nine year old child says to her mom, "Why is that lady being so mean to you?" you've got a problem on your hands.

It was an event for which they were not prepared and that they entirely underestimated*. I would doubt that they'll make the same mistake again.

*Even Janet, who is a PR professional, tried to help, and was rebuffed.

Camille said...

I'm sorry your night was in vain - but if anything, it made for a fun post for your readers! :) (thank you) You certainly have a way with words!

Azúcar said...

Oh, and I DID have fun, just in a different way than I'd anticipated. I ran into so many friends there (Naomi! Natalie! All of you!) met lots of great new friends, which makes up for the entirely preventable event craziness.

Miranda said...

I'm sorry things went down that way but how exciting to hang out with Dooce! There were similarly unprepared in Denver (I blogged about it), but I don't think anyone was turned away with an unsigned book.

lemoniepants said...

ok- wait wait! please don't internet kill me, but i have to agree with alison.

i do feel for you, the bookstore should have planned better. they handled a lot of things poorly, but ONE thing they handled very poorly was the group of people sneaking in through the back door.

i was lucky enough to find a babysitter so i could get there at 5 and stand in line for the ticket. a luxury that sadly not everyone could make happen. i didn't get a ticket for my friend who came late, she had an E, i got a C.

i think besides someone who has had their own book signing at the bookstore, everyone else should have been following the same rules. why was your group more important than the people who stood in line hours longer than you?

sorry. sorry. please commence internet tomato throwing.

Azúcar said...

Short answer: we aren't more important (at least, I'm not.)

But when Dooce leads you around back, you go. I fully expected to wait with my fellow Os, happy to do so. The waiting in line wasn't my issue, the venue and the reading were.

E-coach said...

It wasn't that we were more important. I tried to warn the bookstore. They acted like it was no big deal. So I got creative.

Utah bloggers tried to arrange a meeting beforehand. If the King's English worked with us rather than fought us they'd get a lot of buzz from this.

We are happy to promote good things but this is the 2nd event I've been to. Both had poor communication & people were confused.

I love that they're bringing amazing people to Utah but they could do a better job providing a venue that can accommodate more people.

Here's my writeup:

Blog on
- Janet

Erin said...

I followed a link here, and I completely agree with your assessment. It's absurd to imagine that you should have to take off work (that's what I'm assuming is being suggested by those above who mentioned getting babysitters) to arrive early to an event to which you had a ticket (keeping in mind that you thought your ticket would get you into the event and not just book signing). It's the responsibility of the book store to estimate how many people they will be able to accommodate. They dropped the ball on that, so the responsibility should then be to apologize and rectify--perhaps offer to bump you up in the book signing line, but it seems clear that they did neither.

alison said...

like i said before, i think the employees could of handled it much better, but you don't arrive a half an hour before show time to see a band perform at a limited capacity club. you show up hours ahead to make sure you get in. (and the king's english website did say that seating was limited. that means "show up early".) i can't even count up the number of hours i have spent in line waiting to see bands, and rarely were the employees of the venue very nice to me.

and about the work thing (don't get me started on telling me that because i stay at home with my kids i don't work), if you can't afford to take off work, if you have a deadline to meet, then make the sacrifice. don't come. i also have had to not attend other events because of work, family or other commitments.

i don't mean to start a big argument, but it gets very frustrating when people complain about everything not running according to a plan that is not their plan. the author's publisher chooses the venue. the venue did their best. the employees should have been nicer. we should all be a bit more humble.

i am glad you had a great time. i too had a great time. i was stopped at the top of the stairs where ree's mother-in-law, nan, was standing. i got to chat with her for 5 minutes and also got her autograph in my book. what a lovely, lovely lady.

i'm done. i won't bother you again.

(can't we all just get along? ree would want it that way.)

Azúcar said...

Alison. Really. That's completely uncalled for and way off discussion. Did I say you don't work? Of course not. You're in a job where you make the rules, set the schedule, and are the boss. I have that part of my life, too. I have the other work where I am not the boss, and I do not make the rules.

Moms are great. This had nothing to do with us.

Erin and E-Coach make my point far more eloquently than I did.

Petit Elefant said...

I don't feel like I was any more entitled than the next person to get in and say hello to Ree. Was I disappointed how rude people were to me and my kids? ABSOLUTELY. Could it have been handled better? Yes.

What makes me sad is the bickery *me first, me first!* attitude that I felt all night long. Seriously ladies?

Danielle Mahoney said...

I am sorry for you but it made for a very hilarious post.

Azúcar said...

Thanks, Danielle, because I wanted it to be a funny post.

(Because it was a funny night.)

Azúcar said...

Oh, and everyone go read Miranda's post, because it's also funny and echoes our night. Thanks, Miranda!

Kristen said...

I attempted to see her also but to no avail. Rats! If you're interested you can read my take on the whole event. My imagination gets the best of me sometimes. :)

Azúcar said...

Super cute, Kristen!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Allison--if you even knew Carina (or any of the other ladies) in real life, you'd take back every word. That is not what she/they are about at all. (The working mom comment was a low blow, btw.)

Jenny said...

I really wanted to go to this event but I decided not to because I heard the King's English sucks when it comes to crowded events.

I can't believe all the lame excuses for their lack of prep/organization etc.

ALSO, who on earth is mean to Allison and her kids? SATAN, that's who!

jennie w. said...

Good to know since she'll be here in Austin next month. I already have my book ready to go. I went and saw Jen from Cake Wrecks last month and the bookstore here handled it very well. Hopefully, they'll be on the ball for Pioneer Woman too.

Sue said...

I am just going to go sit over there in the corner, pouting.

Anonymous said...

I dragged my husband there last night and we ended up seeing Ree by accident. I had no ticket, no cookbook (since they sold out), but thankfully one of the sweet women in line let me have my picture taken with Ree while she was signing one of her books.

It was definitely an attitude issue last night. When my husband and I walked out without a book, I had people talking about me saying, "Well she got in and didn't even have a book!" Um, it's still a public bookstore and I could have bought any book I wanted to!

Plus I ran into the evil bookstore lady asking me, very condescendingly what I was doing there. What did she think I was doing? Waiting for the opportune time to set off my suicide bomb? Sheesh!

Having been in PR myself, a good attitude can get you a long way!

petullant said...

What a horrific experience. I'm sorry :(

Sooo will you be writing a letter to the bookstore (perhaps with a link to this entry.) As much as a struggle as it is to have an independent bookstore if I found out I had some bitchface handler working for me who pointed to a lady WHO HAD BOUGHT A TICKET and specifically said she couldn't get in I would be so livid. Shaking with anger livid. It's really difficult to get back customers that one horrible employee can scare away.

Plus, you might get a gift certificate out of it... JUST SAYIN.

petullant said...

Wait - I should have read the comments before I commented. I didn't know they were notorious for handling events badly and this is somewhat common. That just sucks it.

Melody said...

This post is HIL -AIR -EEE -US!! You are an exceptional writer. thanks for sharing!

Emily Hill said...

So funny and so witty as always. See why you intimidate me (but in a really, really good way). I'm kind of thinking I now need big boobs so I can catch brownie crumbs and eat them just before bed.

Anonymous said...

In your second comment you refer to your "professional job". How is that different from a "regular job" or just a "job"? I've never heard someone refer to their work that way. Just wondering and don't go all "Azucar" on me.(I remember when you told someone that you are "mean for sport". That is a direct quote. Scary.)

Azúcar said...

Anne, if I remember "mean for sport" was a reference to the plagiarizers who had been stealing from cjane. I have a hard time with people wronging cjane, or really anyone who wrongs my loved ones (If someone was being awful to ~J, I'd also go offensive.) Hold me down.

You're simply asking a question, I wouldn't be mean, swear.

I meant "professional" to distinguish my career work from the other work I do (from my mother and homemaker work, from my freelance projects, and from any other work.) It seemed to be an easy phrase to connote work you do in an professional sphere vs. other environs. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for the clarification. It's early here and I think I woke up grumpy. Sorry, I should think before I type!

Fig said...

This comment thread has gotten kind of bananas. Good times.

Since I have the soul of a thirteen-year-old boy, I'd like to point out that the term "butt floss" is in your labels. (If you squint enough to miss a comma and a letter or two.)

Bek said...

So, we went to a late dinner and showed up at about 8:45 (we knew it would be a late night). They were only on like "h". So we just hung out. We also had secret weapon Gracie with us... so we got to wait inside where it was warm. We waited till the end of the line (about midnight) but we were talking to her sister in law Missy and her MIL all night. They loved Grace.

We were the last ones she signed and she was very gracious. I got you a signed card (they were out of books so we figured they would have something).

To be fair, we were prepared to hold up our "special" child and shout to the world that we had come 900 miles ONE way to see her..but we didn't have to do that.

I am sorry you had such a terrible experience. They should have planned better for sure...publicists can be a pain...

i i eee said...

My captcha reads "swine."

All I can say is:

That and, I hope when I'm a SAHM I don't have such a huge stick up my butt about it that I have to attack any other woman that has a professional job. Freals, yo.

I found this post hilarious. Just like Carina is in real life. And gorgeous. And sophisticated. And brilliant. And okay, I'll stop there.

~j. said...

You hate freedom.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I had a fantabulous time with you, as always! Never a dull moment! And you looked hot in those boots.

moosh in indy. said...

I love that you attracted a drama comment thread on this one.
Lovely to meet you round back.

E-coach said...

I tweeted the link to this post to the bookstore. Then followed up with an email.

I told them I was at the Dooce event and it was confusing too. Then one person on their team accidentally wrote back to me saying she didn't think any one of us was at the Dooce event. Funny, because I was...

What is confusing??
- you say it starts at 6 but it's tough to find out if IT is book signing or a speech and then book signing.
- when you arrive there is no crowd control or anyone explaining the system.
- it's unclear if you go to the speech if you'll still have a place in line for the signing.

They said they were blindsided -- had no idea the response would be so big until 2 days before the event. To me that's enough time to use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to get the word out. Also to come up with a better system so people didn't have to wait outside for hours.

p.s. it's amazing how many people TPW attracts who are not regular blog readers.

p.s.s I thought the media should've covered the story (maybe I missed it??). After Stephanie appeared on Oprah, KSL covered the Nie Nie story. Maybe it just takes someone else to cover it first??

Anonymous said...

"i i eee", aren't you a sweety. I am not a SAHM.(Masters Degree and the whole nine yards, honey.) Also, no stick anywhere. What a horrible gross expression. You should be ashamed of yourself.

i i eee said...

Anne, so a SAHM can't have a Master's? If it's something to brag about so much, I'm currently getting mine--oh THE WHOLE NINE YARDS, sweetheart.

And my comment wasn't directed at you specifically, but sorry, can't shame me into saying what I want to say.

Jeannie said...

lordy, ladies, chillax.

i was quite irked when reading about how The King's English bookstore bungled the entire affair, and the employee's attitude toward its paying customers regardless of how 'tardy to the party' (get my cute culture reference?!) they were.

further, it's scaring me for my upcoming book signing event i am attending at our wonderful independent bookstore by the sea, The BookMark in Atlantic Beach, FL. Pat Conroy will be here Wed., and similarly we've been assigned tickets, etc. and will be ushered through in groups. i told the store's owner that I *had* to retrieve my husband from the airport and i *really* wanted to make sure I got my book signed by Conroy himself. it's important, you know, when you're paying $30 for a book, and y'all should've been treated with more courtesy by the store employee.

i don't care about celebrity, celebrity bloggers, master's degrees, moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, losers or slackers. I do care about getting a book that i paid for, signed, if that is what i thought i was paying for.

Sign me, a blogger that no one reads, a Master's degreed, stay-at-home-mom whose husband wishes she worked, and a loser because she can't find anything that she really wants to do. AND, i hate cooking and playing kids' games. so i guess i'm just a slacker.

Azúcar said...

Thanks Jeannie! (And slackers are awesome.)

On that note, no more about lovely SAHMs, or lovely professionals, or Master's Degrees* or anything else that might generate rancid comments. Please?

*Really, no more about Master's degrees because I am JEALOUS that I don't have one** yet.

**My mother keeps getting after me because I don't have one: I know, mom***, I need another degree. I'm working on it. Well, I'll work on it someday (when my DVR isn't so full.)

***My mom doesn't read blogs, not even this one.

Fig said...

I enjoyed the post scripts, but now I have a brand new problems. I can understand not liking mushrooms, really I can. They're a fungus and the texture is strange. But who doesn't like BRIE? It's akin to not liking babies or puppies or the color blue. EVERYONE likes brie.

Azúcar said...

Fig, this is the man who doesn't like sour cream, mayo, and vinegar. By vinegar, I mean EVERYTHING that has vinegar, so mustard, ketchup, ALL SALAD DRESSINGS are out. I can't cook with vinegar either, not a reduction, not even a tablespoon. He likes cheddar, mozzarella (not fresh, however,) and provolone. I recently got him to use swiss, but that's rare. I'm OK with him not liking brie (as bizarre as that is) because then there is more for me.

He's a super taster: everything is heightened for him, flavors are too intense.

And I make fun of him all the time.

Katy_Potaty said...

Holy cow Batman!

This did get out of control Azucar, so darn quickly.

I've got an idea, how about you people who got to attend the book signing just be happy that you did get to see PW in the flesh, and spare a thought for the poor, belabouredPW fans who live in Australia. I'll never get to go to a PW book signing. Boo.

Aim said...

At least she posted your picture and remembered you name. I'm glad that I didn't attempt going now. Maybe next time.

Cyrus and Annie said...

Alison, you are a fruitcake.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Azucar, you said no more, but I have to set things straight. This whole SAHM, with or without Master's Degrees thing started with me and "ii eee".
I asked Azucar about her use of the term "professional job" and she kindly replied and explained. I apologized for being defensive and that should have been it. Then "ii eee" chimed in with a very rude comment directed at me. (She tried to deny it, but we all know it was most certainly aimed at me. I was the only one to talk about professionals, so of course her comment was directed at me.) She said that some day when she was a SAHM she hoped that she would not have such a huge stick stuck up her (somewhere that I will not mention) about it that she would feel that she had to attack any other woman with a professional job. She ended with "Freals yo." Lovely, right? I commented back that I was a not a SAHM and in fact I have a Master's Degree. What I did NOT say was that a SAHM could not have a degree. Plenty of them do, they just prefer to stay at home. The point I was making was that SAHMs are not necessarily uneducated and jealous of professional women. I ended by saying she should be ashamed of herself for her gross comment. (The aforementioned stick.) So, there you have it, Amen. I feel better.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, one more thing. I think you meant to say that some of the comments are a little strident, not stringent.

Azúcar said...

Oops! Thanks Anne, my nerves showed.

Carrie said...

Well that was fun. PW is awesome. I liked your post. The end.

Crystalyn said...

you rock the house azucar (a side not that i finally just connected your blog name to the real you). i know i'm a little late finding this, but still laughing about it hours later. HI-LARIOUS! (and bummer about the meanies at the book signing...that's just plain craziness).